Tozeur, Mides, Tamerza and paragliding fly above Chott El Jerid… True Tunisia / season 2 (day 6)

Tozeur, Mides, Tamerza and paragliding fly above Chott El Jerid… True Tunisia / season 2  (day 6)

Hello, I’m Benoit. I’ve invited some Youtubers from all around Europe to discover this country with me. So, come with us on an amazing journey. Hi, I‘m Hatice. I’m off to Tunisia today. It’s the first time ever that I’m going to Tunisia. And I’m really excited just to visit that. So let the journey begin ! I think Serhat is staying here and relaxing today. Serhat, yes, feels like going to the swimming pool. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t blame him, it’s a beautiful day. Yes. Okay, so we’re in Tozeur and we’re going out to Mides? Yes. Is that correct? Yes. Here we are. Nice to meet you. Benoit. Nice to meet you, Benoit. It’s horse riding and sightseeing. Oh great, the perfect mix. Is it okay? Okay. Oh oh. I’m great. Don’t worry. You know, it’s an animal. He doesn’t want to harm you. Look. Kick like this to move forward. Let’s go. Guys, look where we are. It’s wild nature, fresh air. It’s so beautiful. That’s crazy. I like it. I really, really like it. Where are we now? Chott El Jerid, right? Yes. Do you want to make a stop? Yeah, let’s stop here cause it’s amazing. Just to go and see the sand and the salt. Yes. Wow. You see the salt? It’s crazy. Hey, I thought it was ice. You thought it was ice? Yeah, it seems like it. But then, I thought…what? It’s so hot! It’s 50 degrees! It’s 50 degrees and it’s ice? Yeah. You see the guys flying? Yeah. Wow. That looks great. Oh my God. They seem to be having great fun. Hey! Hello! Oh my God! Oh wait! It’s Serhat! Serhat! How did he… What? It’s just amazing. Did you know he was going to be here? He was supposed to be staying at the hotel by the pool. Yeah, relaxing. Okay, he got us. Let’s go see him. I want to try too. Yeah, I want to go. It’s so cool. You’ve got to try this. Hello. My name is Benoit. My name is Pascal. Nice to meet you. Who wants to try it? Me! I’m going first. Yeah, me. Wow! Ha! Best experience of my life! Wee! I’m flying! It’s amazing! That was unreal. Literally, when you’re…well, as you know, when you’re up in the sky, nothing seems real. You feel like you’re looking through a map, you know, from a bird’s eye view. Yes, like it’s not true. Yeah, exactly! I’m so glad, I can’t stop smiling. It was amazing! I’m proud of you. It was amazing. I’m proud of you. I’m so happy. I have no words. Exactly. Holy cow! Thanks. My pleasure. When you’re in the desert, you feel free. Yes. But when you’re up there, it’s more than free. Okay, let’s go. Yeah. Let’s go. Oh, I’m hungry. Me too. This place is amazing. Yeah, isn’t it? How are the bricks made? We make them with sand, from the desert. It’s not special sand for the brick. Right. And we put it in… like a sauna but with hot fire. Yeah, okay. And we shape it like bricks and we let them cool for a few hours. And you will find this brick only here now, only in Tozeur. Oh wow. Yeah, I noticed a big difference in the buildings actually, from Tunis to here. Yeah, it’s different in Tunis. Yeah. Wow, it’s so nice. Wow! We invite you to drink milk and eat dates. Dates are only found in the south of Tunisia. Mmm. That’s a good tradition. After the day we’ve spent… I know, right? …it’s just the perfect moment. It’s perfect. It’s gone quick but we’ve done so much. And you Serhat, are you surprised about Tunisia? Yes, of course, and, you know, because it’s my first trip outside of France. Oh yeah? Yeah. I’m so surprised, it makes me want to go everywhere. Yeah. Travel. Yeah. Yes, of course. And we are far from having seen everything Tunisia can offer. Far from it. And guess what guys? What? Tomorrow, we are going to the desert. Wow! So… Ah, my favourite. …cheers! Cheers to the desert! Cheers to the desert. To Tunisia.

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