Trinidad, Cuba- New Years Eve 2017 🍾 and Day Trip Adventure !

Trinidad, Cuba- New Years Eve 2017  🍾 and Day Trip Adventure !

This is what happens when you’re vlogging
and you’re not paying attention to where you’re going, the horse went right through sticks. And I got my first injury in Cuba. If this is the worst thing that happens to
me on this trip it’s a pretty good trip I think. What’s going on Jon coming to you from Trinidad,
episode two of my Cuba vlogs. And i’m about to go horseback riding. It’s New Years Eve i’ve got the day off and
this should be a pretty exciting day. And we’re walking right now to collect more
people and then we’re heading out into the wilderness. The best is mine. The best is yours. The second best is my horse. The second best. So by the way the first time i’m using a go
pro on my head. I have no idea if those shots came out well. We’re going to have to see during editing. He must have had a lot to drink last night. So we’ve stopped at this ranch place and they’ve
explained to me that they’re going to let us try some sort of a sugar cane drink. With just a little bit of rum in it. Maybe a little more than a little because
it is New Years Eve. Best outfit ever goes to Carlos. Check out those boots. So i’m giving the go pro a little bit of a
rest right now. I’m just going manual with the G7X. Oh it’s hard riding with one hand. The horse has this horrible habit of always
speeding up when i’m trying to put my camera away. So you guys get to enjoy me suffering. So we hiked about 15 minutes, 10 minutes to
get here. There’s like a waterfall. There’s a place to go swimming. It’s kind of crowded, it kind of feels like
a little bit of a tourist trap. But it’s a great excuse for the first time
in Here Be Barr history to use a go pro under water. Because I didn’t have enough courage to do
it. John from Australia is going to be jumping
and filming it with my new go pro. You ready to go? Alright let’s do it. Nice knowing you man. I owe you a cerveza man. Nice job. That was fun you should do it Jon. Nah no thanks. We are done with our time in the waterfall. Or whatever we’ll call it. And we’re going back to the horses right now. These horses love to go fast when i’m vlogging. Love it. But these views here are definitley the reason
I was willing to spend 25 CUC to take this horseback riding tour. And it’s been pretty cool. I’m trying to put my camera away and he keeps
going fast. Me and this horse have a love hate relationship
right now. So we just finished lunch. Which was pretty decent, a little bit over
priced perhaps. And now we are heading back to town.The homestretch
to Trinidad. This is the end. You alive, how do you feel? A bit shaken through. But it was fun. It was fun. What do you think John, worth it or not worth
it? Yeah definitley. Just make sure you don’t wear shorts. My whole body is super sore right now. We started horseback riding a little bit after
nine. And now we’re back in town at about 4 o’clock. Definitley recommend it though, it’s a good
way to meet other travelers. And of course explore the countryside. Of Cuba here. Cuba is a beautiful place. Just to escape the cities for a little bit. And our guide was really awesome. I highly recommend horseback riding, hiking. Biking whatever you can do to get yourself
out of town for at least a little while. Guys definitley like share, this video. Subscribe for more adventures from Cuba. And any other country that will let me in. Be a part of where you go. And stay tuned for a little bit of bonus New
Years Eve footage.

16 thoughts on “Trinidad, Cuba- New Years Eve 2017 🍾 and Day Trip Adventure !

  1. Yes! Horseback riding is such a fun way to explore. I did that back in Aruba years ago. So much fun. Glad you're having a great time down there in Cuba. Happy New Year!! -Brian

  2. Dude your shot selection and choice of cuts in this Cuba series is on point! Great editing. It's great to see you getting out of the cities and into the countryside of Cuba as well

  3. Oh man! We just want to go to Cuba so much after seeing this!The landscapes and that waterfall looked amazing!Nice editing!

  4. Why didn't you wanna jump into the water from the cliff? I jumped from one when I was honeymooning in Hawaii. My wife was filming from the bottom, and she said that she felt that she was taping my death. I landed in the water wrong and got a big bruise on my leg. I went horseback riding in Mexico back in high school. Got a pregnant horse, so she was extra wide, thus making my legs hurt more.

  5. I really would like to know the local prices of food and some excursion prices, I will be doing B&B but how much would daily living expenses be? Lunch Dinner beach drinks night out tours ect that video would be really great since I must bring cash and can't credit if I ran out…

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