Triskates , what’s worst about 3 wheel inline skates ?

Triskates , what’s worst about 3 wheel inline skates ?

ola youtube my name is Licardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict this is probably the video that you wouldn’t be expecting from me if you’ve been watching the videos in this channel for a little bit you do know that I do a lot of videos with try skates try skates being three wheels inline skates something like this because I skipped a lot with three wheels inline skates that doesn’t mean that they don’t have disadvantages so this video it’s going to be about those I’m going to tell you in my opinion which are the main disadvantages of the skates and then in the end I’m gonna give you my verdict I’m gonna give you my most honest opinion about those disadvantages in this video I’m going to be comparing three wheel skates with four wheel skates being these the most common inline skate until a few years ago nowadays well a lot of brands make three wheel skates but let’s just go ahead with that one of the main disadvantages from the tree will inline skates is that you are usually taller being taller from the ground makes the skate a lot more unstable and because of that also another disadvantage is that you really really need to have a good good if you’re going to use try skates with a not so supportive boot your experience is going to be really really bad on the other end when it when it comes to four wheel skates it doesn’t really matter that boot that much because you’ve really low to the ground and that makes your skates a lot more stable now something that you should also know is when you have trivial skate again comparing it with formula skates each will ends up having a little bit more surface touching the ground than on the smaller wheel but on the other end this one only have three wheels touching the ground and this one has four so when you do a really tight turn that you really need a lot of grip that will make the four wheel skate have an advantage against the tree will skate so of course you can always have really really good wheels on the tree with skates that will improve the grip but you can also have really on the formula skates which will also improve the grip now most of the times the tree will skates have a shorter wheelbase and four wheel skates that doesn’t happen the whole time big because if you’re gonna have like a speed skating frame it’s going to be really long and this doesn’t make sense but in general you will feel that three-wheel skates will be a lot more unstable than the four wheel skates which are longer wheelbase in this case they are both two hundred and forty three millimeters and you don’t really see that much of a difference but in general the for both skates usually have a longer wheelbase and are usually more stable then through the skates which usually have the middle wheel working as a pivot point making it a lot easier to turn for the good and the bad and we’re talking about the bad here so it can be a disadvantage having less wheels touching the ground also means that your wheels will be trashed a lot easier so more points of contact with the ground will mean longer life for your wheels right that also brings us to the next disadvantage there’s a lot less will offer in bigger wheels even if it’s improving now there’s still not a lot of brands doing three wheel skates four wheel skates every brand do it and a lot of brands produce wheels a lot of cheap brands a lot of good brands produce wheels three wheel skates it’s new it’s like a three four year old thing so there’s still not enough brands but because there’s less points touching the ground the wheels go fast and not just the wheels go fast but also the bearings because there’s extra forces going through the bearings again let’s not forget that it’s usually a taller setup which means there’s a lot more torsion going through the bearings and less bearings and these so more pressure through the bearings another disadvantage well if you look here the middle of these skates it’s here really easy the middle of the Tri skates it’s usually a wheel if you use too we use four-wheel inline skates in the city when you first try it the three wheel skates it’s really weird because you used to go imagine if this is a stair if you want to go up the stairs you usually go in the middle of your skate with the center block which is not really a block but with this space in between the second and third wheel on the tree will skate you either need to go up the steps running in between the first and second or between the second and third and then it’s not always the easiest specially at first of course you get used to it but that can also be a disadvantage now that I’m talking about stairs also when you going to go down stairs that can also be disadvantage it’s kind of weird to explain but think about it usually on these wheels bigger wheels are going to have a lot bigger spaces here right the space here it’s a lot bigger look here the space is a lot smaller so when you want to go downstairs when you want to roll down stairs there’s a lot smaller places here that can hook your wheels so when you want to roll down stairs it’s usually easier with more wheels smaller sizes then with big wheels if I want to go downstairs to be the three one ten comparing it with four times 80 or even if I have a five times 72 like the new wizard frame going downstairs I’m pretty sure smaller wheels with less space here it’s going to make it a lot easier to go downstairs so to go downstairs it’s actually a little bit easier with more wheels more smaller wheels than with less bigger wheels and now the final disadvantage come from speed skaters this is not a track or a road speed skate it’s like a marathon skate but if I would want to use these to race in an official competition I wouldn’t be allowed because three wheels 3 125 are not allowed for track so you would need to go for something like 4 1 tens for one hundreds that’s what all the the speed skaters are using in track and that can also be a disadvantage for me it doesn’t really matter I don’t race in the track anymore I don’t race in a road anymore for a marathon yes these would work and I’m allowed to skate a marathon with three 125 which usually it’s what all the winners use one two three four five six seven eight I just gave you eight disadvantages about three wheel skates but now the question is what’s your favourite skates and I’m still going to say my favourites case are three times 125 because for all these disadvantages that I gave you there’s ways around it of course it’s a taller skate yes you can use a different mounting system if I use something like this which is a trinity mount it’s going to usually have a way better connection between the boot between the boot and the frame also this Trinity system make the frame a little bit lower then if I use a carbon boot it’s going to be stiff enough so it’s my way to go around having a taller set up but at the same time yes I also said that having three wheels have less grip but who say that I want to have less grip for slides right so all these things that I just told you can be disadvantages but still my favourite setup it’s still at 3 times 125 skate so take your own conclusions you can let me know your opinion about this video about these disadvantages if you have more disadvantages if you have advantages for try skates let me know in the comments and there’s a little face down here if you press on that face you can also subscribe to the channel once that subscribe button it’s gray there’s a little Bell button press on the Bell button and you’ll get notifications every time I upload one of these videos and more important than anything else just like I always said it doesn’t really matter if you are with 4-wheel skates with three wheel skates or if you whatever you just cannot forget why we all started and that is because it’s fun Cheers guys and see you soon

