Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Disabled Horseback Rider Case Study

Therapeutic Horseback Riding : Disabled Horseback Rider Case Study

Hi my name is Connie and we’re here at Hearts
Adaptive Riding Center in Santa Barbara, California and I’m here for Expert Village. Hi my name
is Mim and I’ve been riding at Hearts Adaptive since a year after I’ve moved back to Santa
Barbara. And that means I’ve been riding since 2001. Someone told me about therapeutic horseback
riding and I became very excited. Before my illness, I had fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet
syndrome and scoliosis. Before my illness I was a very active kayaker, backpacker, climber
and what I missed most was going where cars can’t. So I said to myself, well, if I can’t
get there on my two feet maybe four feet can take me. So I instantly fell in love with
horseback riding. I probably had only experienced it a handful of times in my youth. So I started
at 49 and now that I’m 55, I’m passionate, and wherever I travel I always try to ride,
because it is a spiritual experience for me. It is active meditation; it is bonding with
the animals. And it has made such an amazing difference in my physical life that I can
honestly say that Hearts has thoroughly changed my life for the better.

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  1. Hello I am not sure if you will get this message as this video seems to be older.
    My name is Claire Byrne and I am living in Queensland Australia and I am in the president of the Calisto Park Equestrian Centre that is going to be developed to provide equine therapy to those in need.
    Anyway I am wondering if you would grant me permission to use this video in some public presentations and on our data base to help us gain interest and support?
    Yours sincerely
    Claire Byrne.

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