Tipperary Sportage Helmet Review

Tipperary Sportage Helmet Review

KRISTINA: Hi, I’m Kristina, I work in Creative,
and today I am reviewing the Tipperary Sportage Helmet. I think the most important thing about this
product that I love is all of the vents on the top. I use this at home to school in, and I
bought this helmet because I wanted something to school in, so I could save my show helmet.
And my problem is in the summertime, I tend to get really overheated when you are riding
in the hot, hot weather. And this has tons of air vents and you can literally feel the
breeze when you are riding. It’s great. Sometimes these will get a little dusty or
whatever like I personally just hose it down in the inside. It’s just basically the shell
with the padding. It’s nothing too tricky. Nothing – if it gets sweaty or whatever,
you can just – I hose it off and then just leave it up to dry. It runs pretty true to size. I got – these
run like I think it’s extra small through large, and I got a medium, which fits snug.
I don’t wear my hair up in it, so if you are going to, I would go a little bit up on
the size. If you do need a little extra size, there
is this piece in the back that can be removed. I personally left mine there and it’s nice
and squishy and padded, which I love. But you can if you need a little extra room. So depending on the look you are going for,
you could use it for low-level eventing. I personally use this for schooling, I trail
ride in it, I hunter pace in it, and then I use my Charles Owen in the show ring, but
I feel it’s very versatile. I have seen it the show ring for dressage and eventing. I think for the quality of this product and
the durability, the price range is perfect compared to some other helmets that tend to
be maybe a little bit cheaper made. I feel that it’s very durable. It’s a quality
name, you know it’s a good product. And it’s very, very reasonably priced. I think
it is the perfect schooling or low level show helmet, and it is marked very reasonable. If you want a quality, very reasonable helmet
that you need some air vents to cool your head, I would buy the Tipperary helmet. I
love it. I have had it for probably two years. It’s held up. It looks almost as new as
this one here, and it’s just a great helmet all around. I’m Kristina, and the Tipperary Sportage Helmet
is my pick of the month.

9 thoughts on “Tipperary Sportage Helmet Review

  1. I have a new helmet but as a riding coach of adults and children, I feel maybe once or twice or forever. I strongly feel that helmets should ALWAYS have a replacement warranty in place for a nominal fee. This would encourage helmet users to replace damaged helmets after a fall. The fee might be double if a person replaces more than one helmet in say 2 years, and return to the normal nominal fee, should a user not replace a helmet for 5 years?? or something like that.

  2. When I jumped off of my pony and pulled off my helmet outside in the sun, I noticed a crack running up the back of the helmets solid foam padding! I'm not sure if over the span of a year the helmet's foam liner got a little dried out, thus widening the crack from my fall the previous year! That helmet looks like new and in fact I even have the original box, however Tipperary's warranty does not replace cracked helmets after one year. 🙁

  3. I do wear a Tipperay Sportage Helmet Shortly after receiving my latest helmet I sustained a fall while galloping our warmblood pony stallion. I didn't think I had done any damage to helmet upon inspection, and thought I hadn't actually even landed on my head! I usually put my helmet on inside my trailer tack room in summers or inside a riding arena in the winters, so the lighting isn't perfect in either place. This July while riding in a jumping summer camp, Outdoors in the Okanagan sun.

  4. So many commented that they found this helmet cool… I actually dislike this helmet as it makes my head sweat like crazy!! I do not find it cool, plastic is not cooling… it doesn't breath at all. I am currently looking for a better helmet that will breath. I'm told One K helmet might be the one I'm looking for. My event coach recommends it.

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