Thinking of doing a PEI Road Trip? Don”t miss this video on Prince Edward Island

Thinking of doing a PEI Road Trip? Don”t miss this video on Prince Edward Island

Get off the road! [Says driver passing by] Alright… Hi I’m Mike Mike of Mike’s road trip. On this episode I feature Prince Edward Island, also known as PEI, Prince Edward Island
is the smallest of the Canadian provinces, however what it lacks in size,
it makes up for in grandeur. Rolling hills, rural towns, and picturesque farms
make a PEIi road trip unforgettable! PEI is where the land and sea collide at your
table in culinary delight. Rich sea life and fertile farmland make a palate
pleasing experience, so come along with me let me show you around. I made my way
to PEI from New Brunswick, driving across the Confederation Bridge, the longest in
the world crossing ice-covered water (in the winter). I was heading north, to West Point, but
along the way I stopped to check out this interesting corn maze. Without my
trusty drone, I would have never have known there was such an intricate design
in a shape of a butterfly. Continuing north, I stopped by the historic
Notre Dame de Monte caramel Church, which is one of the island’s oldest on the island.The church
towers over this magnificent shoreline backdrop in his home to this graceful
graveyard. Continuing farther north, my home for the evening was the West Point
Lighthouse. Now, this was my first time ever staying in a lighthouse and I was
really excited by the location right on this wonderful stretch of beach. The next
morning I headed along the coast to the very northern tip of PEI road trip known simply as
north cape. [speaking on camera] I just made it to the north west point of Prince Edward Island
also known as north cape and this is Canada’s National Laboratory for wind
energy. Right behind me is one of the blades of the turbine which I just
counted it out this thing’s about a hundred and thirty feet long… longer than
a right whale. My next stop of the day was in O’Leary
where I saw what I thought was a massive potato sculpture there were a ton of
cars in the parking lot so I thought I’m going to check it out
sure enough it was indeed a museum dedicated to the delectable spud this
was something I had never experienced before and I was more than a bit dubious
but I decided to check it out at any rate it was actually a pretty
interesting display of potato related machinery and agricultural artifacts I
continued my route south to Victoria by the sea where I was looking forward to
exploring this storybook village but the weather was not favorable so I didn’t
stay long I decided to just head to Charlottetown where I would call it a
night the next three nights I would call the
great George Hotel home built back in the mid-1800s the great George is unlike
any historic hotel I’ve ever stayed the property is not a single structure but
rather a compound of old homes clustered together to make up an overall hotel the
great George also doesn’t feel like a hotel but rather a large intimate in the
accommodations are quite spacious with vibrant furnishings and modern
subtleties throughout the great George Hotel made the perfect home base to
explore the Pei Capital City of Charlotte town and the surrounding areas
on Pei it’s all about farm-fresh food so I headed to New London to check out a
place called the table culinary studio a stupendous experience that provides
visitors and opportunity to learn where and how local foods are grown and
harvested while also discovering how to blend these locally sourced ingredients
into a masterful meal essentially the table culinary studio showcases an
experiential agro-tourism workshop that delights the epicurean
after my delicious meal at the table I went off exploring my first pit stop was
to take a photo of this scene at French River then I was off to the Cape Tryon
lighthouse where the views were simply breathtaking I particularly enjoyed the
coastal trail along the edge of the cliff which allows for a number of
different vantage points my next stop of the day was to Green Gables a heritage
place that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery to write the novel and of Green Gables
while I was there I couldn’t miss a chance to walk through the Haunted Woods
a scene from the novel later that afternoon I had plans to go kayaking in
the fishing village of rustico Bay but the winds were blowing and gusting so
much that I really didn’t think it would be much fun after exploring the village
a bit I happened to notice something on the beach that interested me as I got
closer I noticed a guy setting up his kite board and at first I thought well
this guy’s got to be nuts because it is much too windy but to my surprise this
gentleman was an expert and really put on a spectacle of a show
the next morning was glorious so for the past couple of days I have been
exploring the countryside of Pei but now I’m in Charlotte’s town and the contrast
is quite dramatic with these beautiful historic buildings a scenic boardwalk
and of course many fantastic restaurants and there’s no better way to explore the
town and on a bike the winds had died down and it was a perfect day to explore
Charlotte town I really enjoyed my time in Charlotte town but there was still so
much of Pei to explore so tonight I’m at the Taste of Georgetown a food and
entertainment festival that celebrates authentic PEI cuisine from the land in
Sea with live entertainment and
fantastically prepared food by a couple of celebrity chefs the taste of
Georgetown was an event that really showcased the vibrancy of Pei cuisine the next morning the birds were chirping
and the Sun was shining bright I strolled around Georgetown a bit finding
the McDonald Memorial Gardens a particularly beautiful place to spend
some time it was so nice out that I decided I
needed to drive back to Greenwich Pei National Park when I arrived and started
walking down the trail toward the beach I was so glad I had I was absolutely
enamoured by this area from the scenic walking trail to the massive floating
boardwalk to the fabulous beaches this is an area I could have spent the rest
of the day I was in heaven the beauty was so inspiring and the setting so
peaceful my last stop of the day was also quite memorable
I made my way to the point prim lighthouse which would end up being one
of my favorite lighthouses I saw during the entire road trip around PEI it was
well past lunch so I was quite famished right near the lighthouse is the point
prim chowder house the only place around to eat and I must admit I didn’t have
high expectations since it was near a tourist attraction and the only place
around however to my utter delight it turned out to be a fantastic meal and
the outdoor seating right on the water’s edge made it even more memorable my last
stop of the day was toward Wood Islands to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia
well that’s it from Prince Edward Island if you’d like to do a similar roadtrip
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see on the road

