Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

Alright summer leaguers this is day sixteen. I just got in from
practice, we worked on treading. Now treading is a skill a lot of
times they use it for life-saving and just staying up above the water but it can actually be used in training
as well to help you to learn the strokes and to learn the kicks especially.
There’s different ways to do them there’s a lot of variations of treading
water but this is the way that I like to train my athletes to do it at practice so it actually
helps them out throughout the season There was a bee right there….I almost died The first thing that I teach them is actually
with the arms and you want to have sculling hands that actually push the water back
and forth from side-to-side and this will help to keep you stable
and you’re not moving forward or backwards….it keeps you in the same spot but it’ll help you stay up while you’re
working on your legs with flutter kick that they’re actually
using a competitive flutter kick where it’s short and fast
because the tendency of some swimmers while treading is to let their flutter kick get real big On the whip kick, the thing that I
emphasize with the swimmers is to make sure that they’re
completing every kick all the way together. Because again,
while treading, a tendency is to cut the whip kick short. The wider the kick then it helps you to stay up a little bit more easily but it doesn’t actually help you as far as training your body in the
proper kick Probably the most stable on all the kicks, it’s the one that you’ll see by people who are survival experts or
lifeguards and different people around the pool the one that they prefer is usually the rotary kick or the eggbeater and that’s where the legs will circulate
in an alternating pattern, like this… it’s actually very
powerful and is very stable and it’ll keep you probably the most
balanced on the surface level as far as a continuous force that’s
that’s sending you upward We’re going to have a sibling joke Coach Stephen is going to do it on his brother Coach John We’re going to see how it works. Stephen: Hey John John: Hey what? Why do seagulls fly over the sea? John: I don’t know, why? Stephen: because if they flew over
the bay they’d be bagels. John: Good One Now when we get into real
competitive treading As far as really helping us
out with the competitive strokes then I like for them to put their hands
above the water. It puts all of the emphasis on the legs, on the kick
and it helps them to develop that kick because that’s the only thing that’s
keeping them up they’re not using their arms as little
floatation devices on the side so they’ve got their hands up out of the water and they’ve got the various kicks going
on underneath. Take your mark GO! So if you have any questions or
concerns then please let me know and ask away and I will do my best
to help you guys out if you’ve got any jokes that you want
me to try on the coaches then please send those in and I will try them out but I hope you guys had a great day at your
practice and I will catch you guys later….BYE Alright guys, I hope this is helping you out that’s it for today. Check out
yesterday’s episode if you want more Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. Give it a
thumbs up if this is helping you out and if you have any questions or
comments then please leave them below I will answer them as soon as I can. Good
luck everybody…Take Care

42 thoughts on “Treading Water Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 16’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #treading

  1. Hi im wondering if you could show me someone who you teach on the spot how to tread water. I know how to swim but I don't know how to tread water. It will just make me more confident knowing someone else who couldn't do it before could now. Thanks.

  2. Try this one : Why did a whale pull up to shore when she saw your mom? She thought it was a relative

  3. hi im 19 i know how to swim but i cant tread water or float on the back 
    because i cant focus and relax in water 
    can you show me a way to relax and focus and thanks

  4. I cannot swim at all the first thing I'm trying to learn is how to tread bc I'm really short if my feet can't touch the bottom I freak out lol should I just jump in a pool and go for it or should I do baby steps?

  5. I have a couple of questions.

    how do you swim straight (w/o goggles) .? whenever I do strokes, freestyle I always go sideways sometimes I end up on higher ft.
    and how do I learn it? 
    why some people release air or do bubbles when diving.(from mouth.?)  cause whenever I try to release air I ended up going up to breath. I always see this on videos.
    and does running affect my swimming? cause I run every morning then practice swim everytime I have time on noon. 

    hope you reply, thanks 🙂

  6. I've been practicing daily on treading water, by using the "egg-beater" style. However I find myself getting really tired after a short period of time. What am I doing wrong? How do stay more relax and comfortable in deep waters?

  7. Wow, I need you as my instructor! So, when you flutter kick in general you're legs are bowlegged so to speak abd you're using your hips? Also if you sink to the bottom of a deep water. What method is best to rise back up? Would you recommend the doggy paddle to rise back up? So, I geuss it would be a vertical angular doggy paddle to rise to the top of thw water if you know wharlt I mean?

