Thrown Off Her Horse! (Not Clickbait!) 五 Caught on camera!

Thrown Off Her Horse! (Not Clickbait!) 五 Caught on camera!

– Don’t do that, Finn. Finn, that’s disgusting. That’s disgusting, Finn. (blows a raspberry) That’s disgusting! (blows a raspberry) ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and I’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live it forever ♪ – Good morning, guys, and welcome to today’s video. Missy has something
really funny to show you. I think you guys are really gonna like it. I’m actually getting ready for the day and I’m gonna meet her over at the barn and we are gonna do a little
trail ride this morning ’cause we have some time to be together. And Missy’s favorite
thing right now is horses. So, me being the good husband, I’m gonna meet her at the barn. We’re gonna go on a trail ride. I also just found these sunglasses in the back of my closet. I haven’t worn them in forever and I miss them. They’re so amazing. They were my favorite pair. I feel like that always happens, ’cause things get misplaced when you have kids and they leave things around, and then you rediscover and you’re like, “Oh yeah, sunglasses.” – [Both] Good morning! – [Bryan] Good morning, boys. What are we doing? – We’re eating lunch. – [Bryan] Eating lunch
and apparently building really long Hot Wheels tracks? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Did you do that one? – No.
– Me too. – You too? The boys have been working
together all morning in this playroom building the
most epic Hot Wheels tracks. It’s the cutest thing ever. I love it. This one is so big! – [Finley] Yeah! – You guys could play
Hot Wheels right here at the table while you eat, huh? All right, boys, you have fun here. Mimi and Papa are gonna watch you and Mommy and Daddy are gonna go on a trail ride, okay? – [Oliver] Okay.
– [Bryan] Okay. – No!
– [Bryan] I love you. – No!
– [Bryan] I love you. – [Finley] No! – [Bryan] Finn, is that your
favorite word right now? (blows a raspberry) – Finn, don’t do that. Finn, that’s disgusting.
(blows a raspberry) That’s disgusting, Finn. (blows a raspberry) That’s disgusting! (blows a raspberry) (laughs) – Just made it to the barn and I even brought some
snacks and sandwiches for Missy and I ’cause it’s getting to
be about eating time, so I whipped up some pb and j’s. Oh hey, Billy. Where’s Nacho and Missy? Where’d they go? Do you know? Where are they? Come here, dude, come here. Like, “I don’t know where
they are, get out of here.” Hi, buddy. Here’s Missy. What are you doing? – A tiny little baby jump. – She’s got a jump out there, you guys. Are you jumping that horse already? Hey!
Beautiful day to be on a horse, huh? – I know! Are you ready to–
– [Bryan] What’s up, Nacho? Sure, what are you doing? – I’ve just been kinda working him today and I did my first jump a few days ago, and so I’ve been practicing jumping, and it’s been so fun. Today he’s been kind of mean. – [Bryan] Hi, Nacho. Hi, buddy. – “I’m tired. “I was promised a trail ride.” – What? When Missy wants something, she gets it. (laughs) (upbeat music) Missy is so funny on that horse, you guys. They’re best friends. She’s here all the time working him and training with him and it’s just the cutest thing. I’m just super happy for her. She’s really been loving
being here at the barn and having a relationship with Nacho and being able to work out and work out with him, and it’s been really cool. All right, Missy is back from the arena. – Yeah, we just did a
short little fun ride and he’s so much fun to jump. It’s so cool. He was, at first, not so into it, and then he was like, “Okay,
fine, I like doing this.” – [Bryan] It’s pretty cool. – But yeah, so I actually jumped him for the very first time a week ago and I was like, “You know what? “I’m just gonna do it.” It wasn’t a lesson or anything. I was like, “I’m just gonna go for it.” Maria actually came down, surprisingly. She was just like, “Hey,
what are you doing?” I was like, “I’m gonna jump Nacho.” And so my sister was there, and she actually caught the footage of it. The first time, he totally spooked at the boys and freaked out and I totally fell off the horse. – Fell off, thrown off,
what’s the difference? – I was not thrown, I fell off, but I also did it very gracefully. You can watch right now. Whoa, whoa! – [Missy’s Sister] Oh my god. – Ta-da! – [Missy’s Sister] Oh
my god, what was that? – [Maria] Okay, just nice and slow, over the jump, over, don’t hunch, sit back, sit back. Put those heels down, sit back. Okay, once just straight. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Missy, that’s crazy, come on. – I mean, what better
way to fall off, though. I literally pushed off him, landed on my feet.
