These Swimming-pool Streets | Spoken Word from Run Softly

These Swimming-pool Streets | Spoken Word from Run Softly

the pavement melts beneath feet and
under the gaze of the Sun
day after day after ancient day; under the sheer friction heat of shoe soles
car tires glass glazes stone mazes tarmac cowers and drips and melts through the
soil and clay, hot with hot bodies diving and dancing emitting wall-melting sweat,
the room dripping into drinks, coating eyelids salty, bodies quickly liquefying,
slipping sliding losing solidity arms and torsos weaving through each other
like raindrops on a window meeting merging; gripped limbs melting away,
searching a way across the constant flow, find a bridge and plant your feet to
find it melts beneath the heat of shamed gazes for even in this burning city
how hard it is to watch off a reputation that is your flesh; what a mistake to try
to find a place for drink and find it sinks you swallows you drowns you, the water bloats you like a plastic bag caught on a boat, washes you
down with everything else, a cavernous mouth for all leftovers alike, swallows you
up with pills and shop-window promises swallows you up
swallows you up and spits you out like steam *Sound of wind and rain*

10 thoughts on “These Swimming-pool Streets | Spoken Word from Run Softly

  1. Izzy you are so talented. You are such a performer, down to your bones and it's wonderful to see how you've evolved. I haven't seen a lot of your stuff lately, but it's good to dive right back in with the good stuff.

  2. Gosh, I don't know what you could do to not be absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

    And I wish, I wish, I could shut up about people's looks. But… I just really wanted to say this.

    Please,somebody anybody tell me if this seems like a simple minded thing to do. I feel kinda bad for saying it… as it might seem like that was the only thing I had to point out.

    But… when I say you are gorgeous it also means that your words are stunning.

    Keep it up.
    You inspire a lot of people!

  3. Don't forget you can buy a written copy of all 11 pieces for just £4! Only available until 30th September though due to licenses. Link in the description

  4. ok wow i just love your spoken word you have such an ability to speak wow.. its different to the poetry i normally film but i love this

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