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  1. I just skated around with some old blades (missing front wheel) played hockey and skated through Walmart and the mall LOL! But it’s time for new skates. I am a very exp skater and I believe I am very good. What skates would be good for roads, sidewalks, uphill downhill etc etc? Too many options out there ;(

  2. Question for you, I recently switched to 3×110, I put a powerslide pleasure tool v2 frame on a pair of Seba Fr deluxe. There’s a bigger gap between the first wheel and the 2 back wheels; what’s the advantage/disadvantage compared to an equal gap between all 3 wheels ?

  3. Ricardo, some triskates (like this one you're showing) have their wheels equally spaced; other triskates (like Powerslide Metropolis) have the front wheel far in front of the others, why is that?

  4. I think before you start making claims about surface areas, grip and durability you really need to do the maths and I don't believe you have. There are also gaps in your logic, for example you haven't taken in to account the larger wheels rotate less frequently compared to smaller wheels which means the smaller wheels will actually wear quicker to cover the same distance.
    You also claim a lot of these points are disadvantages, they're not… yes it may be a different way of skating but that is up to you to adapt. At best these are disadvantages for YOU but not in general terms!
    Also, just because you over state on each video 'my opinion' doesn't mean that you shouldn't actually check your facts…

  5. There are a lot more 100mm & 110mm wheels available than you think because you can use scooter wheels! I used to use 4x Yak 100mm 88a wheels, which were perfect. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available any more 🙁

  6. I found extremely informative and also really interesting. I have been looking into getting some tri skates at the end of the year and have been doing some research about this set up. This has helped me alot so thank you for taking the time to do this video. Happy skating every one!

  7. Shout out to everyone who remembers rollerblades before they made them with the shell!! I remember lacing them up FREAKISHLY tight to keep from twisting my ankles… I really want to get back into skating, I might even try it with a helmet this time. : D

  8. In a perfect world with smooth streets, I would roll my slalom rockered frame 80mm set up everywhere for urban skating. Otherwise I love natural rocker formed from my Metroblade 3wd 110mm or my 80mm flat twisters

  9. I tested 3 wheels and i think than the advantage of It ,Is max Speed , but much instability. I am agree .. long Life to 4 wheels !

  10. Is the Powerslide NEXT a good boot on your opinion or do I need a carbon boot to really get the most out of a triskate setup

  11. Living in a place where there's not a flat street and it's all up and down and ruined asphalt we all prefer the 4×80 cause we do need all the stability.

  12. Did the 4 wheel skaters beg him to do this video? I use to be a 4 wheeler inline skater and can ice skate, in-line and roller skate. I prefer and love the 3 wheel. Some people love the 4 wheel while others like the 3 wheel.

