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I want the four of you to create the
most iconic Tommy photo possible what could possibly go wrong I doubt it’s
Haley generators playing up my G one PAQ presents tommy time
welcome to Phe for those of you who don’t know who we are we are a sick
fashion show that you can see on YouTube so we got to some of the maddest thing
some of the maddest challenges we are a bunch of friends please whoever is
editing your trailer right about know we are also giving away the infamous
Kyra tote bag to one random commenter within the first three hours of this
video going live we also have another super exciting giveaway somewhere later
in this episode Wow so this week we have a super exciting
collaboration we’ve been wanted to do an episode with these guys for a time it is
the one and only Tommy Hilfiger on their new collection with Lewis Hamilton
so the message behind the loose collection is to create unity it’s all
about bringing people together and creating a community through fashion
which is essentially the whole ethos behind Phe we are about to receive a
message from none other than Lewis hammer and himself is gonna be setting
us this challenge it was sup guys I hope you are all good
as you know I’m about to release my second collection in the collaboration
with Tommy Hilfiger in a celebration of this I’d like to set you guys a
challenge you will each to be given a bag inside the bag you’ll find a full
tummy outfit that features clothes from my collaboration but also some of the
Tommy collections I don’t know if Lewis is trying to imply anything but ain’t
got no trousers Tommy X Lewis pink polo I’ve got the Tommy X Lewis Hamilton
backpack you guys know I love my backpacks I’ve got this Lewis Hamilton
Tommy Hilfiger hat got a clean hammer ante my challenge for you guys is I want
the four of you to create the most iconic Tommy photo possible wearing
outfits that are in your back now these images need to be campaign worthy any
ideas yet I’m bubbling sorry Dex you might not be able to wear black for this
one man they’re more Elias no cheating bro pressure is or ishaq I
know you’re full of surprises so I’m expecting the unexpected but pressure
makes what it is diamonds for you Danny as a fellow caller I’m hoping you do
something special good luck and may the best man win and I
hope to see you guys sometime soon iconic Tommy photo the pressure is on
let’s get it let’s go so the challenge for today is create an
iconic Tommy filter in a full Tommy fit now you’ve seen all the old ones before
like you know you’ve got a Leo which has done like a kind of block party kind of
vibe you know I’m saying in the campaign I want it go to hip-hop route but I fall
out that was a bit expected so I want to do something a bit different I don’t
know something mad you know skyline block party Tommy doubt my inspiration
for this photo was obviously looking at Lewis Hamilton himself he’s very into
cars it was a Tommy Hilfiger family campaigns I used to love seeing so
sometimes it’d be there mean like preppy clothing campus vibes University II x-men school of the gifted kind of thing
so when it came to this challenge I spent my time looking at the archives of
Tommy campaigns and thinking to myself yeah what could I do like what could I
bring back what’s that chronic to Tommy and of course nautical vibes are so
iconic to Tommy Hilfiger so that’s why we out here in Southampton and I’m ready
to jump on that boat take that certain picture why now I’m in a place to be where the
OGS use the weight on me back in the night years I am in New York City baby I
had to get a sick location Nash rooftop I bought some turntables but there’s one
factor that I definitely need to get me in that mindset you know get me into my
character and that is records man so my vision for this image is like
countryside picnic for one I thought I’d head over to stratford-upon-avon and
visit SL shop we are surrounded by cars and with cars there is horsepower and
speaking of horses we have our beautiful stallion of and fog refer the one and
only Meek’s Ramon jeez I got my boy Cole EO
as well as gonna be modeling as well and then of course last but not least man
like Daniel remain firm clapping she’s young melanin black excellence talk to
me I’ll be able to today my kind of vision for the photograph is like a
vintage car and they’re like a picnic kind of seen as the car we’ve chosen is
a two-seater you will have to be riding with the crew because I’m not 25 yet so
I can’t drive higher cars and I might have got myself a chauffeur you get to
see me in it so the plan is topping the Mercedes drive around the countryside
find a perfect picnic location first got to go outside to meet my driver so some
say he’s a sound guy and some might say the sunshine follows thunder go and tell
it to the money cannot shine he’ll obey nothing you got there ah once goes everywhere position which quotes
yours anyway tailor to view all of them are mine but I don’t know which one we
should take out today made it worse welcome to my boat port today me and
Meeks are gonna be choosing one of my many boats to take out on the waters
today to do the shoot so yeah come through we’ve got so much grass to play
with we got all of this and I was a bit of insight as well so meets where you
thinking we tell you about this one not too bad
got the a and G two twin mo our double sail accelerating zero to 100 in
two-second lesson thought it’s not bad yeah this location is crazy bro you know you got Sirona you know Serena’s she’s
got the big back you know so how’s things going in the war darling yes
Jonathan’s been gone for quite some time but is you to come back I do hope you’ll
