Traveling by horseback in the city: Is it legal?

Traveling by horseback in the city: Is it legal?

in Texas it’s not so out of the ordinary to see people riding their horses through town yeah not uncommon but is it legal that’s the question rolling Rodriguez is asking and he’s over at the Department of Public Safety this morning and tell us roll in did you get an answer good morning guys and good morning South Texas yes I did the answer is yes and no it all depends on actually where you are riding your horse if you’re not sure you’re not alone many of us don’t even know if horseback riding is even legal in the city limits number one is most cities don’t allow you to ride them inside the city just due to the different traffic precautions and not only to the dangers of the cars and people driving them but also to the animals safety as well according to the Department of Public Safety in Texas the law is different when it comes to riding a horse in traffic because of personal safety issues animal safety issues and vehicle safety issues but along the side of the road in the communities you’ll see people riding their horses along the side of the road and the rules are basically this a horse is a non vehicle form of travel which is fine you just got to be able to make sure that you don’t block any traffic or pedestrians ride aways that’s totally fine not recommended to usually ride horses after dark along side of the road and you need at least be 16 to be operating the horse you know while you’re out there in the traffic area whether you are riding with or against traffic the rules of the road remain the same riders should acknowledge stop signs and lights yield signs and be extremely careful at intersections this is Texas and don’t be surprised if you do see somebody riding a horse out in the county somewhere just excuse extreme caution while you’re riding a horse you got to be aware of your surroundings other vehicles that are out there just like driving a vehicle riding a horse out there you’ve got to be on you know constant guard you don’t want to be struck or hit by a vehicle and you don’t want to do anything that could cause a crash while you’re riding there you have it you cannot ride a horse in the city but you can ride a horse out in the county areas and I’m pretty sure pretty sure you cannot ride your horse do a drive through to pick up food like at Whataburger or chick-fil-a Mike yeah thanks for ruining the story for us right there rolling I was right there with you right till the end there goes that well

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  1. I do all the time but my buddy got a DUI one time!!!!! Judge laughed and released him and so you boys keep riding and he thought it was really cool that we still do that!!!!!!! He was a cool judge and he was mad at the cops for bothering us lol

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