Too Fat to Ride a Horse? Exploring Cappadocia’s Landscape

*Music* Alright after a bit of a scary delay…I thought I lost my camera Turns out it had just fallen out my bag in
the back We’re about to go horseback riding
so through the valley with these bad boys. Are you excited for this? Just pretend to be an expert right? Here we are horseback riding. I got a horse named ‘Wind’ in Turkish There’s Duncan getting saddled up. And Darryl getting saddled up. We’re going to his the hills of Cappadocia. I’m not allowed to film too much so I’ll put this camera away. Are you ready horse? *Music* Alright here we are checking out Goreme’s open air museum. I had to cut off some people who were
budging in line Darryl was kind of worried there would be a confrontation. “You’re putting words in my mouth” No! Yesterday you said you’re worried about confrentations “I didn’t say that” You said ‘It’s not worth it’ We’re checking out some frescoes in here. We’re trying to decide if it’s beamed on or not Okay yah. They’re not beamed on. That’s just light still it’s an authentic I feel. tombs *Music* Okay, this open air museum – I’m not too enamoured with. There’s lines for almost every
single building. too many god damn people in this place. Look at that – there’s a lineup just to see some little frescoes. I think we lucked out though yesterday check out that other fresco place There was no one there. “Totally” Where as this one… tour buses parked out the street Lines, lines lines! It’s not fun. lines lines this one doesn’t seem like to be to big of a line. Oh I spoke too soon! there’s a line! of course there’s a line! Just waiting in line. What else is new? *Music* We got some good looking kofta for lunch today. Me & Darryl did some sizzling. Are you excited for this Darryl? me too Duncan had soup and they just took his soup away. How was it? Excellent. Are you starting to feel a little better? “I Am” OK. So hopefully you’ll be able to partake in some of this sizzling food later tonight Alright this afternoon it started raining so We vegged out around the hotel room cuz
these guys got to get up early for balloon ride tomorrow uhhhh so we’re just taking a wander through town right now and it’s started to rain again so let’s speed walk and find someplace. So here we are, we found a nice establishment Music playing nice vibe & a cool table I’ve got Duncan searching through catalogues. for his rug You going to buy one? Ship it over? “I don’t know. If we Can” “I could use another run in my apartment” We might buy that in Istanbul Along with some Lamps some shisha pipes… alot of things. cheese on top of tomatos That’s really good. What do you guys think? Well worth it? *Cracking noise* Ready? *CRACK* Excellent Pottery Kebab – beef. What is yours called? “Lamb” Lamb what – kebab? “No” *MUSIC* Snacks in these comfortable Bean Bag Chairs It feels so good I might actually fall asleep. But we can’t because We ordered…. Frappe’s! I got banana. Duncan got chocolate. are you excited for this? We got this on the way And Darryl… is having tea Are you excited for your tea? Are you super stoked? 1-10 how excited? *Music* I can’t do it at the same time *Music*

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