Thom’s Review-Volkl M5 Mantra Skis

Hi I’m Thom, I just got off of the all new Volkl Mantra M5, meaning the 5th version of this ski. Volkl is doing a lot of really cool things here. Starting with this titnal frame that allows the ski to really hinge between the metal and get super, super deep into the carve. Really easy control with just an immense amount of power. This thing is definitely geared for your 50/50 skier who is splitting their time between hard pack and soft snow. On groomers absolutely rails a turn super easy to get on to edge. Incredibly powerful feel on edge. A little damp coming out of the turn but it leads to a very predictable, easy to carve ski. Soft snow, this thing is really easy to throw around you can break the tails loose for those skidded and smeared turns. Soft snow, crud, big open bowl this ski is going to be awesome. So again, that advanced to expert level skier that is looking to just shred everywhere. Its a great ski.

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