TREASURE HUNT for GOLD!! Playing with Farm Animals and Adley Rides a Horse!

TREASURE HUNT for GOLD!! Playing with Farm Animals and Adley Rides a Horse!

– [Mom] Okay, this has
happened the last week. We gotta be quiet. Niko has been sneaking
into Adley’s bathroom and brushing his teeth. It is the cutest thing in the world. What are you doin? – [Adley] Good morning vlog I like you, I like you, I like you Good monrning vlog, let’s go
see if mom and Niko’s awake. Mom, Niko, are you awake? – [Mom] We’re in the toy room – [Adley] Good morning guys. Mom, wake up. Look what Niko makes for us. – [Mom] Niko, you making us breakfast? Yeah? – [Adley] I got the vlog – Hi, vlog! – The vlog watched me sleep, mommy. – [Mom] Did they? – Yeah – [Mom] Adley, you
wanna make us some breakfast? Yeah, mom I would love to. – [Mom] Okay He’s trying to, he
always goes the hard way. (laughs loudly) You are so awesome bud. – Here’s your food, right up. – [Mom] Aw yeah, that looks great. – [Adley] You’re welcome. – [Mom] Thank you for breakfast. – You’re welcome. Now you guys can have
watermelon and salad. – [Cartoon] Baaaad combo – [Mom] Yum, thank you. Want some watermelon Niko? Yum yum yum yum, yeah All of Niko’s jammies are
starting to look like this. His jammies right now are my favorite. They all have holes in the toes, huh? You’re just getting too big. There are a lot of
people who cut these off and then just make them footless jammies. I don’t sew, and I don’t
know how to do that, so, we’re just going to
have to get new jammies. – [Adley] I have an owie right here. – [Mom] You have an owie? – Yeah, right there. – [Mom] Ohhh – It’s an owie right there. – [Mom] How did you get that owie? – From the park. – [Mom] Ouch, were you not wearing shoes? – Yeah, I wasn’t. – [Mom] Guess what Adley? – What? – [Mom] It’s almost your birthday! – Yay! – [Mom] Yay! – But what are we going to do right now? – [Mom] We need to go decorate
your birthday invitations so we can pass them out to everyone. Should we go do that? – Uh huh. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go do that. – [Mom] What are you doing? Are you brushing your teeth? He is so funny. Now are you going to brush your hair? Oh, back to your teeth. You are so funny, huh? He seriously is the cutest. All right, should we go do
Adley’s birthday invitations? – [Adley] We’re back – We’re back from swimming
Swimming – We’re back from swimming lessons. – Yeah, and I did it and
Niko did it and Mommy didn’t – Yeah, I just watched. – [Mom] How was swimming Adley? – Good. – [Mom] What did you learn today? – Um I learned this. – [Mom] You floated? – Yeah, but I had goggles on. But, I close my eyes when I do that because the sun was getting in them. – She also was jumping in the pool. – Yeah, I was doing a
dive, too, like this. – [Mom] Yes, and she learned to dive. She did so good! (rhythmic rock music) – I’m inviting Parker from (mumbles) Adley loves Parker. (rhythmic rock music) – One more, no! – Going to pull them all
off Niko. (laughs softly) He’s seriously covered in these. – [Mom] We’re all done! – Now, let’s send these! – [Mom] Okay. (children shrieking) – [Adley] Hi, vlog. (rhythmic rock music) – Mom, I gave this to Josie. Time for me to drive back! – [Mom] This is the place. – But what is it called? – [Mom] It’s called, This is the Place. That’s what it’s called. (crickets chirping) – But what’s here? (laughing) (rhythmic rock music) – This one is a little baby. We found a park! – Weeeee! – I got one Grandma! (mumbles) – [Mom] Adley, you’re supposed
to look for gold in here. (gasp) Look, right, oh
you just stepped on it. – [Adley] Where? – [Mom] There was gold right there. – [Adley] We’ll head
over to the other place. The arrowhead – [Mom] Yeeeah, found some gold, guys. Finding some gold? – Jenny, I found my first one – [Mom] Yes, good job sweetie. – I found a gold one! – [Mom] Yeah, good job bud! Good job! – I found a golden! – [Mom] You found it? Put it in your pocket! – I can’t find one (background noise drowns out other sounds) – Vlog, look, Space Station gave me. – [Mom] Yellow – Yellow, purple, pink – [Mom] Pink Pink right here. Good job. You got it. Good job! So pretty! Why are you so messy? (tour guide speaking in background) You’re so messy. All right, Adley, what did you
think of This is the Place? – Good. – [Mom] Good? Did you have fun? You bought a rock sucker? That is so cool. What did you think Niko? You’re all clean now! Look at Niko’s long hair,
and it’s getting red! Want to say hi to the vlog? Should the vlog go see
what dad is doing now? – Yeah! Go check out what dad is doing vlog, bye! (chime) (fast-paced rock music) – [Man] Yeah, buddy, you love it. (crowd talking) – We’re at the X Games, and there’s jumps, and ramps, and skate
parks, and these sports and video games. How insane is that?
Like, I’m at the X Games. Good video game. We have a team playing,
right now, in the X Games, down there. Look at that? It’s just insane. Look at that! Space Station
Gaming in the X Games! This is insane. Wow, it’s so crazy to see
this stuff in real life because everything is more
gnarly and scary and big than you see on TV, you
know what I’m saying? Look, I got two passes so I
can pretty much go wherever I want, and it’s been a lot of fun. We’re meeting lots of cool people. We’re gonna keep filming
some Best Day Ever stuff and hopefully the gaming
team has a lot of fun and they do awesome in the event. Anyways, it doesn’t really
matter. I’m just happy to be here What’s up dude? This guy is on the Best Day Ever now. – Every single animal poops. – [Mom] That’s right Adley.