– [Bryan] Yeah. – And I actually threw his reins up ’cause I didn’t want him
to trip on his reins, I didn’t think. It was the perfect way to fall. I was like, “Okay, cool,
let’s get back on him “and see if he’ll jump this time.” – [Bryan] Yeah.
(laughs) – Then I jumped him like three times, and it was so fun. I’m still working, guys, oh my gosh. – She’s crazy. – I have a lot, a lot to go. I am not good at all. But I’m not scared. – [Bryan] You have to start somewhere. Maria did say that you’re
not a good horse rider unless you fall off at
least 100 times, right? – And I’m at two. (both laughing) – [Bryan] As long as you
fall off like you did that one time. And Nacho’s a good horse, he knows. – And now, so Maria’s
been helping me learn the proper, because I really need to straighten my back and put my arms up. So today I was trying to work on that, but I was definitely
making a few mistakes. But I’m sure Bryan
caught some fun footage. I just think it’s fun either way. – [Bryan] Yeah, it was really cool. All right, you wanna go
on a trail ride, Nacho? – Yeah, he’s like, “I was
promised a trail ride, “not jumping.” – [Bryan] You are so cute. All right, this is Salty. I’ll be riding this guy today. (upbeat music) – So we are on trail. We’ve been on trail now for a while, huh? – [Bryan] Yeah. – How long have we been going? – [Bryan] Almost two hours. – Yeah, we’re at two hours right now. We’re kind of, finally,
making our way back home, but we actually have a stop, and I need to show my legs. Ooh, I left my stirrups up a little high because I was jumping, and now I’m a little stiff in the knees. This ride’s been so nice. Just me and Bryan, and
it’s been very good, just relaxing. Nacho’s been very good. No spookies. And he’s tripped a couple times. He doesn’t always pick up his feet. He doesn’t understand sometimes. He honestly is very clumsy, just like me, and he’s very picky, just like me. (laughs) – Missy, my underarms are so white. I’m gonna stop holding
the reins like this, start holding ’em like this.
– [Missy] Yeah. I’m gonna do it too. Look at mine. I’m white, tan, white. – Definitely getting some
sun out here on the trail. – [Missy] Yeah, if anyone’s wondering why we’re walking around with
our horses like this, it’s ’cause we’re very
white on our underarms. – [Bryan] And now the
horses are getting a drink. Slurping up water. – Is that good? – It’s seriously so funny
the way they drink water. – He puts his entire face in and then just stays in there forever. You can swim. You’re a fish. – [Bryan] I think both these
horses love swimming, too. – [Missy] Yeah. – It’d be so fun to take ’em out with a GoPro horse mount.
– [Missy] Mm-hmm. – And go in the water with ’em. He is gulping. – [Missy] His entire nose is in there. My bridle is in there. – [Bryan] Yeah.
– [Missy] I don’t think that’s good for all the leather. – [Bryan] Probably not. He’s thirsty, though. – Still in there! He does not do that. He’s like, no. – They’re getting that drink on. You guys are so cute. (upbeat music) I’m gonna attempt to give Salty an apple and see if he takes a bite. – [Missy] Good job!
– [Bryan] Whoa! – [Missy] That was half of it!
– [Bryan] What a big bite! – [Missy] You basically
ate the whole thing. – [Bryan] Here you go, Nacho. That’s for you. – [Missy] Aww, you’re so gentle. – Salty got most of it. – He’s like, “Ha, it’s mine.” After horseback riding and rock climbing, I am exhausted today. I definitely got sunburned so badly. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I’m so red, ugh. I don’t know why I, I did wear sunscreen, but I just put it on a little too late, I think. But now the kids are all crashing, it’s time for bed. The puppies are all hanging out. Are you guys being cute and lovey? Yeah, oh gosh. Carmen’s always like, “I just
wanna sit here and relax” and Luna’s like, “I just
wanna lick your face. “I just wanna lick your face.” (laughs) They’re honestly the best dogs. I don’t know if we’ve said this before, but Luna was crazy until she turned one. And now she’s just, she’s still crazy but she’s just a sweet, sweet girl, huh? You’re just a good girl. Definitely part of the fam, huh? And Carmen’s like, “Eh, I have “a love-hate relationship with her.” (laughs) But I am now picking out some pajamas for the boys so they can head off to bed. Bryan came up with them now to
brush their teeth and stuff. But we had such a fun day. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I’m gonna end it for now. So make you give this
video a big thumbs-up if you did enjoy it. Puppies, can you thumbs it up? (laughs) And we will see you
guys in our next video. Bye, boop. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Thrown Off Her Horse! (Not Clickbait!) 五 Caught on camera!