53 thoughts on “Thinking of doing a PEI Road Trip? Don”t miss this video on Prince Edward Island

  1. Very cool shots and piloting. We have to put this in our list to vlog when we get there. Super glad to discover your channel. Will binge a bit on your other episodes, lol. Following you now!

  2. So do you put prices on your site? Kinda wish you included prices like hotel,food and price admission to places. Also, is there a toll for the bridge, cause I swear I read somewhere it's $40 dollars. Might get more people with the cost, amount of money,you will spend on your YouTube side. Other than that, beautiful video and your voice is not annoying like some others trying to do travel vids.

  3. This clown ought to learn how to pronounce some of the placenames here before making a fool of himself on a video. And somebody should edit the captions which mis-interpreted a number of placenames and other things he said.

  4. I enjoyed this video but I was disappointed that you didn't make your way to the eastern end of the Island to visit Souris and East Point. You also missed Montague and probably lots more at this end…

  5. Enjoyed your video man. I used to live one street over from the potato museum.I don't know about now but it was the only potato museum in the world.

  6. Hi Mike, I'm an Islander and must say you've done well to include as much as you have in less than 10 minutes.
    You can't do everything of course, but did you get to Souris? Just beyond is Basin Head. The sands on this beach 'sing' as you walk. Around the tip of East Point (with another lighthouse) is North Lake known as the 'Tuna Fishing Capital of the World'. Depending on the season you might see a giant blue fin tuna landed. Or – if you come in the spring (May and June) this is one of the more active wharves for lobster fisheries.
    Lots of other places to mention, but I realize you've had to edit.

  7. Great video, we have lots of family there, and travel to PEI at least once or twice a year. Off to your Nova Scotia video now!! Where i used to live!!

  8. Awesome , being a west end island person, would like to have seen more, we have the Stompin Tom Building , how to fish oysters lobsters etc We need more advertisement for west! Thanks for this ! Enjoyed!

  9. I was born in Charlottetown in 1944. In the early 70's I moved to Vancouver. Both these place offer incredible scenery and different lifestyles. I can tell you what I have found so different is the people. Maybe it is just the times; I dunno, but I'll take the people from the maritimes any day. I had so many awesome friends back there…here in Vancouver..not so much. I'd love to go home…not sure I can ever make it tho.

