Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature
World. And we are going to show what’s inside our
backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time
and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as autonomous as possible and as independent
as possible. So we brought lots of interesting stuff this
time and lots of new one so we are very excited to share this with you. So let’s begin with my backpack! So we’ll start right from the backpack, I
have a new backpack this time – this is a 20 L Quechua backpack. I haven’t tried it much till now to be honest
with you. But I’m already very happy with it because
of the material because of how light it is. And because it has the best back ever. It is a very sterdy structure, very solid
and very breatheable as well. Because the problem I had with my previous
backpack is that my shoulders were aching a lot from hiking lots of hours. And we think we found the reason why it was
so bad at me. Because the shoulder straps were kind of thin
and not very solid. And because of this structure I think this
one will help me a lot with that. For the rest it is very similar to my previous
one – it has the upper department, some pockets there and on the side, here is the raincoat
for the backpack, pockets for the camera and mobile phone here. So here it is, now let’s go inside. So as always in the side pockets normally
we bring the water bottles. Here on the other side I’ll have my little
tripod, our little tripod for the action camera and our small Sony camera as well. This is also new we purchased it not a long
time ago. And this is really light – I think it’s like
40 or 30 grams only. And it has all the properties of the bigger
Joby tripod. We haven’t tested that enough yet but for
now we think the quality is good and we’ll tell you about it later. Also there is a selfie stick. It’s also the new purchase for us. I think everybody has a selfie stick for now
but we are the last ones who purchased it. But we found it really helpful for doing selfies
obviously with our camera and also for some wide-angle shots stuff like that. This is not a big brand or anything just some
Chinese brand but we think the quality is decent as well. And it will be used a lot for an action camera. So we’ll go in the upper department which
hasn’t changed much. I feel that this one is a bit smaller than
in the previous backpacks that I had. So here I decided to carry all the necessary
things that you need throughout the day. Like the hair brush – I have the Tangle Teezer
one. Some dry tissues. This is actually the hard solid soap. This time we decided to bring the solid soap
instead of the liquid ones because we found that it’s more economic in use. And so we’ll be using that. Because we are washing our clothes and washing
ourselves with it and it’s a lot of use. So the solid ones are more economic. Also I have a hand sanitizer here. Also some sunscreen, little sunscreen very
important 50 SPF not less for the mountains. And my little cosmetic bag. So I have my flat hairbrush, little mirror,
my face cream, this one is the hand cream-it’s quite big but it’s already half used. And this time also I decided to carry the
full size cream not the biggest ones but full size because we’re going for the long hikes
maybe for one and a half – two months. And I found that on the last Camino de Santiago
hike I was struggling a lot when I was running out of any creams. I couldn’t find any. They were all big or they were insuitable
for my skin type. So this time I decided to bring with me full
size and not worry about it at all. I have little scissors for cutting the nails,
twizzors as well, my little nail pile, some hair elastics as well. There is a pocket from this side and here
I will carry some baby wipes. Also because we’ll be hiking for so long this
time I will bring little pieces of paper with me. I didn’t tell you before but I like to draw
sometimes. So I brought like one simple mechanical pencil
and little pieces of paper so maybe I ‘ll draw some landscapes or some details of the
forest. I like it a lot. Now we’ll go in the main department which
are mainly clothes. First one is my down jacket the same one,
warm jumper. Apart from the things that are on me. Now it’s a bit chilly so I’m wearing warm
long sleeved shirt and one T-shirt. And my rain and wind coat. In this bag we have bathroom essentials: our
2 toothbrushes. They’re quite big ones so we are thinking
maybe we’ll cut them in half, we’ll use the smaller ones then. But for now we have these ones. Spare hard soap because that one is already
very little left. Lots of small toothpastes but they’re really
small so not taking much space. There I brought this time a hair conditioner/hair
mask that you leave for 10 minutes then you rinse it off. Because I found that my hair gets quite dry
when I’m hiking and without using any conditioner. So I brought a little bit with me at least
for the ends of my hair. Here is our shampoo, not very small. But with that we won’t be searching all around
