Träffar Pippi, döper lamm och rider – Gotland VLOGG

Träffar Pippi, döper lamm och rider – Gotland VLOGG

Hey, hey! We are on a road trip! – On a boat!
– Yes. – Turn around.
– Look at this. – I thought we would turn this way.
– Oh, sorry. Gotland is over there. This morning we drove to “Gotlandsbåten” (boat).
We will soon arrive in Visby. – Oh, look how far away we are.
– Yes, that’s the way back to Stockholm. – You can’t see Stockholm.
– No, you can’t. We will start in Gotland, then we are off to Västervik,
followed by Astrid Lindgren’s World. – We will start on Gotland.
– Yes. Join us! Just in time for this trip we are driving
a brand new hybrid electric car. Yes. It feels great to pay back to Mother Nature
after all our flights during the spring. Yes, definitely. This is a plug-in hybrid vehicle
so you charge it by just plugging it into an outlet. – We have arrived on Gotland, and it’s almost sunny.
– Yes. Well, the sun is coming out
of the clouds at least. It’s kind of funny because it was raining on the boat,
and now when we drove off the boat it’s clearing up. We have a very short drive
to Scandic Hotels by the harbor. – Many bags.
– That’s what’s positive about traveling with the car. I can hardly do the splits.
I can’t get down without screaming. I can’t get down at all. Oh God, it’s so nice! Alma, look. – For us. I’ll have this bag!
– Oh! Oh! Candy! Tutti Frutti! Yes! – Guys, is it Saturday today?
– No, we can’t eat it. But we can play with the lambs.
Mmm, my little lamb! This is really cute. Alma and Harry, we also got lambs. What? – Where?
– There. – That’s not the same as this lamb.
– No. It’s so fun to come in here,
because we haven’t booked this trip ourselves. This trip is in collaboration with
“”. – Mommy?
– Yes? There is only one remote,
why aren’t there two so that we can watch… Because we will not be doing that –
we will go outside and do lots of fun things on this trip! We will put a link in the video description
if you think that what we are doing seems exciting. Watch out, I’m going to give you kisses! The sun is setting. – Are you happy with your day?
– Yes. Yes. It has been a quiet day, and that’s what’s so nice
about Visby. You can go on a walk, play some… It’s lovely.
This place is so beautiful. And then we ate dinner at the hotel. And now, ladies and gentlemen,
and the gentleman behind the camera… …it’s time to go to bed.
Tomorrow we are going to Kneippbyn. Pippi Land! – Pippi Land?
– Harry calls it Pippi Land. Pippi Land. – Pippi’s house.
– That’s right! Should we hug,
or just say “good day”? – You can choose.
– Harry’s a bit nervous. – A wave?
– A hug. A hug? I love hugs! Hello, and welcome to my home.
Oh, how I’ve waited for you to come visit. Mm. – It’s so fun that you are here!
– Mm. Oh, how cozy! – Welcome.
– Thanks. Pippi was here when we arrived at Kneippbyn,
and also some viewers that knew we would come here. Yes. We are now inside of the park before it opens,
and Pippi is looking for things with Harry and Alma. Yes, it’s really fun. Here’s a piece of paper.
Oh, what did you find? – A keyring.
– Wow! – Wow, it’s so nice.
– You could put it on your school bag. What’s this thing? – Let’s toss it.
– Yes. Look among… I see one! – A little keyring.
– Another thing? That’s good, right? Mm. I told you this is the best house in the world.
There are new things out here every morning. You go outside and look for things
and go thing-finding – all the time. Cool. – Do you know what I have in here?
– Money. Doubloons – gold coins. – Should we count them?
– Mm. – I can count them and show you, look.
– Mm. One… – Two…
– Two… – Three…
– Three… – Four…
– Four… – Five…
– Five… – Six…
– Six… – Seventy-eleven…
– Seven… – Seventy-twelve…
– Eight… N… – Seventy-eight hundred.
– Nine… Ah! You two were much better at this,
here is your reward. Enjoy! – Thanks.
– Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. Buy something really nice.
– Mm. We went on a lovely walk with Pippi where she
showed us around Kneippbyn. This place is so cute! The park is now open to the public. Alma and Harry are in the bouncy castle
and they have found a bunch of new friends. – What’s going on here?
– We will take some pictures. – Lots of people want to take pictures.
– Yes, lots of people have cameras and want pictures. – Okay.
– Yes. – Oh, now it turned into a school picture.
– Yeah, like a group photo. Everyone wants to be in it. SNAIL FART! So many snail farts,
so many friends who wanted a picture. Alma’s necklace broke, so I will try to fix it.
