Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 | The Completionist

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 | The Completionist

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  1. The background music of the intro takes me back to playing Def Jam: ffny after getting home from school. Good times.

  2. when I first got my ps1 I really wanted a tony hawk game so I went and bought one only to find out that I had bought the razor scooter game instead, I was so disappointed and I've still never got to play a tony hawk game

  3. Sleepovers with THPS3 create-a-park were the highlight of my childhood. Occasionally I still play the maps my friends and I made in 5th grade

  4. How the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series influenced my musical taste.

  5. I love that you didn’t give into YouTube and take out the music

  6. Mate this video literally takes 5 minutes to start. And everybody watching is going to know how the game works. This whole video could be under 10 minutes long.

  7. Thps 2 is the best in the franchise.

    Side note: there is a gap checklist so if you didn't find em all I don't consider the game beaten 100%.

  8. "Unreal still has their servers up!"
    Well, yeah, because Unreal allowed the players to host their own servers.

  9. The second Tony Hawk was right up there with San Andreas!!! Good graphics, good game play, and killer in game soundtracks.

  10. Yo, the first game I ever beat, also the first game I tried to compete, I didn't get to before it got scratched to hell.


  11. Is it odd for me that I only played the Game Boy Color version of THPS3 as my first Tony Hawk game? I still haven't played the console version. My favorite TH games are THUG (top favorite) and THPS4 (one of the first PS2 games I had and it was very revolutionary to me and I still love it).

    I experienced THPS3 levels through THPSHD's DLC.

  12. I got a PS2 for this game & I'm currently playing through the OG Xbox version which is frankly the best version,revert Change from the PS2 may take some time to get use to but it becomes second nature after a little while,I mention that because after going through Old Gamespot Jeff Gerstman reviews of these classic games he brings it up in a few of his vids so I take it people going from PS2 to XBOX clearly had an issue with using the left & right triggers to rotate the board(Revert).

  13. i collect retro and think that 2,3.4 and the underground games were sick af i wish i was born i the 90s

  14. Its hard to hear someone screaming for 22:41 minutes, I held 5 minutes and thats because I passed the video a few times.

  15. I am so happy i grew up with this game. This was in fact my first video game i have ever played. This game influenced my music taste and I’ll never forget that dreadful day my fat baby brother sat on my playstation and broke it 😪

  16. even though this video is a year old, I kinda hope that someday jirard is gonna play Tony Hawk's Underground… and Underground 2… and maybe Proving Ground as well.

  17. I spent so much time with this game from the age of like 5-8. I almost forgot how much I liked the soundtrack. Thanks for blessing us with some Nostalgia BeardGod

  18. Hey the completionist do u know the code for all decks for every pro skater for tony hawks pro skater 3 for the nintendo gamecube

  19. well, you can argue that when Skate dropped, the Tony Hawk series was already starting going downhill. after all, it was 2007, and as per the Activision/Neversoft's strict "one main series game per year" policy, we were already at Proving Ground, which was pretty damn boring and yes, the worst Neversoft did.
    plus, i think Activision only farmed the rest of the series to Robomodo to give Neversoft breathing room to repeat the formula to exhaustion with Guitar Hero (emphasis on "exhaustion"). their only game that i give a pass is THPSHD, and that's only because it had the classic gameplay.

  20. Dam right you’re the hot girl between you and I there’s go go dancing stages lol but between me and that dam at the same time Gernades inside everybody’s mouth

  21. Bro Proskater 3 was the best man. I remember me 7 years old still had the ps1 playing this game so many times over and over and over that’s when I fell in love with skating. When I got the Ps2 that’s when Underground came out and my love even got bigger. Best series back then…Ima have to buy a Ps2 again and get these games again…so much fun no matter how old this was the days man. Kids now won’t ever know the real fun of games

  22. Has one of the worst graphics I've ever seen on an og game and skate stinks sessions is way better then any of these games

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