Tim Robinson’s “Fenton’s Horse Ranch” Sketch | I Think You Should Leave | Netflix Is A Joke

Tim Robinson’s “Fenton’s Horse Ranch” Sketch | I Think You Should Leave | Netflix Is A Joke

Ah, what a perfect day. Sweetie? Yeah honey? The horse you’re on has a huge penis. I’d like to get off now. I’m not having any fun. Then we wasted our money. Sound familiar? It’s a beautiful fall day and you’re riding with a loved one. When all of a sudden you’re made to feel less of a man. You can’t compete with these horse hogs. And now you don’t need to here at Fenton’s Stables and Horse Ranch we guarantee our horses have a smaller penis than a human man. Meet Starry Night here. At first glance he appears to be a normal horse. But you check his undercarriage he’s the same size as you and I. Is it easy to find a horse with a short peanut like this? No. It’s damn near impossible. That’s why our ancestors started breeding out the big penis gene in our horses generations ago. In fact this year we were excited to welcome our first five inch horse penis. Tragically he passed early this year. Killed himself. Jumped off a cliff. Huh, is that all I mean by “hung like a horse?” I guess. But yours is bigger than that. Is it? Mmhmm. Huh. Bigger than a horse’s I like the sound of that. Thanks Fenton’s.

36 thoughts on “Tim Robinson’s “Fenton’s Horse Ranch” Sketch | I Think You Should Leave | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Streaming is the joke. All these companies trying to ride Netflix's coast tales. All the exclusive bullshit that would never fly for movie theaters is allowed to destroy streaming, turning the landscape into cable television. On top of that the interface for Netflix, and Hulu, has turned to utter garbage. They cluttered, non intuitive, and both companies just continue to strip away features in the guise of "stream lined experience". It's fine though, the boomers will be dead soon enough and every generation millennial, and before, will just pirate the content we want. Since a customer orientated service, and product, is lacking in the streaming department.

  2. Who comes up with this sh*t? I am still waiting for the " The girl I love!" It's Turkish series. I watched all 77 episodes.

  3. this is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. up there with Nathan For You, Trailer Park Boys, Curb Your Enthusiam, (the original) Arrested Development, Detroiters…

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