There is a lot going on at once. – Can you fix it?
– Mm. – Good.
– There we go, look. It’s a small dolphin. – Alma, be careful with this when we go on the rides.
– Yes, yes. – Should I put it in my pocket?
– No! I want to wear it. – How was Summerland?
– Fun! – Where are we now?
– We are in the Waterland. – There’s no one here.
– I know, we have the Waterland all to ourselves. We had a great time at Pippi’s,
many people wanted to take pictures and chat. – Now we are at the Waterland after it has closed.
– Yes. The time is 5 PM, everyone has gone home,
and we will try all the water slides. – Woho, let’s go!
– Let’s go, finally! I mean… that was crazy! Oh, we are going fast now! Welcome to our cabin! The amusement park is over there,
and this is our home – for one night. – What a day! Right?
– What? – What a day we have had.
– Yes. – Do you want to borrow a hair clip I got from Pippi?
– Do you think I need that? Oh, Harry. I was so unhappy with my hairstyle when we
jumped on the trampolines, so I cut it even shorter. I’m so happy!
It was great in the water slides. What do you think of Kneippbyn? – Fun.
– Fun. – A great amusement park for younger children!
– Yes, I agree. There are plenty of green spaces
if you want to have a picnic. It’s very spacious. Yes, it’s super cozy.
We give it 10 The Swedish Family points. – Yes, and it has a beautiful view of the ocean.
– Yes. I meant to say “the Baltic Sea”. – The time is already 6:30 PM.
– Mm. We will now take the car and drive
3 km (2 miles) into Visby to eat dinner. We will turn off the camera now
and see you tomorrow when we go to Fårö. Yes. – See you there, bye!
– Bye! – There it is.
– Here it is. Carina is standing there waiting for us. It’s so beautiful! – Hello!
– Hi! – You were coming down the road so quietly.
– Yes! (SHEEP FARM ON FÅRÖ) Do you hear that sound? Mommy, mommy, mommy! – What’s happening?
– There are lambs in there! Are they scary? Alma, kiss them like this… Oh, they are loud! They are very loud, but they aren’t hungry. – It’s loud in here.
– I think that it’s because of this. – Aha, okay.
– It sounds like they are crying. Guess what I thought we could do? We have six baby lambs
that haven’t been named yet. We need help fixing that,
so I’m wondering if Harry and Alma want to do it. – Yes, they can be called Ingrid!
– Yes, that’s a nice name. – What an honor! Right? What a mission!
– Does it sound like fun? – These little bumps are poop.
– Yes, well… Now let’s say:
“We hereby name you Ingrid”. We name you Ingrid. Yay! – That’s Alma.
– Is it Alma? – And that’s Harry.
– Oh! – Lurvis.
– That’s a good name. Alma, would you like to write? We hereby name you Lurvis. Yay! Hello, Lurvis. We hereby name you Lilly. Lilly. – I hereby name you Dami.
– Yay! – How cool was it to name lambs?
– Very fun and cool. – And cozy, and exciting.
– Yes, yes. – And what will you do now?
– Now I’m going to ride a motorbike. – Wearing a horse riding helmet.
– I will go horse riding soon. We will drive to the horses. – Is it true?
– Yes, that’s what she said. What a day! This has been
Alma and Harry’s dream for a long time. A long time. She kidnapped our kids. This is more “countryside” than I expected.
It’s so nice and great for Alma and Harry. They are such city kids.
One should do more of this. – But, did you see how Harry reacted to the lambs?
– Yes. – It was like he had seen an alien, or…
– Yes. Our kids are too much at playlands,
waterlands and fun things… – And screens.
– …and not enough real things. – Far too little real things.
– Just like most kids, unfortunately. This is like medicine for kids. – And for us.
– Yes, it’s lovely. – Should we see where they went?
– Yes, if we can find them. This is Rubin. It’s beautiful. What a fun day we have had! – Your dream came true.
– Yes, I got to ride a horse. Harry didn’t really dare to ride bareback,
but you got to drive a quad bike instead. Yes. – You wanted to go really fast.
– Yes, I was like… One might think that we are filming this
on a different day, but that’s actually not the case. We drove from the sheep farm to Sudersand
and the weather completely changed. It was like driving into a cloud wall. We are sitting on a beautiful beach,
but the background looks like milk. Our Question of the Day
comes from our Instagram. We have updated with pictures and stories
during our time on Gotland. Tindra wants to know
how long we will be here. – Do you know?
– No. – One day! One day.
– One more day. – Yes.
– That’s correct. Tomorrow we will drive to Västervik which you will see
in our next vlog, because we are on our road trip. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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