  8. Hello great video on how to tread water. I''m a novice swimmer, basically in on a 10 week swimming course been to two already. The main reason for me wanting to swim is to be able to go into the sea or a pool at float tread water and swim with relative confidence by November 2015!

    I've lost confidence in floating staying above water. I can breast stroke under water but if I stop and do not have feet support I'm not confident to tread/float above water.

    So basic techniques for trading water for beginners, as in sure their are loads of people who are like me, that don't have the confidence to ask for such help, well I'm asking? 🙂

  9. Hey Aaron good video but my question is
    what can I do so I can have confidence in deep water and not panic cuz my legs get tired doing the egg beater

  10. Hi! My name's Rakel and I'm 17 years old. And last week I started my swimming classes. And I'm just training the streamline but I'm having some difficulties. Like at the end of my streamline my teacher says thay I should bring my knees to my chest and then stretch my legs till I touch the floor of the pool. but every time I try to do this I think I'm gonna drown. And this makes me get scared. Do you have any tips to help me? Thanks 🙂

  11. Hi @Aaron Lawson. What is the best head position when treading water? I feel like I sink when my head is vertical but it seems a bit easier when I tilt my head back like doing a back float.

  12. i have learned free style swim in first two lessons now im more keen to learn back float and treading ,im just worried about that pool water has chlorne and water goes in ears so is it harmful for ears, thanks for your useful video

  13. when trying to float on my back why do my legs sink? i'm trying to put them outside of the water but its really hard, same thing for front float the legs sink any tips?

  14. sir, i tried to find out on how to float with my own but sadly it only takes 60secs for me to keep float on the water then it started for me to go down just like i carry 100kg of iRon XD!.. please help and give me the best tips for treading

  15. OWh .. I Can't Wait … Eggbeater … Please …. God, Give Me That Skill … Yes, actually … practice … technic … and miracle …

  16. I know how to swim but my friend taught me differently and gets me tired easy.. I only came here to see how to tread water because I do not like the doggy paddle :/

  17. Hey Aaron, great channel. What is the best way to start getting comfortable in the deeper water? I can swim but have some difficulty holding my breath and become disoriented when i come for air in the deeper water, which gets me a bit paranoid. Any suggestions? Thnaks

  18. Great video. Thanks, But I am still sinking to the pool floor. Should I keep my arms firm while performing the sculling motion? or should i just relax and just scull. In other words, at what level should my palms be in comparison to my body? At the neck/nipple/belly area? should I push down the water with medium force like a ceiling fan pushing air downwards?

  19. I'am trying to keep my body floating even I relaxed my body completely but it doesn't work my body always sink is it because of my muscles or what and because of that i can't keep my body up even by using sculling

  20. good day! i have been practicing my treading for 2 weeks already, and I still sink and have the urge to grasp for a lot of air (and drink a fair amount of dirty swimming pool water every once in a while). I'm just so scared of deep pools, and I tend to panic, causing me to sink and not float. I also can't keep my head up whilst treading. I hope you can help me sir, and give me some techniques. Thank you!

  21. For the eggbeater kick, does it matter if the left leg goes anticlockwise and the right leg goes clockwise or it has to be the other way around?

  22. it's my first time ever to treding water so which method would be the best?
    i will swim in the sea not pool

  23. Hi,

    Nice lesson. I able to do egg beater with one hand raised. I want to do it with both hand raised but did not have enough power in legs (or waist). Do I need to increase power in legs or waist from where my legs start to move?. Please advise any drill.

  24. Hi, the video is helpful. I know freestyle but my breathing my tilt my whole head out to breathe. Whenever i try to just turn to side I end up taking water inside nose and mouth.
    Another thing, while staying stationary in the water do I need to do vertical flutter kicks or breaststroke kick. Vertical kick is very tiring and I end up holding the edge of the pool within 10-15 seconds. Where should I focus for better learning?

  25. I honestly learn swimming by practicing swimming movements on my bed and by the next day, I imagined myself on my bed while Im floating on the water. That's how I learned swimming. And also take credits to our terror teacher. Somehow it gave me motivation to learn how to swim

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