Top 7 Olympic Athletes Caught CHEATING

Top 7 Olympic Athletes Caught CHEATING

Top 7 Olympic Athletes Who Cheated We’ve talked about the Olympics before – how
the undeniable prowess of the competitors have inspired and awed generations upon generations
of viewers around the world. However, where there are legitimate participants
– you can bet your ass there’s folks right around the corner looking for shortcuts. While the International Olympic Committee
seems like a hard customer to fool, believe it or not – they have been, albeit temporarily. Today, let’s take a look at 7 Olympians caught
cheating. Number seven – Lance Armstrong. Okay – so technically, this didn’t happen
AT the Olympics – however, you’ll see how it all ties in. After admitting to taking performance enhancing
drugs such as EPO, testosterone, cortisone and more in 2013 – this one time king of road
cycling was stripped of nearly everything he had accrued in his professional career
and life from 1999 to 2005 – including all seven of his Tour de France wins. Armstrong lost virtually every endorsement,
award and accolade due to the doping scandal – but none of them probably hurt quite as
bad as when the IOC came knocking. After expunging his 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics
third-place finish in the time trial – the Committee forced him to return his bronze
medal just months after he came clean. Number six – Marion Jones. It’s no secret (or surprise) that doping is
a huge problem in professional sports – so let’s take a look at another notable story
from the world of steroids. This former WNBA star was also the world champion
track and field athlete – winning three gold and two bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney games. To make things even more exceptional, her
particular award sweep also made her the first woman in history to win five medals at a single
Olympiad. However, after her co-Olympian husband was
busted for steroids – she came under scrutiny as well. Sure enough – she eventually admitted to taking
the sauce, leading to not just an Olympic record expungement – but a six month prison
sentence to boot. Number five – the Tunisian modern pentathlon
team. We’re not sure if the plan this team concocted
was brilliant or hilarious – so it’s probably a little bit of both. For those unaware – a pentathlon consists
of five categories: shooting, swimming, fencing, horse riding and running. The team was good at precisely none of those
things. Three of them fell off of their horses – earning
a historic 0.0 score. One of them nearly drowned after it was revealed
he couldn’t actually swim. Another was removed from the team after nearly
shooting an official in the face by accident. They finished in bitter last during the cross-country
run. Desperate to win anything – they sent in their
best member up 3 times in a row to fence, hoping no one would notice anything if he
didn’t remove his helmet. …They did. Number four – Boris Onischenko. Speaking of pentathletes, Boris Onischenko
was once upon a time a well-respected, three-time world champion Olympian from Kiev, Ukraine. After successfully competing in the 1968 and
1972 Olympics, he entered the 1976 Summer Olympics (held in Montreal) with the Soviet
team. However, after only the first event in the
pentathlon, they found themselves in fourth place. With the fencing event up next, the Soviets
sent in Onischenko – who was known to be a notoriously good fencer and was already favored
to win the match. However, not taking any risks – he illegally
fashioned an épée to falsely register a touch-win via a handheld switch. He was unsurprisingly caught, ejected, stripped
of all of his wins & banned for life from sports. Number three – Fred Lorz. While this NY-born long distance runner DOES
have some impressive stats, it’s hard to trust the guy. The former bricklayer made it to the 1904
St. Louis Summer Olympics, participating in the 24.85 mile men’s marathon – however, after
just nine miles, Lorz cramped up and hitched a ride in his manager’s car. He continued to ride shotgun for eleven miles
until the jalopy puttered out – so, he continued to walk the rest of the course by foot and
eventually broke the finish line tape back at the Olympic Stadium. He was quickly called out and the second placer,
Thomas Hicks, became the ACTUAL winner. By the way, that guy? He was on a potentially lethal drug cocktail
at the time and then retired the next day. The 1900s were weird, man. Number two – Madeline de Jesus. Madeline de Jesus – a now-retired track and
field athlete from Puerto Rico, once competed in the women’s long jump and triple jump throughout
the course of her career with a personal best of 6.96 meters in the long jump. Not bad! However, during the 1984 Los Angeles Summer
Olympics Games, she badly injured her hamstring while competing in the long jump event, all
but ensuring she would not be able to run in the qualifying round of the 4×400 meter
relay. In true cheesy-comedy fashion, her identical
twin sister Margaret (who just happened to also be an athlete that was in the crowd)
stepped in as her imposter. The crazy part? It worked – AND they advanced! It wasn’t until the coach got wind that they
sheepishly withdrew. Number one – Heinrich “Dora” Ratjen. We saved the best for last – and by best,
we mean riproaringly insane. Although this story has been portrayed on
the silver screen – history is almost always crazier than the movies could ever be. Ratjen was born in Germany with a slight genital
abnormality that led to severe confusion from his parents and a childhood of being raised
as a girl. Around age 10 or 11, Dora began to question
the validity of that idea, but continued to live life feminine nonetheless. Two years after she competed in the women’s
high jump at the 1936 Summer Olympics at Berlin, “her” identity was truly revealed and her
accomplishments were stripped. The story continues to be a subject of debate
and speculation long after her (or his) passing in 2008. You made it to the end! Thank you for watching Interesting Top 7s! Do you have an idea for a future Top 7? Leave a comment below! We get tons of ideas every week! Who knows – you may see your idea in an upcoming
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