Trail Etiquette for hikers, bikers, and horse riders on the National Forest

Trail Etiquette for hikers, bikers, and horse riders on the National Forest

Today we’re going to talk about trail etiquette
when you’re on the National Forest. We have typical trail etiquette on which types
of users yield to who. So mountain bikes, hikers, motorcycles, ATV’s
they all yield to horses. If you’re out there hiking, and you see those
horses coming, please just step off to the side, the downhill side of the trail and let
those horses by. So if you are out there riding your mountain
bike and come across other users on the trail, just please step to the side, let those users
pass. The reason for that, mountain bikes are quiter
and faster than a lot of the users out on the trail, so you have time to stop and brake
when you are coming around corners, folks don’t know you’re there.
So you have the responsibility on a bike to yield to all those other users out there.
If you’re on a motorcycle or ATV, four wheeler out enjoying the trails,
please yield as well to the horseback riders, to the hikers.
And if you’re on a motorized use please yield to mountain bikes as well.
Just slow down, let them pass. Be safe, be courteous, have fun, and enjoy
the trails.(motorcycle engine noise)

6 thoughts on “Trail Etiquette for hikers, bikers, and horse riders on the National Forest

  1. I had a bicyclist come up behind me. She did yell out to us but she was on top of my horse before I heard her. She did not slow down. I had another bicyclist who I think must have been deaf and he too just came barreling down on us.

  2. FS Mike Thorn You forgot to add that a hiker should step to the downhill side of the trail. Horses , as prey animals are generally attacked from a predator that is higher on the terrain.
    The majority of the horse and pack horse trails around here that are Wilderness Trails or access to Wilderness Trails are not compatible with mountain bikes and as such are restricted for there use.
    This is Grizzly country and mountain bikes being quit, fast with a rider slouched over them resembles a Grizzly charging.
    Also Pack strings have the right of way over saddle stock.
    Happy Trails.

  3. I can't grasp the allowance of any kind of bike on horse trails!! Too many disasters yet they still allow it.

  4. This is great but please don't pull aside sit back and stare …talk, say hi anyone that is not familiar with horses and mules they are a flight animal when being preyed upon, speaking let's them feel more relaxed

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