be over some time soon oh yes me too well meet Jade I think you were going
horse riding would you like to join me Jane he’s adopted Jane that wench this
one’s really nice European your of the Year nominated 2019 so that was a big
honour for me you know it’s had one of my boats nominated in the European your
championships of the year but I think I’m gonna have to go in for my gold one
Barry my god you know I’m saying my god Lee what are
you gonna do I’m me like it’s got like you know the ropes and all the
everything it just looks so we’ve called Leah obviously doing
Tommy it’s the only way got some mob deep a child cool Quest Run DMC another
tribe album Grandmaster Flash this is very New York here
what’s the roof I’m gonna catch my vibe I’m gonna try vision how when the shoots
go you know and check them out picture the scene of me and Jacob Jacob
er suits me in my parka in a 280 SL cruising down country roads
blue skies Sun beaming down it was beautiful and it sets up really nicely
for the day ahead we’re gonna drive up this amazing Hill and we’re just gonna
get this photoshoot nailed what could possibly go wrong who’s listening at me
I think someone just whistled I’ve done it let’s get in that whole Drive in the
America just finished off getting my records and I’m saying I feel like I
definitely got the records I needed so the stuffs here we just got a drop off
to the roof so I say we just get doing it real quick yeah had a look around at
a boat there was a lot nice options but in the end obviously when would the gala
you know I’m saying the guard things so yeah mines gonna start the engine the
mouths gonna free up the boat so we arrived abroad where tower and we
decided that would be the perfect location for our image it was like field
lovely view Cotswolds countryside bang in sick shutter back at them so we’re gonna set up then I’m gonna get
into my Tommy fit once I’ve done that come back up you know get this picture
going obviously to finish y’all I’m gonna be in the full Tommy Hilfiger look
I’m gonna be all Tommy doubt ready to go ready for the set ready to scratch some
dips I’m just intrigued to see what it looks like when I what it’s like when I
get my actual out film so me and Meeks obviously sat down on the bow Meeks is a
little scared of you know the waters he gets a little seasick sometimes we need
to capture the essence of this novel cool vibe we need to capture the fit we
need to capture the surroundings of boat accept etc etc etc I just make some more to lose that’s
cheating or something go right back okay that looks like your castle that’s the
castle where your soldiers get the deployed for me I mean my castle looks
way better than yours I haven’t even moved yet my G like
you’ve moved like you know what where’s my queen
checkmate there you go okay cool bang checkmate
you can’t check my texts you’re eight but I checked you me I don’t care
yeah no you know what boom revive let’s go that’s not adverse to him I just
checked myself back in you look confident
huh you can’t pay to shoot because so I came up I had the Lewis Hamilton X Tommy
Hilfiger backpack on with the Tommy G Lee black hoodie underneath real naive
wrote oh geez Stephen I’m saying what do you think of the fit bro
that’s hard yeah the fit is ah yeah so I think we’re gonna anchor up soon sun is
shining we’re a sweet monkeys get into your Tommy got that vintage Tommy
Hilfiger red track suit on matched it with a bang crept them hiking a sailor
tight boots they were just magic and sick they matched it with the Lewis
hammer and tommy hilfiger collaboration t-shirt well the sun’s gone the Sun has gone
invest so for this year I decided to include two really good friends of mine
Colio Taylor and Daniel remain me Daniel and Koli I had to get our Tommy Hilfiger
Fitz Daniel looks really sharp Cody look sharp
I was only Lewis Hamilton X Tommy Hilfiger collaborations shoes I was also
wearing these sick Tommy Hilfiger corduroy pants I’m gonna list six six
six Tommy Hilfiger vintage shirt as well I like the idea of you know having like
three young black men in like a preppy kind of situation so we are out here in
our Tommy outfits for like it’s gonna be such a sick six-six-six shoot man like
their locations beautiful so look was peril offers obviously some
Gino’s I had a turtleneck then I had the Lewis Hamilton pink polo shirt on
through a v-neck jumper at the top of that and we were ready to go everything
set we’ve done a quick recce take some test shots just to make sure it’s all
framed up nicely what I saw the stubs in the car
so now it’s all about getting these two for the car so thank you mr. Shelby okay
we’re gonna shoot on our first location which is gonna be outside the thorns
gone which was kind of annoys me like miles will get the worst out of the way
cuz it’s absolutely freezing we all the wind and the freezing cold and the props
rolling away and everything it was a nightmare it’s just so hard to get right
what do you want this I think Jake wanted to just literally lay a banana on
each corner so we was like yo do you know it’s time to start shooting let’s
get the lights on and actually do some test shots here so what Papa like
filming next thing you know I get licked in the neck by something kind of hard
and I’m like yo oh that’s a myth ice hey Liam it’s not even raining it’s hailing
so it started raining it was cold and the generator kept cutting on the
generators they’re not my dear okay let’s try to at least cover where’s that
forgetting we’re gonna fire it we’re gonna prosper but I like the front of
the boat more than the back I think it looks very few at the fun so we finish
this out we’ve got some test shots down it’s written in a little bit but we’re
