Thom’s Review-Salomon QST 92 Skis

Thom’s Review-Salomon QST 92 Skis

Hi my name is Thom, I just got done skiing the Salomon QST 92. This ski is a really unique ski. Where it was definitely designed to be an on trail performer, but has a lot of off trail versatility as well. So your solid intermediate up through your advanced to expert level skier that wants something that is not sacrificing any grip or hold on firm snow, but also wants to have a ski that is going to be playful and fun in the bumps and a little bit of light powder this is a really good option. On trail, gets up on to edge holds super damp. The new CFX 3 in here adds a lot of dampness and predictability through the turn with a lot of liveliness in the exit of turn. The tip shape and tail shape allow for a super easy pivot and smear, so off trail the thing is super manageable. It is not a ski that is going to burn you out over the course of the day. So, if you’re just looking for something that is going to be easy to ride and super fun everywhere you take it, its a great choice.

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  1. Is there a major diffrence between the qst 92 and die Pinnacle 95ti ? Most people find them kinda similar. Can u recommend one of them as 1 Ski quiver with AT Binding for some touring aswell? 60% On 40% Off-Piste

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