Then. Now. Always. | SmartPak ♥s Senior Horses

Then. Now. Always. | SmartPak ♥s Senior Horses

NANCY: Senior horses have always
held a very special place in my heart… ALISSA: My favorite thing
about tiger… AL: There is so much I love
about this horse… CAITLIN: For the last
17 years… DANIELLE: I knew he was
the horse for me… KAYLEIGH: I declared him mine
from that first day… JAMIE: There’s nothing this mare
can’t do… RICK: He reminds me a little bit
of me… KERRI: The definition of a
true friend. ALISSA: My favorite thing about
Tiger is how he makes me a better rider. He’s very honest and willing
to work but if I’m not correct in my riding,
then he won’t take pity on me. Tiger puts a smile on my
face every day and he deserves the very best care. He’s a 5 year old at heart
and I want him to look and feel like one for years to come. My favorite rides are the
dressage days when we’re in perfect harmony… AL: …and we both just click. I met Freckles in October
of 2007. It’s really honestly a day
I’ll never forget. Freckles and I grew up together, which is something
that I wish everyone had the chance to do
with a horse. The most important thing I’ve
learned through our 11 years together is to never give up. I can’t compare our journey
to anyone else’s and I’ve realized that I don’t just
do it all for horses anymore. I do it all for this horse. Without him I wouldn’t have
the same passion that I do. He has the best personality
and honestly has been my best
friend for 11 years. NANCY: Z has been my rock
and I will always make sure he has the best of everything. Before his retirement trail
riding was one of my favorite things to do with Z. These days, I love to just chill
at the barn grooming and hanging out with him. Senior horses have always held
a very special place in my heart. They raised us and it’s only
fair that we take care of them into their old age
the way they always took care of us… RICK: Old horses have wisdom
just like old people have wisdom. We would be foolish not
to try to learn from them and to show our love
through caring and respect. It is important to me
to care for Tai not only for the gift that he has been, but for the gift that he
continues to be. Tai has taught me tolerance,
some aspects of humor, how to be a partner, and how
to think things through. Most of all he has shown me
that it is ok to make mistakes… CAITLIN: Make mistakes. I cherish her forgiveness
and appreciate her patience with me. I love what kind
of soul Starfire is. So after a long grooming
and therapy session I always make it a point to either
take her for a walk or ride bareback around the property. Their senior years are the time
that horses need us and our support the most. That’s why I’m proud to be
the owner of a senior. I’ll stand by Starfire’s
aside for as… JAMIE: …long as she wants
to be here. Em is the chillest, most level-headed horse I have
ever met. Nothing phases her and I can
put any rider on her and she will always give
them a good ride. There is nothing
this mare can’t do. I do my best to set Em up
for success with the right care and management. She may be a senior
but she’s got a third of her life left
in front of her. My favorite thing… KERRI: …about Riker is his
happy-go-lucky attitude. I know I can count
on him for a good hug and a kiss to cheer me up.
And to me, that’s the definition
of a true friend. Riker has been there
for me growing up during good times and bad. And through it all he’s been
my constant companion. He’s part of my family and that
means taking the best care of him that I can. I first met Riker when I was 10
years old… DANIELLE: The minute I saw
Indy I fell in love. As soon as I got on him I knew
he was the horse for me. He is my absolute best friend
and whether we’re riding, grazing or just
going for a walk. We have fun doing
everything together. Indy taught me the importance
of establishing an emotional connection with your horse.
I wouldn’t be the rider or… KAYLEIGH: …the horse woman
or person I am today without him. Comet
has taught me patience, responsibility and love. I have had to learn to work
with him and his funny quirks over the years, which took a lot of patience
but resulted in great reward. I was lucky to have owned
a horse at such a young age. I had to make sacrifices
and spent early mornings and late nights at the barn
but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Comet
was truly my first love… AL: He truly deserves the very
best care that I can provide… ALISSA: He’s the horse
of a lifetime… NANCY: Now he gets to be spoiled
and treated like a king… DANIELLE: …we really grew up
together and we learned and grew together… KERRI: …he’s a
part of my family… RICK: …he has a good heart, and he’s never said no
to anyone… JAMIE: …I want to keep
her happy and comfortable for as long as she wants… CAITLIN: …That’s why I’m proud
to be the owner of a senior.

One thought on “Then. Now. Always. | SmartPak ♥s Senior Horses

  1. Third! Absolutely wonderful video. As always! I don’t have a horse yet, but I’m excited for the day when I will eventually be able to get one.

  2. So this made me super emotional. My two horses are 20 and 21, and I’ve owned them for 15 and 16 years. There’s something special about owning a horse for half of your lifetime. You really do grow up with them.

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