Things To Do In BANFF This Weekend – Banff Hot Springs, Banff Hiking Trails, and More!

We’re here in the town of Banff, which is
one of the most popular places to visit in all of Canada. But it’s also a great weekend escape from
Calgary. We’re here at the Cave & Basin, a National
Historic Site and also the birthplace of Parks Canada. Admission is free with a Parks Canada Discovery
Pass. We learned how the cave, which is full of
hot mineral spring water, was used as a spiritual meeting place for indigenous peoples before
three railway workers found it, inadvertently creating Canada’s first national park. We took the Discovery Tour, which gave us
in-depth knowledge on the history of the area, as well as Banff’s first hotel. We even got to see the rare Banff Springs
Snail, which is not found anywhere else on Earth With the day winding down, we decided to spend
the night at a peaceful mountain retreat with a great Canadian atmosphere. How sweet! mmm, looks good. We then had dinner, starting with a board
of smoked and cured meats served with aged cheese before having grilled tenderloin, grilled
bison striploin, and braised short rib. It was delicious. We capped off our night next to our in-room
wood-burning fireplace. It’s a good thing we had a really delicious
and filling breakfast at Buffalo Mountain Lodge, because now we’re doing a hike on Tunnel
Mountain, which is actually the road that the hotel is on – it’s called Tunnel Mountain
Road, so we thought we should do the hike, as you can see, it’s very beautiful. It’s actually the first time we’ve ever done
this, it’s one of the easier hikes as it only takes a little over a half hour. You can bring your family, your dog, whatever. It’s a beautiful day and really happy we came
because this is the first time we’ve seen this side of Banff. So we made it to the top and you can see the beautiful town of Banff from up here, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and we can actually see our next hike of the day – Sulphur Mountain. So there’s actually the Banff Gondola just
over there but we’re gonna hike instead. So we’ll see how it goes. Now we’re at Sulphur Mountain. This is where you’ll find the Banff Gondola,
but if you don’t want to take the gondola up, you can also hike up as well. Should take about an hour and a half and that’s
what we’re about to do right now, so let’s go So, as you can see, there’s a little bit of
snow, or quite a bit of snow on the trail, so we bought these kleets. With these sharp picks, it will help us to
not slip. I’m assuming, I’m actually not sure how to
put them on, I’m assuming it’s this way, with the gloves you are so useless sometimes. Then you just pull them over your shoes. Well, they seem to be working well. I’m glad I brought them. So we’re about halfway up Sulphur Mountain
now. As you can see, the views are already amazing
and we’re not even at the top yet. So according to other hikers, we only have
15 minutes left to the summit. We just hope that’s true because now it’s
getting hard on the legs. Again, you know, we’ve been hiking up already
like one hour and a half, so that’s supposed to be the time for this hike, and we’re very
excited to get there. So, we’re just gonna get there right at sunset,
so I’m pretty excited to see which colours we may see because we have clear skies so
far. And then one more thing, supposedly, after
5 PM, you can get the gondola free on the way down, but we’ve seen other hikers coming
down so I don’t know if that has changed, but we hope we can take the gondola on our
way down. We’re actually just in time for sunset, literally. We’re here at the top of Sulphur Mountain,
and it’s really beautiful. We made it just in time for sunset but we
also made it in time for the gondola being closed. Yes, we were really hoping to take the gondola
down, but it’s closed for some reason. Usually, it’s always open until sunset. But anyway, we’re enjoying this beautiful
sunset that is just behind us. These beautiful colours. and we had a great
time spending the weekend here in Banff. As you can probably see, we’re getting a bit
chilly. I can hardly move my mouth and we have at
least an hour walk back down, so we have to get going. We hope you liked this episode on Banff, and
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