Trekking Torres Del Paine National Park // Hiking Patagonia Chile

So it’s a beautiful morning here in
Patagonia. I’m in Torres del Paine National Park. We’re gonna be hiking towards Torres Del Paine viewpoint today. I’m hiking with Jill jJG and Joe this morning. so it should be
a pretty fun and epic! In order to hike Torres del Paine National Park, you have to
register so they know you’re in the park. It cost twenty one thousand pesos or
about thirty dollars to hike in Torres del Paine National Park. That’s for a three-day
pass. After the Welcome Center you have about an hour and a half drive until you
get to the viewpoint trekking location. The views on this drive are amazing. I
have to caution you about the roads what are the biggest mistakes we made was not
getting the right vehicle for this drive there’s a lot of potholes a lot of
gravel roads make sure you get a car that’s equipped to drive on those kind
of roads. We’re actually trekking Torres del Paine National Park today. At Torres del Paine National Park t
you have to be here by 11 a.m. local time or they won’t let you on to the
trail. We’re here at like 10:50 like we barely made so if you’re ill prepared
like we were you can buy snacks here but they’re pretty expensive so pry bring
your own snacks so the beginning of this hike is a little misleading it’s a nice
carved out path there’s a swanky hotel at the base of the mountain and there’s
even a little grocery store but don’t let that fool you this hike is very
challenging and you’ll see what I mean a little later alright so the view point
hike is ten point six miles it’s a there and back hike so five miles in five
miles back the guides say that it can take between
six and eight hours to hike this hike so just like my hike to a rainbow mountain
there’s actually a trail specifically designated for horses so if you’re
worried about the strenuous nature of this hike you can take a horse
however the horse will only take you to the base camp area and you’ll still have
four kilometers to hike which is the most difficult
so far this hike has been straight up it just might be harder than much feature
I’m pretty sure what you think jail harder than Machu Picchu kg it’s
gorgeous down Joe this is easy for you I figure train while the trail is pretty
safe in most areas there are a couple spots where you should exercise a little
caution so most of the hike is pretty safe but there are places where there
are big drop-offs so you want to make sure if you’re doing that Instagram shot
or that selfie you don’t back yourself down that ravine there after about two
hours of hiking we arrived at the base camp area so halfway through the hike
they have a base camp area where you can get something to eat sit down relax
before you continue on through the rest of the hike so it’s pretty cool if you
want to hike to this point and then camp they actually have these tents on these
platforms which are pretty cool it’s kind of bougie but bougie in a good way
this is max he found my phone on the trail and it was nice enough to retrieve
it and give it back to me that’s there are good people in the world so we’re
hiking to the base around there these things there’s supposed to be some kind
of like link there which should be pretty cool so from the base camp you
have about four kilometers before you get to the viewpoint what’s so great
about this hike is that the scenery changes so drastically
one minute you’re hiking up mountainous terrain like a billy goat and the next
minute you’re in this like beautiful enchanted forest if I filmed every epic
waterfall and bridge crossing here that is all you would see whoo so we just climbed up a pretty big
hill we just saw a sign that said we had 1.2 kilometers left so hopefully we’ll
be there soon because I’m dying so we thought we had about 20 minutes left
we just passed this other group and they told us we have an hour I’m hoping
they’re just screwing with us we don’t really have an hour left but you’re
gonna suffer might as well suffer we’re gonna death
so they weren’t messing with us we actually still had about an hour left to
hike and I’m not gonna lie to you it was pretty tough but eventually we made it
to the VuPoint spot totally totally worth it how does it feel yeah to be at
this beautiful place feel alive yeah I had mentioned at Machu Picchu how
inspiring it was and that was man-made but this is on a whole nother level its
mother nature at its finest I could in this video by showing the hike back but
this place is just too beautiful there’s no way I’m gonna top it so I’ll leave
you with this for those that don’t know my name is
Kevin and I was in the military for 20 years
I became a corporate lawyer and I kind of got fed up with the nine-to-five so I
quit my job to travel full-time so if that kind of content interests you
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