Things to do In Budapest, Hungary : Horse riding in Budapest, Hungary

Hi. My name is Dante Mena and I’m here on
behalf of Expert Village in Budapest, Hungary. I’m the author of this travel guide. It’s
one of the Hunter Travel Guides called “Hungary”. The reason I wrote this book is not just to
write any other travel book. You’ll find in its pages not just different locations to
go and see, but also different things you can go and do. Horseback riding, riding in
boats, cave exploring, actually a number of options that you have for individual adventures
in Hungary is almost limitless. You can find just about everything you want to do in this
country and at far less expense that what you would find in the rest of Europe. At the
same time, there’s a certain kind of class to many of these adventures. For instance,
I have found that in horseback riding, there’s a system of rating the different stables in
Hungary so that you can get higher quality and lower quality stables. You can go to the
Tour Inform offices and pick up information about the riding stables, and this will be
a guide to horse riding adventures. This book also describes various restaurants, places
to eat, but not just based upon a certain kind of touristic attraction, but also based
on common sense. How much you can afford, what your budget is, and as well, what the
quality is. So, I try to show you through this book, adventures in Hungary at an affordable
price, either for the low budget or the middle budget or for the high budget tourist. That
includes everything from five star hotels down to hostels for students. And it includes
every type of adventure from those where you need special types of support, to those where
you want to go out on your own with a knapsack on your back and travel the mountains and
see Hungary in its natural condition.

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