Tredstep Liberty Side Zip Chaps Review

Hi, I’m Mollie, I work in Creative, and today
I’ll be reviewing the Tredstep Liberty Side Zip Chap. I love these half chaps, because they are
great for everyday schooling. They make your leg look super lean and slim, and it also
has a really nice suede on the inside that makes your leg stick to the saddle. Some other great things about this chap are
the elastic panel in the back. It’s going to make sure that you have that perfect custom
fit and look. It also has a really durable zipper down the side of your leg, and it has
a snap at the top and bottom. This is going to give you a really nice tailored look and
also keep the zipper in place. These chaps are perfect for schooling. My
trainer, she complemented me on them one day and said they are the nicest chaps she’s ever
seen, and they even look like tall boots when you have them on. Care and maintenance for these half chaps
is super easy. If they get dirty, just use a little bit of leather cleaner and the dirt
comes right off. And on the suede on the inside, you can just brush off any dirt you get on
there. These chaps come in a variety of different
sizes, so you can make sure you get the right calf width and height that’s perfect for you. I’m Mollie, and if you’re looking for a half
chap with great quality and fit, the Tredstep Liberty Side Zip Chap is a perfect option
for you.

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