Things In Napoleon Dynamite Only Adults Noticed

Things In Napoleon Dynamite Only Adults Noticed

Napoleon Dynamite is the kind of movie that
rewards repeat viewings, thanks to some very subtle jokes and hints. There are plenty of odd details you just can’t
catch the first time around because you’re too distracted by all of the other odd details. Here are a few. When we first meet Kip, it doesn’t seem like
he’s particularly honest about how he spends his time: “Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been
chatting online with babes all day.” In fact, Kip notes that it’s one babe in particular
who he spends hours talking to. Late in the film, we finally meet Kip’s lady
love, LaFawnduh, who arrives on a bus and quickly becomes an inseparable part of Kip’s
life. Kip and LaFawnduh are clearly different in
just about every way, but they’re able to start a relationship surprisingly well. It’s actually quite touching on some level,
but since Kip was also bragging to Napoleon about another lie: “Besides, we both know that I’m training to
become a cage fighter.” “Since when, Kip? You have the worst reflexes of all time.” “Try and hit me Napoleon.” We’re left to wonder: what exactly did Kip
tell LaFawnduh about himself to get her interested in the first place? From the moment we first see Uncle Rico, it
becomes clear that he’s an unusual man. He spends a lot of his downtime throwing footballs
and recording himself doing quarterback moves on his camcorder. Rico is a man pining for the glory days when
he was a high school star with prospects, but it turns out his particular delusions
of grandeur sometimes reach dangerous heights. “How much you wanna make a bet I can throw
a football over them mountains? Yeah.” Uncle Rico is desperate enough to believe
that he can purchase a device that will allow him to travel through time. It’s alarming that this delusional man has
been placed in charge of two young relatives, one of whom is still in high school. He might have the best intentions, and he
might have some profound sadness in his life, but Uncle Rico is frighteningly out of touch
with reality. Speaking of that time machine, we get to see
it in action when Napoleon discovers it laying out on the dining room table and opts to give
it a try. After reading the instructions, Napoleon has
Kip plug the device in. He’s immediately and violently electrocuted
until his brother pulls the plug. What makes the scene a little disturbing actually
comes at the moment when Kip lets a smile cross his face as Napoleon writhes in pain. Siblings will fight, and we’ve all been guilty
of laughing just a little too much when a friend or relative was injured in some minor
way, but Kip’s smile here feels slightly creepy. Did he know the time machine wouldn’t really
hurt Napoleon that much? Did he just not care? Is he slightly sociopathic? We’ll never know. Pedro is a character who stands out in the
landscape of Napoleon’s high school. This is part of what draws Napoleon to him,
but it also creates a strange relationship between Pedro and other adults and students
at the school. It reaches its apex late in the film, when
Summer is giving her student body president speech: “Who wants to eat chiminy-changas next year? Not me. See, with me, it’ll be summer all year long.” It’s an obvious reference to Pedro’s Mexican
heritage, and it’s part of a pattern of casual racism that lingers at various points in the
film. Be nicer to Pedro, people! The film’s most famous scene occurs during
the student body president assembly. Pedro, in need of a skit to support his candidacy,
is ready to give up, but then Napoleon shows off his sweet dance moves to the tune of Jamiroquai’s
“Canned Heat.” It’s a classic moment of 2000s cinema, and
it’s largely thanks to LaFawnduh, who, upon learning Napoleon is interested in dance,
tosses him an unmarked cassette and tells him that her cousin made it. Now, that could just be a mix tape that her
cousin made, but we’re given no label to tell us that. So, keeping in mind that this is a stretch…
is LaFawnduh’s cousin Jamiroquai? Uncle Rico is a man with a many flaws. He’s constantly looking to the past, he’s
a bully to Napoleon, he enlists Kip as a pawn in his schemes, and he also happens to be
a bit of an egotistical liar. As the film goes on, though, his sleazier
side sometimes takes a turn toward the full-blown creepy. Yes, his delusions often make him into a buffoon,
but consider various incidents in the film that escalate nearer to the end. He tries to get Trisha and Summer to try his
breast enhancement scheme, then corners Deb at her photo studio, tells her to call him
“Uncle Rico,” and passes her a brochure while lying that it was Napoleon’s idea. Then, of course, there’s the moment with Rex’s
wife Starla. “I don’t feel comfortable reading this.” “Oh, that’s fine, that’s fine. But do you feel comfortable with me?” Finally, the post-credits scene puts the icing
on the creepy cake when he sniffs LaFawnduh’s garter after catching it at the wedding. It’s played for laughs, but it’s also pretty
unnerving. Early in the film, Napoleon helps to establish
his particular brand of awkwardness by telling Pedro that he doesn’t have “any skills,” lamenting
that he’s not a martial arts master or computer hacker, though he is able to draw a little. But as the story unfolds, Napoleon just keeps
proving himself wrong. At the FFA competition, he’s able analyze
milk correctly with almost no hesitation. He’s able to learn the dance that wins the
election for Pedro in a matter of days simply by practicing diligently. Then, he reveals his fishing skills. “I caught you a delicious bass.” And in the post-credits scene, he’s tamed
the horse Kip and LaFawnduh are supposed to ride away on. It’s a heartwarming ending; the film proves
that Napoleon does indeed have skills. He just has to go on a journey to realize
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  1. Why are you dissecting this like it’s a professional film? It’s basically a homemade movie that somehow caught fire lol. I’ve actually heard it was more of a homework project! It’s not supposed to be a freaking politically correct chick flick professional film and that’s WHY it’s funny!!

