Trail Riding In Wonderland | Patagonia Epic Ride Special

Trail Riding In Wonderland | Patagonia Epic Ride Special

– We’re in Patagonia for an epic ride – Don’t you think it’s going to be the most epic ride we’ve ever done? – Dude, it’s gonna be. So what does an epic ride involve? Mountains, great food, views, trails, adventure and people. And we’ve been invited by Niner to check out their brand new RIP 9 RDOs we’ll ride them out here in Patagonia. – Yeah, and I’ve got the 27.5 – What? – Yeah. – I’m riding the Niner Niner – Right, are you ready? – Let’s do it.
– That way. – It’s a bit windy. We were joined by an incredible
crew from Patagonia Bikers. Gabriel Benoit, aka Gabo owner of Patagonia Bikers, our guide and provider of good times. An ex world cup downhill rider,
he moved away from the city to be a fly fishing guide in Patagonia and spent the last ten years discovering trails in this area. Edecio Vasquez, aka The Man. One of this best drivers I’ve ever seen tackling the most tech off road, all with a constant smile on his face. Plus this guy can fix anything. He fashioned a roller
bearing for the trailer wheel out of a drill bit. You can see easily why
they call him The Man. Juan Zamorano, aka Juanito. A perfect guide with a bag full of snacks, tools and first aid. His funny one-liners kept
the crew entertained. And Nicholas Varetto, aka Nixxon. A talented photographer who’s always sneaking into
the bushes to get the shot. To compliment our crew, we were joined by two American riders, Teal Stetson Lee and Jordan Carr. Here, like us, wide eyed and excited to see what the beautiful
region of Patagonia has in store for mountain bike riders. We arrived with just enough time to get out on the bikes in the afternoon. We headed for the hills. We uplifted, as far as we could, and then peddled up further, popping out of the
trees and onto the moon. The trail wound through the crazy forest with some amazing flow
and perfect grippy loam. (acoustic guitar music) (laughs) – Wow! (acoustic guitar music) (laughs) – I got blinded by a bit of light and thought that was
a stick, and then just tried to dodge that and it
was just a piece of grass. (laughs) – And you hit that? – Yeah. After riding that incredible trail, fun, speed, and a few nose
drives are out of our system. It was time to see where
these bikes could take us. With lots of local knowledge
from Gabo we set up a route. The plan was to head towards
the Argentinian border get dropped by the truck and
head into the back country. We intend to pass three lakes Diungo, Misterioso, and Norte. Some hike-a-bike and fire road trucking would end the day at a campsite where we would meet Edecio and the truck. Day two, we’ll use the
truck to save the legs and gain a few more meters, then climb up and over a big
saddle and down a big decent where Gabo promised Blake
he can do some fly fishing. (dramatic music) So we left to populated area of Cuaki and headed into the wilderness. (dramatic music) – [Blake] So we’ve just arrived about two and a bit hours. We’re at the location where
we’re going to dropped off and then cruise up through
these valleys and mountains for about 30 kilometers
til another big lake. – This is Mate, a strong tea, super strong caffeine in it. But, mountain bike rider, need caffeine. (dramatic music) (moves into slower relaxing music) – Right, whoa, whoa, whoa. – That my friends is the sweetest strawberry
you’ll ever have. Wild strawberries, oh my goodness me, it’s better than candy. (acoustic guitar music) – [Blake] Wow that was rocky! – [Neil] First rock I’ve seen. (acoustic guitar music) (dogs barking) How many dogs? – So we’ve just descended
down this mountain side into this valley and we’re
going to cross that mountain go through the next valley there. I am not tired. I am buzzing on life, right now. We’re out in the bloody middle of nowhere and there’s a field full of dogs. Not cows, dogs. – [Neil] And then pony. – And then there’s one horse. What the hell? Do they milk the dogs
