TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13

TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13

♪ Wake up in the morning looking greener than Shrek ♪ – Where’s that donkey?
– ♪ Sleeping in a tub can really mess up your neck. Before I leave I stop and vomit up tequila and glue. It seems I’m spending every morning with my head in the [beep]. Got vomit up in my hair, but I’m way too sick to care. I’m falling down the stairs. I, I, I pull myself off the floor, then I’m almost out the door, but my family is waiting for me. Oh crap, not again. It’s an intervention. It’s cool. I’m fine. I can stop at any time. That’s a lie. You won’t try. Now you made your mother cry. Look. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m outta here, this is queer. I just drank a couple beers. Don’t leave. We love you. We even hired Dr. Drew. – This pattern needs to end.
– I think I have to puke again. Oh, oh, oh, oh. So I decide to stay, but my head is still reeling. Then they all go down the line taking ’bout their feelings. It makes me sad when I see you brush your teeth with Jack. Also you borrowed my good bike and never gave it back. Stop showing off your butt. You’re making young girls act like sluts. And you’re starting to get a beer gut, beer gut. This behavior is a dead end. And P. Diddy is not your friend. You’ll end up like Lindsay Lohan. Lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-han. – This is whack. I feel trapped.
– We want the old Kesha back. Screw you Dr. Drew and your stupid camera crew. Hey you don’t have to shout. We’re just trying to help you out. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Okay, it’s time you know. This is just a video. I don’t drink or pee in sinks. It’s what I want my fans to think. It’s all an act, and in fact, it’s even in my contract. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, we didn’t know. ♪ [laughs] Oh God. ♪ The Key of Awesome ♪ Hey guys. Thanks for watching. To check out some of the other Key of Awesome videos, click on these boxes.
– And don’t forget to subscribe. ♪ If you’re wondering if I want you to, I want you to. ♪

100 thoughts on “TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13

  1. watched this more times than i can count and this is the first time i realized there is autotune in it

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