in towns in search for the travel size shampoos so this one is great. Because all the other ones are huge. Bag with our spare clothes. Here is my hair crab. I found it useful when I go to the shower
I’ll take this bag always and here is my hair crab. Here are my leggings because the last ones
got teared apart. Just the simple running leggings, I like to
sleep in them, going around the campsites. While we are out camping it’s very convenient. Here I normally store all the clean clothes
that we have. So this time I have 3 T-shirts, one on me
and 2 spare ones. I don’t know if it will be too much but I
found that if you don’t have access to shower or washing machine for a long time it gets
sticky and dirt. So I like to be clean so I brought more T-shirts
this time. Dima’s T-shirts my husband’s. He’s only got 2, you know how the men are,
they don’t really need much clothes. Neck scarf, I guess you can use if for lots
of things. You can use it as a bandana or neck scarf. Some ear buds and some cotton as well just
in case for some cleaning. There we got 2 pairs of socks, our little
small towel. The smallest towel in the world but it dries
so fast and it weighs nothing so we like it a lot. Just two pairs of underwear. Shaving blades as well. Here is our little medicine bag like first
aid kit I guess for helping you digestion, allergy, and some painkillers as well. It’s small but important. We are getting to the end. Here is the most recent purchase after spending
the first night here in Annecy we felt quite cold without having the proper warm pants. And we felt like we are going higher in the
mountains and higher, so how we are going to sleep. Especially my husband doesn’t get any. I have leggings but I still felt quite cold
in the legs. Even though we don’t have much space left
but it’s really important. They are very light and just warm. Last pieces. This one is also new so lots of new things
this time. Our sleeping bags. So for now I’m carrying two sleeping bags
instead of one. Because they’re quite small and they’re almost
of the size of one sleeping bag of our previous ones not lightweight. So they’re lightweight, brand is Aegismax. This is also the Chinese one but we found
that the reviews were good. And why not to try them? We are always trying to get as lightweight
as possible. These are great in terms of lightweight and
also they even feel more spacious. And we have the same sleeping pads that you
may have seen our review. If you haven’t seen it make sure to sheck
it out we’ll leave the link here or down below as well. So these are really good as well, lightweight. We can say only good things about them. They can be just a bit slippery. That’s really the only downside that they
have, the rest is all great. And also here we carry our little pillows
of course. Inflatable ones as well. So just little inflatable pillow, nothing
fancy. And the sleeping pads are also inflatable
not self-inflatable. You have to inflate them yourself but it’s
very quick and in 5 to 8 breaths they are all good to go. Also in this small pocket right here we have
the mobile phone of course with the extended battery if you remember the last time we showed
our backpacks we showed you the battery. It holds the battery quite well for a long
time like you can go straight for 2 to 3 days using GPS navigation, this is the most important
for us. We use it for the most part for the GPS, also
for the internet of course. And by the way I wanted to say that we are
trying to save up money right now for buying the better GPS tracker like Garmin. And you can go and check out our co-fi account
we have for donations. There you can make several dollars donation
and it will help us out a lot to save up money. It will help us to provide the more exact
trails so that you can follow the exact trails that we do. And also it will help us to explore more off
the beaten tracks and show you all the hidden paths. So it’s very important. And of course not to get lost in the wilderness. You can find the link in the header image
with the blue co-fi sign on it. Also we always leave this link down below. We’ll really appreciate your help. And these are all things in my backpack. Even though it’s only 20 L backpack you can
store lots of things in it. As you can see there is lots and lots of stuff. And it’s very tight right now. But still it takes all that I need. Let’s switch to my husband’s backpack. I have the same backpack from the last year
Quechua 50L. Now it looks very full because there is lots
of food supplies. But it will become smaller as we go. Also I think it’s very heavy right now. It weighs around 17kg and that’s a lot. So we’ll start with the upper part. For now I store here the camping gas. Because there is not a lot of space in the
other departments. We bring the big camping gas container so
we don’t have to search for it in the shops and in towns. Because it’s quite difficult to find and we
