THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating

THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating

Welcome to the community of freestyle ice skating!
Where different cultures, genders and ages all have one thing in common,
the love for a sport not many people have seen. THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating. We live for the challenges, the travelling and the friendships we share. The community keeps growing thanks to meetings around the world and social media. So we can say that this is only the beginning of freestyle ice skating. Welcome to the community of
freestyle ice skating!

100 thoughts on “THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating

  1. Awesome guys! The edit is just as crazy as the tricks are :3
    I'm getting really exhilarated simply by watching and I can't wait for the next winter season to try some new stuff from you
    Keep going and let the community grow!

  2. Where around the world do you recommend visiting to ice freestyle skate. A group of us all freestyle daily in the local rink and we are traveling to Austria for the winterwonderland but are looking for more places to explore

  3. Damn, that's some good martial arts tricking on ice! The cheat gainer at 2:08, and that butterfly twist at 2:31! So many sweet flips and kicks too. Everything in this video was crazy to me. Nice job!

  4. You are just awesome guys , i started the Freestyle training like 6 months ago inspired by your Vids , actually i really get addicted to the sport and as Orixis says, it's a "Lifestyle" , so huge thank for you guys for the spirit and the great job ,and hope you'll visit us in Dubai sometime.

  5. I wish i could join you guys I love freestyle skating and do it every weekend, which leads me to almost get banned from my ice rink, I didn't even know there was a community out there !!! you guys are epic keep up the good work !!!

  6. Cool vidos. He motivates.
    I watched your video as you only have appeared on YouTube.
    I wish you success in the development

  7. Your videos are extremely good! Your editing skills and filming skills are great and you guys are really creative. Great job 🙂

  8. I really do hope this becomes more popular! It's fuckin' amazing! I could try, but I'm probably too used to my figure skating ways XD

  9. Awesome the best freestyle video around the universe. Please may I ask some technical information about sharpening and profiling blades for freestyle. What do you use?

  10. Think this is super rad [not a chance in hell I can do it until I lose weight but hey that's what my skates are for]. Though I do have to ponder, is there any similar form of skating for inlines? [Albeit naturally with different tricks that work better with the properties of inlines.] Could be hella fun, though crashing on cement certainly sounds a lot less fun than crashing on ice.

  11. I wonder whether it's easier or harder to do these moves on fresh ice.

    This looks much like bboying on ice, only cooler and I expect also tougher!

    I enjoyed watching the video, keep it up boys (and girls :D) !

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