  1. She should not be the one teaching him how to jump when she doesn't have know how, nor can she stay on a spook and pulled his mouth the whole time

  2. HA really thrown off her horse? people have MUCH worse than that!!! try being on a horse that goes from calm to bolting in seconds!!!!

  3. You are really flopping down on his back when you canter either sit are half seat and before you go into the jump you are also really hunched over and you are not holding your two point long enough

  4. No helmet Missy you should have a helmet because if you do not have a helmet you will hurt your self bad! Hope you're okay

  5. Not hating or anything but she's not really sitting in her canter or keeping still plus don't quote me or anything but did they just get a horse without missy having lessons ?

  6. Dont give the horses food when they still have a bit in there mouth because they are not suppose to eat with it in and they can chock

  7. Helmet come on. Yes you could trust him with your life but when that one little incident happened your life will go down hill from there and trust me I know

  8. Its rlly good that you took lessons for the first time but i think you should work more on balance and when you jump please hold youre reins but dont pull them and dont hang on to him cause if he decides to run rlly fast bc he spooked or sm you will fall he is defenetly not dangerous and keep up the goo work領

  9. Again not trying to be hateful but you should never give a horse a apple with a bit in its mouth it can cause them to choke very easily. I hope you take my advice :).

  10. I personally don't think she should be jumping if she can't sit his canter right. But that's just my opinion, I think it's really good that you're learning to ride!

  11. Youre a little tight on the horses mouth. That can cause future problems with the teeth or mouth. You actually handled the spook very very well, but then you got nervous and started bouncing around a lot. So just make sure to stay confident and calm for Nacho!! Great job though!

  12. your equtation looks pretty good some tips to improve it would be:
    when you finish the jump sit up straight away
    on some of them jumps you could have stayed on a touch longer
    grip with your knees while in canter and lean back a littl bit so your not bouncing on your horse so much
    and be a bit softer with your hands or id recomend switching to a bitless bridle
    try not to put your hands on your horses neck while jumping
    on a few of them you folded a bit too soon
    not hating just trying to help :)) x

  13. everyone stfu saying she should be wearing a helmet no she shouldnt a helmet isnt going to protect you all the time, like a kid got flung off and was wearing a helment and had permenant brain damage so helmets dont do everything its ppls own decisions x

  14. I feel like you need to do more ground work and work on strengthening your legs before jumping. Getting a good seat and posture is so important. And always wear a helmet… a lot of people say it's not that big of a deal but my aunt cracked her skull from it… I know you put one on later but yea. I'm not hating I'm just trying to help

  15. My first ever ride I was riding a pony called cowboy and when I was about to trot he suddenly did that I broke my ankle but I still love him bc he threw me on a fence than I rolled down the hill and landed on stones

  16. Hey missy if you get some breeches with some grips it will help you sit your seat after you jump and not bounce around and half you pull back and all that.

  17. Missy you need a helmet if you don't wear a helmet for the rest of your life when you ride a horse you can break your head open.

  18. Please oh please wear a helmet. This has been said in the comments over and over and the reason everybody is saying it is because we care and we dont want to see u getting hurt. It doesnt matter how good u are at riding, everyone NEEDS a helmet on.

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