had the same problem with Camino de Santiago. So now we learned the lesson. Headlight. This is the new one. We got this one because it’s charging with
micro USB and the light is softer. Here we have our action camera new one. Finally we got an action camera. This one is a DIY wind protection. Now we have possibility to film always in
all the weather conditions. This is our photocamera Sony RX100 the same
one from the previuos year. Very good quality especially for the people’s
portraits. Because it’s got a flipping screen. This is our remote control, very useful. Thanks to it we have connection to all of
our cameras and photocameras because it’s the same brand Sony. Great for taking distance photos and videos,
see yourself in the screen. And it has wi-fi connection. In this bag we have our hard drive to store
the video material, card reader for connection with hard drive and reading the memory cards. And here we have USB cables and some chargers
for the batteries, for the remote control. Very light. And our camera charger. Second memory card to change it quickly if
we need more memory. In this plastic bag we store our money and
credit cards. And then this time we brought Mp3 player to
enjoy the music while we are travelling. This is my electric razor. I don’t like to have big beard and simple
razor doesn’t suit me. So I have to carry this one. This is a set up for an action camera for
the shoulder strap and for filming difficult trails. It holds like this. One pack of mashed potatoes – the quickest
hot meal. Water filter which we haven’t used at all. We are going to the other side of this giant
backpack. My warm clothes, second pack of mashed potatoes. That’s all here. Here we have plastic containers. Zip up. Convenient to store some food, nuts. This is a bag for groceries when we go shopping
to buy some fresh fruit and veggies. Because it doesn’t fit in the backpack. Here I store water container-it’s new for
us. We use it just for a day now. But we already can say that it’s very convenient. It’s 2 litres. And we use it for drinking water, washing
stuff, taking shower. It’s like having your own tap wherever you
go. Here is our solar battery that we bought 2
years ago but we haven’t used it much. Inside we have our power bank to charge it
from the solar panel during the day. This power bank is for 10000 mAp. It’s a Chinese brand Xiaomi but very high
quality. High quality USB cable to charge power bank. This is four panels, 21 Wats. And from it we can charge our power bank very
easily. The next one is our cutting board, dehydrated
mushrooms that will last for quite a while and dehydrated tomatoes. In the down part we have some rope and clothes
pin for drying wet clothes. Our cable for 220 W. We use it when we are
in the caming sites to charge quickly. And our flip-flops. And in the very back we have raincoats, just
simple plastic. Here is the cooking pot. It’s 1.5 L. We cook everything in it. The cooking stuff, small things. Cooking stove, salt, in the silicon containers,
spices: curry, curcuma, turmeric, and pepper. And two wooden spoons that we find very convenient
because they don’t deformate, don’t break. Knife and lighter. Next one is our tent. This is Quechua Ultralight 2 person tent. It weighs 2kg. we are thinking to change it
for self-standing tent but we haven’t found one yet. So we go this one another time. This is very great colour, very hard to see
at night. And a good quality. This is my warm pants, our two hats for cold
nights in the mountains very important. Our second head light – it’s bigger and weighs
more. But I use it with my electric razor. And in the future we are thinking to change
it my electric razor and this headlight. It’s much stronger headlight but weighs too
much. Here we have second battery for our camera. Aqua box to film in the rivers for the action
camera. All the rest is food. Dry bread, we have two bags. This is our home made bread, we like it a
lot. Rice with the veggies mixed. 3 bags of mashed potatoes. Lots of mashed potatoes because it’s very
light. Some snacks-dry banana. And here are the nuts. We bought it on amazon in bulk, bought 7 bags. There is a mix of nuts. Dry apple. And a huge bag of dry tomatoes. Also bought it on amazon, haven’t tried it. We hope it will last for a long time. Because we don’t have access to the fresh
vegetables so it will serve very well. And dry tissues. And that is all of my backpack. And that is all we are taking with us for
a long hiking trip in Alps and Dolomites. That was quite a lot of stuff. But we think we did quite a good job in taking
all the necessary stuff with us. And in the end we may even film the different
video telling you where we made a mistake or what we took too much or not enough. And if you have any further questions left
as always leave us a comment below. Also you can drop us a message on a social
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video. See you then! Bye!

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