Tokyo Mountain Hikes: Alternatives To Mount Fuji

Tokyo Mountain Hikes: Alternatives To Mount Fuji

(upbeat techno music) – Coming to you from 2,000 meters today. We’re at the Gyoja Goya, the mountain hut, just below Mt. Akadake. So Mt. Fuji is Japans most
famous and iconic mountain. However, it’s probably not
the best mountain to hike. For me one of the most important points is when you’re hiking Mt.
Fuji you can’t see Mt. Fuji. So I’d like to suggest a few alternatives and some of them give you a
very nice view of Mt. Fuji. (soft upbeat rock music) – [Woman] Mt. Mitake is
the home to Mitake shrine, a famous destination for pilgrims and a place with a 2,000 year history. It also offers various
walking and hiking treks. Whether you decide to hike up the mountain or take the cable car half way to the top there’s plenty to explore. (soft upbeat rock music) You can see the shrine, stop for something to eat at the shops, hike through the woods and nearby nature, or if you want to extend the hike then follow the signs and walk through the forest path to Mt. Hinode, a nearby mountain with spectacular views of Tokyo on a good day. It usually takes less than an hour from Mitake to Mt. Hinode and you also have the option of taking the route home
via TsuruTsuru Onesen. Follow the signs down the mountain and through the forest
to TsuruTsuru Onesen and have a well deserved
soak at the end of your hike, then take the train-shaped
bus back to the JR Station. Akadake literally translated
to red peak in english. It is just under 3,000 meters and it makes a spectacular
view at sunrise. Once you arrive at the final bus stop hike through the forest on the trail for about an hour until
you reach Minoto-sanso, then take the right trail to Gyoja Hut which depending on your speed will take another hour or two. If you’re staying the night then check in otherwise follow the
trail from behind the hut. It’s a fairly steep climb from there until you get to the top of the ridge. Take a right along the ridge and enjoy the spectacular
views on either side. You’ll pass a couple more mountain huts until you finally reach the summit. (soft upbeat rock music) To return, either loop
back the way you came from or continue over the summit and take the right path to Amidadake. Mt. Mitsutoge is probably
the best mountain to catch a good view of Mt. Fuji and on a clear day it has an amazing 360 degree panorama view from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji and over to
Japan’s Southern Alps. There are multiple routes to choose from, however whichever route you decide to take allow four and a half hours for the hike. That’s easily doable
as a day trip as well. For more information like
transportation on how to get there check out the TokyoCheapo website and don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. I'm actually heading out to Tokyo at the end of November and really wanted to see Mt fuji, thanks for the tips! It really helps!

  2. This was so helpful! I was disheartened to find that Mt Fuji would be closed during our visit, but this video cheers me up! I will definitely be using your guide to choose another hike.

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