These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy

These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy

(fast-paced, bouncy violin music) – [Narrator] Before the
cowboys of the Wild West, there were Hungary’s Csikós,
horseman of the Puszta, Hungary’s Great Plain. There way of life is centuries-old and blends tradition with
death-defying riding. They are some of Europe’s
greatest horsemen. – [Narrator] The Csikós
are tasked with caring for the region’s horses and cattle using centuries-old techniques. – [Narrator] Adam’s father,
János, has been a Csikós for 35 years, the first in the family. Adam followed in his father’s footsteps. – [Narrator] The riders
live in relative isolation on ranches that dot the plains. Only a few Csikós are left in the region, and it’s becoming
difficult to keep the ways of the horseman alive. (lively acoustic music) (chiming)

100 thoughts on “These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy

  1. Guy looks like Rowan "Mr Bean" Atkinson so much I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Amazing skills though. And what a wah to live!

  2. very interesting to see this special kinda connection between people and their cultural heritage/horses and also sad to see them kinda gradually fade away.

  3. Great video, but Csikós is singular, while Csikósok is the plural, and saying there were csikós, doesn't make sense.

  4. Haha I knew you would make something about hungary! Haha Tudtam hogy Fogtok valamit csinálni magyarországról!

  5. Do more stuff like this, get it out there, and those guys need to make more kids and teach them, we can't keep letting things like this die out

  6. Before even horses exist in the Europe, America, Middle East and Africa; There were Turks/Turkic nations (Huns, Mongols, Timurid, Seljuks, Ottomans and so on) and their horses those they use as warriors (War horses), for transportation, herding their live stocks, conquering other lands, do selective breeding and create horse (Ancestors of the whole racing horse breeds around the world just like "The Byerley Turk" was/is), arranging the even birth date of the horse (Choosing rainy, stormy etc. rough weather conditions so horses can get used to battle conditions like loudness, mud, chaos, human screaming, blood and so on), train their from the day one with their riders (Those also start horse back fighting training bore even walking), keep the horses in their tents (Yurt) where they live as a family member, respect them as a family members and warriors/soldiers!

  7. Does someone knows how to find the song played between 00:38 to 1:28???, i find it so cool and animated, please some caritative soul …

  8. are we all just going to watch and pretend that we didn't see men standing on horse rib cages swinging around big whips? leave the traditions behind

  9. I don't think any of the tricks harm the horses, but I think pulling the bit that hard while riding is unnecessary…

  10. Can't be all that great. Some horses experienced pain due to tight reins and the action of the bit.

  11. Great horsemen do not need bits, spurs, horse shoes, hard hands (look at the tight reins and open horse mouths on the video).

  12. Bruh what kind of accents do this guys have? Im half hungarian and so i hear hungarian all the time, i understand most of what i hear too. But oh lord i understand very little of what these dudes are saying, when he first started talking i didnt even register that it was hungarian XD well i guess thats what happens when youve only really been to zalaegerszeg

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