Top 6 Swim Cap Hacks | Wear Your Swim Cap Like A Pro

Top 6 Swim Cap Hacks | Wear Your Swim Cap Like A Pro

– It might sound obvious
but you’ll be surprised at the method some people use to try and put on a swimming hat. Now, I’ve still got childhood memories of my mother trying to scrape my hair into a latex hat and it
usually ended in tears and that was until I
learned how to do it myself. (playful music) If you’ve bought a brand new swimming cap, you’ll find that it sticks to itself, your head and your hair. Now, the best way to avoid this is add a little talcum powder on
the inside and the out. Give it a rub and then it’ll
be nice and comfortable and ready to wear. It’s down to personal preference but I like to just tie my hair in a bun at the back of my head and then I put my hat on
from the back to the front. Now, you can try going
from the front to the back but you’re usually left with
bits sticking out the bottom. The race organisers will
usually provide hats that must be worn throughout the race, so don’t go swapping it before your event as a colour will have
been assigned specifically to your swim wave and don’t panic if your race
hat splits or gets a hole as the organisers will
usually have spares. You’d be surprised that
the variation in position of caps on some swimmers heads. Now, most hats have a line
running down the centre and the idea is you want
that going from the front to the back of your head, not across because let’s face it, we don’t really want
to add any extra drag. Now, another thing to bear in mind is making sure your hat’s far enough down over your forehead because there’s nothing worse than it gradually creeping up and taking your googles off with it when it falls off in a race. When buying a new hat, consider
choosing a bright colour for open-water swimming, so you can be seen easily
if you’re training alone and it’s important to be clearly visible to boats using the same water and in the worst case scenario if you do get into trouble,
you’ll be found more easily. Now, another little extra tip if you’re heading to your first race and you want to look like you know what you’re doing, put your usual hat on first and your goggles just
as you would do normally and then put the race cap over the top. This protects your goggles and stops them getting
knocked off by other swimmers in a mass start. If you’ve enjoyed this video, give it the thumbs up like and subscribe to GTN by just clicking on the globe. Now, if you wanna watch a
video on how to complete a swim wrecky like a pro, just click at the top and if you want to watch a video on how to look after your wetsuit, just click at the bottom.

23 thoughts on “Top 6 Swim Cap Hacks | Wear Your Swim Cap Like A Pro

  1. I wear my swim cap for all sessions. I also make sure the cap doesn’t ride above my ears since I wear earplugs.

  2. Wouldn’t you have a lot of heat from wearing two caps depending on the water conditions?
    I like wearing the goggles inside but only with one single cap over it. It keeps goggles safe from getting kicked by other swimmers

  3. Hey i am one of the "Lost GCN Subscribers", i have only done 2 Triathlons a Couple of years ago, but i always wonder what the pourpose of swim caps is, i have simply no idea.

  4. When I swam competitively as a kid I learned a method of putting the cap on easily. If you turn the cap inside out and fill it with water, then it forms to your head while you turn it right side out again. Easy Peasy. Give it a try!

  5. #askGTN: Hi GTN great channel – how much difference does wearing a swimcap make if you have short (or very little) hair?? GTN does science?

  6. Hi, thanks for your sharing. Just wondering is it necessary to cover up both ear or no need to cover up both ear ? It actually might confuse because I saw some are cover up, some are not.

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