out here instead of cows? (laughs) (foreign language spoken) (dogs barking) – [Blake] Worth it. – [Neil] Some sort of break down – [Blake] Zip wire. – [Neil] Zip. How do you? – [Blake] At least don’t swim. How do we get into it? – [Neil] We pull it across. Just get up, pull it over. Look at that man! – Over the top. – Yeah. – Will that be all right there? – Bye Neil. – See ya. – How am I going to get in? (‘Wash It Over Me’ by LVLY) ♪ We got everything we need right here ♪ ♪ Wine and burning chemistry ♪ ♪ You and me alone, you and me alone ♪ ♪ Inside of your embassy ♪ ♪ Everything we need’s right here ♪ ♪ Make me sing alone, sing alone ♪ ♪ Stuck by you ♪ ♪ We got everything we need right here ♪ ♪ Moonlight on your naked skin ♪ ♪ Summer’s blind us to give in ♪ (bird song) (water lapping) (gravel crunching) – First people we’ve seen all day I think. Today, there’s a horse there as well. Some amazing dogs. Very friendly dogs. Mate? – Yeah, just re-hydrating, filling the camel bag. I’m going with two liters. Amazing! First bit of civilization in hours, man. I was starting to go mental. Not really. – Is it four twenty. – No, it’s– – It smells like it might be 4:20 – It’s does around here. Do you reckon? I think it’s the truck. (electric guitar music) So we’re on this road for 12
kilometers, on this fire road. And what’s at the end? – Um camp and dinner. – Dinner! – Beer and a glass of wine and a Pisco – All three of them? (laughs) I’m going to have a glass of
wine and some of that lamb. We’ve been told there’s a spit roast. Can’t wait. More fire road though. (electric guitar music) – Hey man. – [Blake] That smells super. (electric guitar music) What an epic day though. What time did we start? – Two, I think we started riding. – 2 pm and it’s now quarter past eight pm. That is a hell of a day. Hell of a day. Look at that thing. What’s that Neil? – Meat. – [Blake] Look at that! – [Gabo] Oh man! – [Neil] Wow! (electric guitar with harmonica) Well today was the start of the epic ride and it’s just been breathtaking
the whole way here. Great riding. Some of our GoPros are
going to look so good. – Oh man, I can’t wait. This is, it’s been mind blowing. – Yeah. – Like everywhere you look is insane. You like, look there. Well, look over there. – Look over there,
there’s two dogs resting. – No that’s woah. Our food – woah. And then we’re camping here. We’re just going to make our
tents, pitch tents, yeah. – Yeah. – And spend the night out here. Insane. – You could say in the back country, but I think the whole of Patagonia is technically back country. – Yeah, it’s super wilderness out here. – Can’t wait to see the stars tonight. – Oh man. To the sky – Yeah to the sky. (foreign language spoken) – Go Neil! Are you own it (foreign language spoken) (murmur of conversation) – I got ribbed. Neil got the best bit. – No, no way. – First one in, and he
got the leg of something. The thigh. – Mm-hmm (affirmative) – It’s a big piece of meat. (crickets chirp) – 4 or 5k, but we’re there 15, 20. If you’ve done only two, there are not in good with the race. – [Blake] Had some lamb, had
some wine, had some Pisco. We had some more wine, we had some beers. – And we watched the stars. – We saw the milky way, yeah. Then we went to bed about 1 o’ clock. – Yeah, that’s what happened. But we camped out over here. It was super cool, super comfortable. Warm, really warm. – It was really warm. – Yeah, we’re driving a bit
now to a different riding area, and then riding down to a river. Blake’s going to go fly fishing. – I’m going to do some fly fishing. Dip a fly, whoo. – I’m going to do some work. Because I’m going to tell you all about those Niners that we’re riding whilst Blake has a bit of me time. – Yeah. (soft relaxing music) (laughs) Look at the state of me. (laughs) Actually I needed a refresher there. Wow. – [Nixxon] I take a photo? – [Teal] No honestly, they’re
all ripe, they’re all good. Even the light ones. – Mmmm. Nice. (acoustic guitar music) – It’s 29. – Nah, 27.5 – 29. (acoustic guitar music) – He’s sorting out the fly rod. I’m going to be super nervous, like Because I’ve only done
it, like I have done it, but probably only for a month. He’s been doing it since he was nine. Oh wow! – [Gabo] Little one there. – Oh, tch. It’s caught (laughs) – [Gabo] It’s your problem man. Whoa! little guy man. – [Blake] You’ve done this before. (laughs) (dramatic music) – All epic rides do come to an end. And that was the most epic ride. – It was the most epic ride ever. – Ever. – Yeah. – Best trails, best scenery. – Yeah.
– So good. Thanks to Gabo at Patagonia
Bikers for showing us around, looking after us, showing
us the best time ever. Thanks to Niner for supplying the bikes. – Yes, thank you very much. – Yeah, if you want to see
the first look at these bikes click over there for GMBN Tech and a full run through of
these brand new RIP 9 RDOs. – Yeah, and if you want to
see me competing in Valparaiso which was an urban downhill
race, click up here. – Thumbs up, if you love
this as much as we do. – Yeah. – Hit the subscribe button. – See you later.

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