still going to track at this photo we’re not gonna let anything stop us yeah so
we got into it we’ve finally got it have looking semi-decent my knees are
getting wet last getting wet and we’re gonna bang through 20 minutes of your
straight shoe and try to make something perfect it’s kind of shot good luck
Sonlight BAM got me yeah that’s fine and then Daniel get your tennis racket
you’re standing shots if we’re gonna get close that would be great so can you
move in a bit watch out hold up hold up you know we made it our life it’s
raining it’s really cold what do you think the photo book or some good in the
tree yeah maybe he’s gonna like it so much he’s gonna put me on the side of
his car his f1 car pack down time yeah real quick
oh I don’t come safe all right I’ll meet you downstairs yeah so welcome Pristina
to the studio thank you so much for coming down and judge in I’m Christina
pack and I’m a photographer from New York in Paris but most importantly
Christine you know how are you I am judging the Tommy Hilfiger photo
challenge so we each had to create a photo whilst wearing a full Tommy fit
sit as one piece from Lewis Hamilton collection and then the rest of it can
be from new Tommy – vintage Tommy we’ve all taken in very different directions
as well what are your expectations do you have any idea or you just like have
no idea no idea that’s the best though right yeah yeah check let’s see your
photo yes so for my photo I decided to base it
on lack of Tommy Hilfiger campaign Tommy Hilfiger I’ve done this thing weighs
like the Tommy Hilfiger family and they kind of like dudes how kind of a preppy
vibe I’m not really into preppy stuff software that’s about my confident I try
something new I mean when you think about Tommy you definitely think about
the family portraits like that prep vibe as you were saying the composition is
very nice I like that it’s a horizontal image as well because most campaigns you
have to also think where does it live and usually like billboards or concepts
of the shoot was amazing it was like the Ivy League kind of private school plush
boy kind of aesthetic a lot of heavy wood a very polished floor they got to
ever be there polishing that word polishing that we love ourselves wrong
nothing a bit of spit shine can’t fit I like the fact that he didn’t just use
himself he actually went ours where he was like yo do you know I want to make
this a bigger thing Thank You shocked okay Danny you are next sweets
let’s see your photo one down that’s G
so I am massively into classic cars I have two of them myself so I thought
Lewis Hamilton drives Mercedes let’s get a vintage Mercedes in it the folks we
didn t get the castle in but I thought this image was the strongest on the day
I’m really into negative space and lines so there’s like a good balance going on
that photo was cold I think what you said that was Jake yes yeah he looks
waggy and that’s the first time anyone said that I think he got carried away
like this sure Ferb I think Jake was really enjoying his own home the
lighting was very dramatic I had that cinematic quality it was great yeah I
mean this is powerful so good job Elias you’re next oh you’re such a G that that one that’s
my favorite it has everything that I just like I love the sky in it it’s
perfect the way for my image I decided to go with a nautical theme you know
Tommy Hilfiger sail in that whole vibe looking back at some of their past
campaigns on boats and stuff I wanted to make it more fun making more impactful
in my eyes you know it was freezing doing that shoot like and you know when
you’re on open waters there’s no walls to block you like that wind is slapping
you down it was very that iconic campaign feel and especially cuz he had
the flag it was fire I wish you were a little bit bigger
just like a tiny bit think of that blown up that would be flippin sick you ready
born ready all right let’s get it tossed in New York yeah okay expecting that so
with my admit I used hip hop as a big reference hence why I have that
turntable behind me I want to kind of do that whole like you know rooftop kind of
party vibes I’m getting ready it’s DJ know I’ve got records there I want to
get the nice skyline background as well with this particular image I wanted to
use the kind of contrast of the sky with the Red Lion Azure it’s really nice to
see the iconic red and blue within the photo as a New Yorker I mean I’ve seen a
lot of rooftop photos I like it paid homage to like the hip hop aspects of
Tommy where as we all were in very different directions I don’t think it
really captured it as well as out of hook
I like to see you looking as if you are doing the DJ there was no logical so
couldn’t actually plug in so the sound table would have been there and if on
fakes fresheners Lord that’s just are just
feeling – I’m confused you’re bad serious just by holding this back a bag
like that should be hitting gym a lot more he did that thought maybe the bag
would be a bit higher in the fur I love fur so how do you guys feel do you guys
feel confident oh no I mean if chakras dodging out there for you I just want to
say good job I feel like everyone had their little flair it was it was great a
lot of variety when you think about Tommy Hilfiger you can feel it and with
each photo so I think everyone did a great job for the challenge so I had a
chance to think and the winner is thank you very much thank you coming
down in charge a big big love to the Tommy family for this episode you
comment below your favorite moment from the episode to have a chance of winning
the Tommy Hilfiger newest hammer and collaboration team

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