Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

COMM: Acer, the three-year-old miniature horse is about to be the smallest horse in Britain
at just 22 inches tall. 00:20
MAUREEN: Normal miniature is 34 and under and Acer is 22. so he’s a miniature miniature. 00:28
COMM: The tiny equine is so small that owner Maureen lets him roam around her house. 00:34
MAUREEN: I think he’s one in a million this little horse. I’ve never seen anything like
him. 00:43
COMM: At Wolf’s Castle Miniature Horse Farm in Essex, you’d expect the horses to be on
the small side. But Acer was especially tiny. 00:51
MAUREEN: We imported his dad from America, and put him with our American Mare. Apparently
they were both carrying the dwarf gene and he was the result. I mean most people would
have him put down but we persevered with him and he’s a lovely little chap, aren’t you?
Lovely little boy. 01:08
COMM: And because of his size some special arrangements have had to be made, 01:14
MAUREEN: This is where Acer sleeps. We’ve had the door specially made for him so he
can put his head over and see all the other horses. It’s a very big stable for a little
horse but he was born in this stable so this is his stable for life now. 01:29
COMM: Although he wanders freely around the farm, there are some places he can’t go for
his own safety. 01:37
MAUREEN: There’s your big friends, look. We don’t let him in with the big horses because
he could get injured, when they’re playing around, I mean he would go under their feet,
he’d get kicked or something. Y’know his head is sort of life knee height to them. He could
be injured, couldn’t you? But we wouldn’t take the chance. 01:52
MAUREEN: I must admit, one day was sitting out here and he snuck under the fence, we’re
worried about you. Anyway he thinks he’s more of a dog than a horse. 02:02
COMM: His best friend is a labrador called Demon, the fair have been playing since Acer
was a foal, and Acer has been copying his canine companion. 02:10
MAUREEN: Acer’s really made himself at home here, he just wandered in one day and we just
let him come in now. 02:16
MAUREEN: He doesn’t stay for long he just wanders around, has a sniff. Obviously we
keep an eye on him because he’s not house trained. 02:24
COMM: But when Acer does leave the farm, he always attracts plenty of attention. 02:31
MAUREEN: He has bought so much joy to just everybody he meets, people just love him.
Absolutely love him. Y’know and so although he’s a little dwarfy, he is loved. 02:46
MAUREEN: Everywhere we go people try to buy him, he literally stops the traffic, and we’ve
had a very big offer for him from abroad, but obviously we’d never let him go anywhere.

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  1. The title makes me mad, it’s not suffering from anything. Has anybody ever heard of a horse breed called miniature horses?

  2. Yes the horse should have been put down because he was not perfect…what a great attitude. If they succeeded in doing that to people every town would just about be deserted. I know in the past some cultures would let handicapped children die due to lack of care or other reasons. A truly perfect animal does not exist. Even if one looks perfect on the outside they are probably not perfect on the inside I suppose I would have to take my place in line because I am neither physically or mentally perfect. Although my shetland pony probably considers himself one of the few perfect creatures…and he is a creature…a horribly jealous and tricky little boy.

  3. This lady is living her dreams. With that mini horse .i would take that little guy in my house so much fun..goals!

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