81 thoughts on “TREASURE HUNT for GOLD!! Playing with Farm Animals and Adley Rides a Horse!

  1. I can’t believe I’ve been watching for 4 years(I’ve been watching since the very first vlog with Adley born lol) this is the longest YouTuber that I’ve kept watching lol and Happy Birthday Adley!!

  2. It is so cute when your babies wake up or happy and ready for you to make a new video Sean you should do more skateboard tricks I’m a big fan of that

  3. My 3 year old, Aryanna, can’t wait to see Adley’s birthday party video! She says happy birthday Adley! Aryanna actually turns 3 on Sunday! We watch every new vlog and A for Adley the day they come out!

  4. Adley is really good at steering that pink car I had one of those when I was her age and I couldn’t drive straight from my life and kept crashing into everything

  5. happy birthday adleyyyyy!!!! 💛 hope u have a best day ever 💛 I’ve been watching u guys for 2 years already! my little sister just discovered adleys channel! and they are only 1 month difference in age. 💛

  6. Niko bear and adley ❤️ they always put a smile on my kids faces well literally rewatch your vlogs all day my daughter can off the bat name all of u All even Olive and koopah and she's 4 but she's a little behind due to her condition much love to you guys ❤️ thank you for always putting a smile on my babygirls face everyday

  7. I am really enjoying the vlogs and the adaptations. It's a journey! Awesome fam. ✌🏽
    You snuck the Xgames in at the end! That is so awesome! best of luck. Dreams come true. 🦄

  8. Just thinking back- I started watching when it was Shaun & Tall chicken in the basement of the house!!! Think I found you via Casey. Have watched you grow and move onwards every vlog since and I am just so happy for you all !!!

  9. Grant Thompson died you did a video with him with liquid nitrogen rockets she died in paramotoring accident

  10. Y'all guys aren't panning for hold right you have to put water in the pan a clump of dirt the water will show you if there's gold

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    Ohm poooooooôooooooooooooooooooooov u. F gylVv bum; m

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