  10. The Island only has two cities and you totally missed one; Summerside. Such a shame because it's a great place as well.

  11. Curious as to how you got some of your great footage… Did you use the drone inside? Did you have another person operating your drone while walking in front of it outside??

  12. The Chowder House is amazing but not the only place to get food. Try Coopers Gas and Grocery right down the road!!!!!! Great people and friends to everyone.

  13. PEI is really tremendously amazing! Eastern coast area of Canada or Canadian Atlantic provinces are truly wonderful place, either with its nature, infrastructure, nor influence culture and immigrant from Anglo-Scottish influence!

  14. I retired to Eastern PEI ten years ago and have never been happier. I quickly got to know almost all my neighbours and in the nearby town shop owners know you by name. A few times I've gone to the bank but at the counter realized that I had forgot my wallet back home and those times the teller just said, 'no problem hon, how much do you need?'. When I renovated my house the carpenters, plumbers, landscapers and electricians arrived on time, didn't charge a dime extra and finished exactly when they said they would. I rarely bother to lock my door at night, and laugh when the local newspaper has a headline like "Thieves make off with bicycle! RCMP vows to catch perpetrators." The air quality is incredible, the night skies crystal clear and blazing with stars. The dark red soil is incredible, although I don't recommend buying a white car. A twenty seven year old just won a seat for the PC's in my riding, the patronage-riddled Liberals are out and there's a sense of something good about to begin.

  15. I'm that one guy that wanted to see PEI in real life from a game called unturned. It's a free survival game.

  16. I'm told that some of the stuff at the Canadian Potatoe Museum in O'Leary PEI used to belong to my Great- Grandfather. I LOVE going up to O'Leary!!! Even though I don't live there and wasn't born in O'Leary I still consider it home!!!

  17. I recognized multiple places in the video like Green Gables, the Canadian Potatoe Museum, the Victoria Park board walk and the benches where you can play chest or checkers in downtown Charlottetown ect. To me PEI is just my wonderful home!!!

  18. Thank you for making these videos. I’ll be heading to PEI and Nova Scotia on a whirlwind road trip through that area putting me there for only 2 days or so. These videos help me to know the lay of the land and see what is worth adding to my “must-see” list in my very short time there. Don’t worry about the people saying you’re leaving things out, etc. These videos aren’t for them. They’re for the people like me who’ve never been there and would like to know more. We appreciate your time and effort. Especially since it’s completely free for us. BTW- I’m a Cajun from south Louisiana and am SO STOKED to see Grand Pré.

  19. talk like a normal person might instead of sounding like an insincere shill of a pitchman. can’t u be yourself?

  20. Hmmmm, No mention of the annual fish kills in the rivers and streams?
    What about the millions of Cliff Swallows wiped out by the agro industry?
    Frogs, toads and snakes rapidly being wiped out, …
    Not to mention a population of inbred idiots who don't have the ability to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good, the highest potential, the win/win. The poor perverted filth.
    This population is so mentally compromised that hey demand to be weakened as a peoples with separation, divided into "parties" and set to eternally fighting and squabbling with each other as all true idiots tend to do when given half a chance.
    Yes, by all means, come to PEI where alcoholism, abuse, and child molestation are family traditions. Where people are too stupid to even realize that they are but brainwashed "for profit" filth designed to service their Masters eternal and entitled profits.
    Right Mr. Irving?
    And I know this post will not last long. It will be taken down.
    And it's funny that only the mentally compromised are offended. But the truth hurts and that's one thing the mentally compromised can not tolerate, and that's the truth.
    Be sure to bring the kids for their dose of chemical cancer poisons.
    Have fun being poisoned.
    And be sure to check out "Stan of Screaming Gables" from his "Touched by an Uncle" series.
    Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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