Toyota Game Recap | Avalanche at Capitals | 10/14/2019

Toyota Game Recap | Avalanche at Capitals | 10/14/2019

So the six game road trip started today in
D.C. let’s show you how it happened. Not even three minutes in the big boys get
the blood pumping, EJ let her rip, skips it of the Ice. Five hole money. Yeah best part of this play was that EJ just
got it on net, kept it on ice. How about Nazem Kadri, right there working
on the boards, getting it over to EJ, Burakovsky in front of the net. That was a heck of a goal good way to start
the game. Alright, so two minutes later, Big Z he wants
to come to the dance. This is called a Russian pirouette pistol. Well the whiff by the capitals defense-man
at their own blue line against the wrong group of players. Broke this down first intermission, Big Z
just spins around and shoots it, keeps it simple. Spins the wrist around, I love it. Alright so 90 seconds later, Avs on the rush,
Kadri wants his name in the paper, finds some ink. Goal. Yeah he’s got goal and two assits. What a pass by Donskoi, shots it in stride
posts it in, Nazem Kadri paying dividents right away. How do you like em now folks. What a huge addition to this team. Two minutes later more offense, Avs power
play Mikko going freako. Whoop five hole, I love saying five hole,
I thought he went right for the short side shelf, that’s also what Holtby thought, this
was actually Samsonov that was in net at that point. Look at that fiver. Could have stomped a beach ball through that
baby. Way to go Mikko. Brayden Holtby might have an Ice Pack on his
head tonight. Seven minutes into the second, Avs turn it
over to the wrong guys too. Ovechkin tip, Ellers headed the other way,
Caps on the goal. This gave Washington life. This blew away their seven nothing victory. Right here Mikko goes whoops, Ovechkin says
thank you, and that’s a sweet goal right there, Lars Eller. Great hands inside and all of the sudden Caps
got some life. Yeah under five minutes, three goal game turned
into a two goal game. This little tic-tac-toe, Oshie and that was
a muffin too right there. He whiffs the backhand, he’s trying to go
top shelf, that’s why Grubauer lifts his legs. Watch this folks, here comes the play. Sweet passing play trying to go shelf. Grubauer is going to lift his legs, remember
like he did last year during that unbelievable play. Oshie is talented but he got a little lucky
on that one. Ok so nervous energy with four minutes into
the third. Watch the heads up play by Tyson Jost this
is full swipe or no swiping, where is Nieto, Such a good goal. Way to go Tyson Jost, working his tail off
into the corner that’s what you need. Peter McNab said before the game he’s got
to put up numbers, if he plays this hard and is smart, look at Nieto all in on that backhand,
basically doing a faceplant on the backhand. And that put the game away.

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  1. Yeah but that disallowed goal in the 3rd was a huge bullet dodge. The Av's played well but that almost became a 5-4 game with a red hot Caps team late in the third. Still unbeaten though and long may it continue.

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