THIS JAPANESE BIKE PARK IS SO MUCH FUN! | Volcanic Laps of Fujiten MTB Resort!

THIS JAPANESE BIKE PARK IS SO MUCH FUN! | Volcanic Laps of Fujiten MTB Resort!

Today on BCpov I apologize Sorry Japan! And Yuka cuts me off In the last episode I rode Minekata After that we drove over to North Star resort That place didn’t work out so great But then the day after we went to Fujiten Which is right at the base of Mount Fuji Unfortunately it was a bit rainy But the dirt there was unreal! Okay Alright! We’re at Fujiten mountain bike resort Which is at basically the bottom of Mount Fuji As you can see it’s raining This is the closing weekend This was the better of the 2 days, it’s Saturday Tomorrows, like, typhoon Sunday so But, yeah it looks pretty good There’s some jumps right by the lift here Yuka: Small gap jumps Ya, smallish jumps But uh I think this is supposed to be one of the better bike parks in Japan See how it goes! Arigato Should we go down the hill a little bit? There’s a roller coaster, I wanna do roller coaster
Should we go down the hill a little bit? There’s a roller coaster, I wanna do roller coaster Where’s roller coaster? Maybe down there Okay Roller coaster? Okay, we’re going to do roller coaster Roller coaster, one of the most common trail names there is Oh, yeah it’s super fun Oh, I wish there was more of a berm there! Oh, yea! Sweet! Nice and flowy Ohh, sshh I missed the corner! There’s like a high line there I should have taken Okay And then I think we’re into Basha Ya, the dirt is really nice here The drop Oh, rocky section Jump! And then we’ll go down in here This gully Lots of leaves in here Sweet! Do you wanna do the big drop and I’ll follow you? Big drop? Ya It’s funny that’s rated double black So ya, the lift setup is interesting You get on the lift, put the bar down And then the guy puts then Bike on the lift Please put your bikes into the rack Okay Uh? Oh yea Go ahead Get the hell on there! Yuka: Sorry! It’s okay The funny thing is I’ve never experienced this at a ski resort before But they play music on the chairlift Which is, uh.. very unique experience Uhm, so how much was it today? 40 bucks? Ya, 40 bucks for one day So 4000 yen for a day which is about 40 American So yea, it’s cheaper than Whistler I think Fujiten is the closest bike park to Tokyo So it might be the most popular one Fuji Panorama is pretty close too So the next trail we’re doing is called Bashamichi and it’s a blue one and let’s see how it is Ooh, it’s getting dark in here I think So fun in here! Got a little over the bars there! Aww, so good! A little drop I’m gonna go right this time Oops! Wrong way! Sorry Japan! Yuka: What’s wrong? I went through the tape! Yuka: Really!? I thought this was a trail here Yuka: Oh! Because I was looking for this right line That’s the faster line Yuka: This line is faster? Ya But I’ve never done it before and then I went right Into the tree So good! So good! Alright.. Oh, I missed the drop F*ck I did it again! Two times! Twice! I did it again! Yuka: You like to go that way Well the trail… It kinda looks like you should go that way Yuka: Yea, there’s a trail Ya But after there, there’s nothing Yea! I did it two times Dumb I wanna get this! Yea! Finally got it! Yeah! Oh, so fun! Oh, eye of the tiger is on the play on the chairlift This song is really good one Yuka: Ya? I can’t hear It’s called eye of the tiger Have you ever seen Rocky? the boxer? Yuka: Oh, yeah! I saw ♫Yuka sings intro♫ Yuka: Ya? That’s right! Yuka: My bike! Yuka: Be careful, my bike! Your bike’s fine! Yuka: No! Yuka: ♫ Eye of the tiger ♫ Yuka: What they say? Eye of the Tiger I don’t know the exact lyrics Alright, naughty boy ♫ Naughty boy ♫ The berms are so fun here! Okay B-17… Yuka: Oh yea? Chiisai Whistler? Yuka: Chiisai.. Totemo chiisai Whistler Totemo chiisai Whistler Yuka: Yes Totemo chiisai Whistler Ippai Yuka: Ippai Three jumps! Ichi, ni, san… Jump ♫ Na na na na ♫ Oh, I keep, I always miss