this pool should not exist…

this pool should not exist…

Hi everyone now in the past we’ve made videos on water slides, roller coasters, and many other cool and exciting things However for today’s installment, we will be taking a look at our pics for the top five pools you won’t believe actually exist So without any further ado let’s begin our countdown of some of the most amazing swimming pools in the world Now if you like these kind of videos and want to see more then make sure to leave us a like on the video, Subscribe to our Channel, and turn on post notifications to be the first to watch all our new and exciting videos Every first comment will be getting pinged so good luck Number five the cage of death The crocosaurus Cove pool Otherwise known as the cage of death located in Darwin, Australia is most likely one of the most unique pools and for good reason Having over 200 different types of crocodiles This is an experience of a lifetime as you get to swim with some of the largest crocodiles ever Some of which are even over five meters long So if you’re looking for an adrenalin seeking experience the cage of death is definitely the way to go that is if you’re brave enough Number four skyscraper pool An apartment building in downtown Houston features a pool unlike any other apartment complex in what seems to be your average apartment building is Actually much more than that at the forty second floor. You’ll find a glass-bottom pool hanging ten feet beyond the building Giving the illusion of walking or swimming on air with just an 8-inch Plexiglas bottom separating you from the earth this pool is undeniably one of the scariest pools out there Just make sure you don’t look down too much you may just have second thoughts about having a relaxing swim Number three deepest pool in the world Nemo 33 which is an indoor pool located in Brussels Belgium is Actually the world record holder for being the deepest pool in the whole entire world Since its opening on May 1st 2004 the Nemo 33 has allowed tourists and divers to explore what’s most likely the closest thing to the ocean reaching a maximum depth of 113 feet this pool is Absolutely amazing and you can visit too if you want Just make sure you book in advance as it’s a pretty popular tourist attraction so booking won’t be too easy Number two the crater Ever wanted to swim in a volcano No Thought as much however the crater located at the Midway Utah resort is the next best thing if it ever happens to appear on your bucket list The crater includes a 70 foot sinkhole with naturally heated water, so the water’s naturally heated all year round Allowing visitors to snorkel and scuba dive as close to the bottom as they wish This cave could actually be a lot of fun as you’re about to see Number one pool illusion What looks to be a seemingly full pool of water with fully clothed people walking at the bottom is actually a pool Illusion by the artist Leandro Erlich although it isn’t actually a real pool. It’s basically impossible to tell the difference The optical illusion is actually created by ten centimeters of water being housed between two sheets of glass until Today the pool is still turning heads just because of how convincing it all looks Although this pool isn’t technically Useable we thought it still deserves our number one spot on this list just because of the creative idea behind it Anyway those have been the top five most insane pools of all time which was your favorite pool from this list leave a comment down Below letting us know why thanks for watching, and we hope to see you in our next video

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  1. The pool hanging on off the ledge and the last one was really cool thanks for the videos keeping coming love them muah Jennifer

  2. The deepest pool that I've ever been in is when I was 5 years old and it was 13 feet and here they're talking about a pool that's 113 feet

  3. Peeps oxygen ain't a joke to no one. You can die in less that 10 minutes. Plus who would scuba diving in a deep pool.

  4. The pool no. 4 which is skyscraper pool is in the movie of Jason statham " The mechanic". Just sayin

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