Top Things to do from QUEENSTOWN if only have 3 DAYS

Top Things to do from QUEENSTOWN if only have 3 DAYS

(light music) – [Will] Looking for
things to do in Queenstown? Well stick around and find out. (techno music) – And we’re off to Queenstown. (techno music) (airplane engines roaring) – Welcome to New Zealand. – [Will] Once we landed in Queenstown, the first thing that we did
was pick up our rental car, and we hit the road once we figured out which side of the road to drive on. (door closes) (key clicks in ignition) (car starts) (light music) (sheep bleating) – Well if you haven’t figured it out yet I love Queenstown and
so I want to show you some of the top things to see
and do while you’re out here, so check it out. The first thing I recommend
doing is taking that drive from Queenstown all the way to Glenorchy because we’re at Dart River
Adventures, and it is awesome because where else can
you go horse back riding in middle earth? – [Will] Suit up with helmet and boots before turning into Neo? (upbeat music slowed down) Meet Ginger and Merlin. Our two hour river wild excursion took us around Mount
Alfred and to Reefs river. And it’s such an incredible experience because you get to really understand why so many movies are made here, including Lord of the Rings, and our guide Ed himself, was an extra in The
Burning of the Westfold. And when you’re done, you’re gonna want to spend
a little but of extra time in the town of Glenorchy. (upbeat music) Another spot not to be missed is Paradise. Which is the set for a ton of different Lord of the Rings scenes. Hit the road again and take
in the spectacular views as you make your way into
the largest National Park in New Zealand. Here, something special awaits. – We’re in Milford Sound
with Southern Discoveries and it’s awesome because
where else can you cruise the fjords of New Zealand
with views like this? And kayak in Harrison Ford Cove. – [Will] Mistakenly called a sound this fjord was carved by
glaciers millions of years ago and features dramatic
cliffs that rise vertically, mountain peaks that scrape the sky, and a waterfalls that cascade downwards. This is truly a magnificent
sight that is best seen by boat taking you all the
way out to the Tasman Sea before turning back
around into Harrison Cove where there’s an underwater observatory where you can see black
coral, 11-legged sea stars, and delicate anemones. Although my favorite part is definitely kayaking in the cove itself. (techno music) As you make your way back, make sure you hit up
the various waterfalls and viewpoints before starting the adrenaline all over again. – This is Shotover Jet, the most exciting jet
boat ride in the world. And this is why it’s awesome. (techno music) – This is crazy. (crowd screams) (techno music) – [Will] Come back into town because there’s a lot to see, do, shop and eat in Queenstown. – You can’t come to Queenstown
without coming to Fergburger and it’s awesome because
these are seriously the best burgers in the world. And the fried squid with wasabi mayo. So good, so good. (techno music) – So crunchy, so tender. Oh, the wasabi mayo, the best. (techno music) – [Will] With your tummies filled there’s just one last thing you gotta do. (techno music) (water pouring) – We’re at Body Sanctum Spa, and it’s awesome because
it’s nice to feel all relaxed after a long day of
adventure in Queenstown. – Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video of my top favorite hits
for everything you can do from Queenstown, New Zealand. Anyways, make sure you like and subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time on Going Awesome Places. – This is what it’s gonna be like when you actually go on this. Just getting ready. (techno music) – [Host] So after the
$25 emergency fuel refill the gas light is back on, and we are still not at
the next gas station yet. And it’s gonna take another 15 minutes. – [Will] 15 minutes, so we’ll see. Wish us luck, it’s gonna be tight.

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  2. Queenstown will have to be added to our list when we visit New Zealand, the drive looks incredible! Plus horse back riding is such a unique thing to do in that area! Oh my the burger is calling my name, that looked delicious!

  3. Hi! Did you have to get an IDP to get the car?deeets pls..need info/suggestions re price and which company to rent from..thanks🤗

  4. Hey great video! Did you do daytrip from queenstown to milford sound directly by driving? Or with stopovers/overnight? Im planning to visit milford from queenstown 🙂 thanks

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