    WTF????????? 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  3. 2:55. Please, talking about chimichangas is not racist in the least. Stupid accusations like this diminish true racist events.

  4. You did a serious commentary on a 15 year old comedy as if it were a drama and with no apparent understanding of how stories work …. are you TRYING to destroy the channel?

  5. Honestly, I never connected the "chiminichanga" comment with Pedro being Mexican. Chimichangas are not an "ethnic" food where I live…. maybe where you live, I wouldn't know.

  6. That's what makes the uncle such a funny part of the movie.
    Take that away and it's lost so much humor.
    This video SUCKS.

  7. Uhhh…. Looper? This really was the stupidest video I've seen in a while. Literally hypothesizing the most random things you could come up with to make a video. The "Jamiroquai" reference was the "Ok, seriously fuck this" moment for me.

  8. This fool says the film has racism in it. No, this movie has scenes that point out that racism does exist. The movie itself doesn't have racism within it.

  9. I've watched this classic a million and a half times personally one thing I noticed once I figured out what Napoleon was doing wrong with uncel Reco's time machine I can watch it again and again whenever I like without waisting a second so I procrastinate less

  10. … and he does a dance at the end… Watch carefully or you miss this subtle bit that you wouldn't notice if not for seeing this channel.

  11. Wow this video was such a waste of time. You just recapped shit that everybody who saw the movie ever would notice.

  12. I was expecting like hidden shit in the background or something.. these are just parts of the movie that every body knows about.

  13. Lmfao, the only thing obvious that might have been overlooked would be LaFawnduh might be a catfish. Before you realize she is real Kip states she is a blonde, but she may have just dyed her hair before meeting him. Even then still obvious . This was a deceitful title to gain views on your part.

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  18. some things you only realize now in 2019:

    1. Uncle Rico spent all the money he made from selling tupperware to buy a Time Machine…

    in 1980s it was probably 200 bucks

    2. when the chicken farmer told Napoleon he found some arrow heads, it was from an Indian Burial Ground like in original Poltergeist !!

    3. Pedros cousins are from MS-13 infiltrating rural america to sell meth. thats why when the bully was trying to steal the guys bike under Pedros protection and MS-13 drove up, he got scared because he knew they had Uzis and probably killed hundreds of people already

    4. Starla won the male decathlon in Olympics in 1970s and is now a transgender woman in Idaho!

    5. Uncle Rico is a registered sex offender living in a van so he doesnt have to tell police where his house is. breast enhancement cream has to be applied manually and Uncle Rico will gladly show you how. he already been arrested twice

    6. Kip is closet gay because Lafawnda is actually a man!! the chat room Kip was always on is Gay Chat Room! and he has a gay lisp

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    9. Rex Kwon do beat the sh*t out of Uncle Rico and should be arrested for assault but Uncle Rico didnt call the police because he didnt want them looking up his record

    10. Summer got pregnant at 16. it was from Uncle Rico, and now Uncle Rico got arrested for the third time and is now in jail for life being someone elses girlfriend

  19. I agree with the comment below, your a total tool dude, this is America, we like our Guns our Harmless racism… and sarcasm

  20. What I make of Kip telling Napolian that he's training to be cage fighter was because that's what he was telling Lafwonda and now he believes it.

  21. Rico was not a star…..remember he said if the coach would have put him in they would of won. Sounds like a backup to me……

  22. I think the Chimichanga comment was pretty innocent. Napoleons grandma tells him to make a quesadilla and kip is eating nachos so i think it's safe to assume that mex food is a pretty mainstream part of the diet. So it ends up being a more of a comment about not having the same old same old

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