TRICKTIONARY Challenge 1- Basic grinds and slides on Roller Skates

hi Ragnaroll here, to celebrate this
month’s chicks in bowls trick of the month I want to attempt just to try all
the tricks of the chicks in bowls tricktionary just in a single section I
don’t know if I can do them all but I’m gonna try check it out! okay so here we are at the CIB website the first one is going to be frontside.
Remembers slides are with the… this part and grinds with your trucks so first trick
will be with the grindblock so let’s try the frontside okay next trick is the backside which is
the same just turning before the slide okay the next trick is fakie which means
you have to go backwards to enter the trick so you can go just backwards and
grind or just backwards and 180 and grind so we are going to try both okay that’s fakie to grind next trick is
alley-oop which means you turn like 270 degrees
just before the trick and you can do it like on copings or rails or anywhere so
I’m going to show you first on the coping now it’s the turn of a cess slide. A cess slide is
basically like a slide with the wheels so we are trying it on this big ramp,
it’s not the best place to try because it’s kind of a sticky this ramp but still it’s better. Basically we go up lock the wheels and let them slide down next on is the feeble this is basically one foot on top rolling with the wheels and the other
one sliding, you can do any trick you want, that would be a feeble to something
so we are going to try again on the quarter okay and now it’s the turn of
the seducer… I’ve never tried this trick but for what I understand should be
something like this kind of like a spider-man stall let’s try it so the Chicks in bowls Tricktionary is
the one I always recommend when people ask me about tricks because it’s the only
attempt I think there is online to have all the tricks the roller skating tricks
in one single place so it’s really really nice really well made with
pictures and descriptions of every trick so highly recommended you can find it on
the chicks in bowls website which is CIB crew dot com under the tips section. Full
disclosure I have nothing to do with chicks in bowls so it’s not like I am sponsored and
I have to promote them or anything like that I just like what they do and I
really like the the combination of unique rollerskating names and the heritage
kind of skateboarding trick names they use so it’s a really really nice
combination and it’s the most complete guide for tricks that there is now I
think as long as I know so check it out and I hope I can do them all. Now it’s
a turn of the grinds like I said before they are the tricks you perform with your
trucks like metal against metal or if you grind a ledge… we are going to start with the 50-50 grind both
skates grinding front and back so basically something like this we are going to try it in a different obstacle, it’s quite boring in the quarter so check
it out Now ti’s the turn of the Mohawk 50-50, for me it’s very tricky because I cannot really sidestance so well you can check like
guys like Max or Duke doing it like doing this kind of tricks but I’m
going to try anyway see what happens Axel grind, this one is one of my favorites
basically it’s one foot grinding with both trucks at the same time and the
other foot you can grab it or not this is one of the most basic probably… I will say the first trick you should try with trucks, let’s try it on the rail slasher grind this is similar to the
feeble but the opposite because the top skate the top foot is grinding while
the other foot is at the bottom of the of the ramp let’s take a look how it
looks and now is the turn of box right and now it’s the turn of the boxgrind, front foot is grinding on the trucks while the back foot is a sliding with the grind box… with the grindblock! so
it’s something like this is again one of the most basic and I recommend this one
or the axel grind to learn grinds with your trucks, if you have wide trucks… and it’s one of my favorites too now the reverse boxgrind is the same as
the boxgrind but alleyoop so it’s like going the opposite direction same
position but instead going that way we it’s the turn of the Laidback grind this is inspired by
skateboarding so is like you grind a little bit while you hold the coping
with your hands so you lay back I guess this is more like a slide not a grind
because I don’t know how you can do it with your trucks but I’m gonna try and
see what happens okay so that was it! pretty much… kind off but yeah, these are all the tricks and the grinds and slides of the chicks in bowls
tricktionary and in the next episode I’m gonna try all the tricks and variations
that you can do that they are not feature, yet. See you later!

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