that corner there ♫ Na na na na ♫ ♫ Hey hey hey ♫ Yuka: I’m not good at jump You wanna eat? Yuka: Uh, sure Getting hungry Yuka: Me too Okay I’m gonna try this big one I didn’t make the last one, I chickened out NoooOooooOOOoOOoooOOooooooooaoaaoaoaoaoaaa!! Yeah? Everybody’s having lunch Time for lunch Well, we’re just having lunch at Fujiten and you buy your lunch by paying for a ticket in this vending machine you give the ticket to the kitchen over there and they make you really nice Ramen Yuka: Tasty! Tasty! Oh! Sorry! I always forget that! Yuka: You forgot what? To get on the chair! Yuka: Don’t forget! Another funny thing about this bike park is you have to have a lift pass taped to your helmet or your bike They don’t have like a scan or a wrist strap So mine’s here I think Yup Everything’s just a little bit different in Japan That’s okay Alright, we’re doing another lap of Bashamichi which means like Horse cart trail, something like that Alright, trying for a clean lap of Basha I keep going through the tape in the one spot This forest feels so Japanese So fun! So fun! Hit the drop Alright, don’t go in there cause thats the tape I keep going through Go fast So good! Ah, it’s a good trail Yuka: I crashed Did you? Are you okay? Alright, gotta remember to put the bar down We have to remember what? Have to put the bar down Yuka: Ya Because in Canada we never put the bar down Its like “I don’t need to do that” Arigato They’ve got vending machines everywhere in Japan Including at the top of the ski lift Alright! Roller coaster! Pretty fun Sweet, I love that Aww, man! This is so good! Good times! Oh, it’s this way Dark volcano Roller coaster Grasshopper Bashamichi Okay, Dark Volcano That’s a cool name actually All the dirt here is like a really dark color Hrm, I don’t think people ride this one as much I think I see why Oh, it’s kind of a drop The nice think about nobody using this, is it’s all loamy Oh, sweet Konnichiwa Yuka: Nice Yuka: Beautiful Yuka: Awesome Sweet, Awesome Now I have to do the same thing Case After this lap I had to turn the camera and the gopro off It really started to rain at this point And we did a few more laps, but we were getting pretty cold, so it was time to head over to the onsen and warm up I’ve got a few new $15 Patrons The first one is Blue Ridge Chunder And the second one is Michael Denham Michael has a great Youtube channel about cars called Barely Qualified Car Guys And his latest video is a Planet Earth style video where David Attenborough comments on the life style of a car enthusiast But anyways, next week I’ll be riding the North Shore with Jordan Boostmaster And then after that we’ll be back to Japan I’ll see you guys next time Car Enthusiasts are a little understood species despite being present in large numbers around the globe Garages are home to more car enthusiasts than any other place on Earth

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  1. I was there last year when i visited Japan.Me,my friend his GF and her friends we were hiking but when we finished i had some steam left so i just went there to have fun.Great trail not sure what parts did i ride because i can't read Kanji but i know that i was riding something named Matty Lops and Kazan at least those were the name that some friendly Japanese guy helped me out and showed me a bit of park and Japanese rock 🙂

    Thanks Touma for ride and i hope we have a chance to ride again next time i visit Japan m/

  2. I Liked the video, but I must point out that those helmets are almost useless… no to mention they look stupid as F.

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  7. man these trails look so fun! and her dancing is sweet! 11:55 what is the meaning of this noise she be making AHAHAHA! i'm a fan.

  8. Are there any hill climbing with downhill sections in Japan? I only ever see videos of road cycling or downhill trails.

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