  13. My 9 year old is using 4x62mm and it’s just beginning for him I am little confused
    Should I go for 3x100m or 4x80mm or quads which one will be better for him
    He has just started skating 3 months ago
    Please anyone suggest me which one I should buy for him

  14. Hello Ricardo! Really good video, congratulations! In my opinion Triskates are better in good climate conditions. I use FR skates with a ps frame 246mm and another set with ps frame 273mm (lower, longer and even more stable with Matter Max-G 110mm wheels). 3×110 set is faster than 4x80mm and more stable at higher speed, but triskates main disadvantage is on wet or slippery surfaces. This disadvantage can be balanced using good quality wheels.
    My next urban skates setting would be 4x90mm or 4x100mm. Obrigado!

  15. hello i am your biggets fan and at the moment i am learning and improving my skating skills i respect you thanks sirr thats some on my roller blades may you watch

  16. What would you recommend for long distance city cruising and doing tricks? I was feeling 3×100 short frames would be a nice compromise (I haven't tried triskates yet wanting too) And and specific brand you can suggest that will be good support for tricks?

  17. I want to make distances like 15km to do sport but first I need to pass through many curbs , holes etc. to get to the good asphalt. Which one is better choice?

  18. I forget who made them but I remember trying a prototype when they came out.. 4 wheels but angled inwards each wheel, opposing each other. Was supposed to give a smaller surface area and make it more like ice skates. As well as supposedly being able to slide stop in them. I used them for a while but ended up switching back.. guessing they never caught on as I've never seen them anywhere else. They had a hard boot and hockey boot, of which I had both. I imagine it's a similar idea as the tri wheel.. which I've actually never tried.

  19. Great review. Can you do one highlighting the advantages of the tri skate with stock or smaller wheels. I like slalom and dance skating which favor highly rocker wheel configuration. Do the triskates offer advantages there.?

  20. I have only use hi low system
    84,84,86,86. speed and agility.
    I think the concept of the three will is only good for doing less strides than 4 wheels. I think 3 wheels will work better if a smaller will goes in front to have More stability

  21. I started in 4×90, then gone to 2×100+1×95+1×100 and they run very good, can get very fast with then, although when I have some cash I want to upgrade to some 3×125 cruisers

  22. you might be the expert but i dont think the wear and tear wil be difirent,i think its the same,in terms of price i think the 3 wheel might be cheaper because you only have to maintain 3 wheels instead of 4 but that depends on the prices of the wheels i gues.
    and yes the 3 wheel is abit higher so maybe less stable that much i do expect but experience wil nulify that eventualy.

  23. I love your videos! Great content! I'm ordering a set of White Powerslide Next 3x125s next week when I get my tax money! I can't wait!

  24. >not just the wheels go fast but also the bearings

    That's not really how it works… Wheels with greater diameters travel across the ground at greater speeds with the same rotation speed as a smaller wheel going slower…

    I'm not trying to call you dumb or anything, it's not intuitive knowledge, I just wanted to point it out. Bearings should actually fare better in tri skates compared to smaller wheeled setups.

  25. Everybody thing is not good. The peoples things whit 3 wheels can't stop but you can buy a separate brake. And you can also balance them better if you drive them more, and yet with who makes to make more speed?

  26. Hi Ricardo, thanks for putting great videos. Can you recommend good skates for a 110kg/242lbs beginner?

  27. I have bought the Swell firefly 3×125. I will receive them next week, I am curious. This is my first time on 3×125 skates. Thanks for the vid.

  28. Just purchased my first triskates.
    They're the Powerslide Trinity Phuzion Krypton's 3x100mm.
    Can't wait to start breaking them.

  29. just got a pair of three wheel 125 skates. Powerslide Swell Black City 125 Inlines.
    y advice for me starting out and transitioning from my 4wheel K2 setup? 🙂

  30. i started off with 4 wheels but after i amont or two i got the k2 trio skates n fell in love with them, but i switch the boot to my agressive boot with my k2 frames n i love the setup. i do have some complants but i came from lonboarding so the speed from three wheels is right up my alley

  31. I have the black swell 125 trinity triskates. I really like them.. I agree with the four wheel skates seems more practical. And I immediately thought while trying the triskates for the first time that I wish I had purchased four wheels instead.. But I also love the speed I get. Its gotta be way faster than four wheels.
    It just seems four wheels are much more practical. Going down a steep slope on the tall triskates take my breath, its terrifying. I completely agree with the stair issues. I generally like both but I actually feel like their has to be a better median design..
    With a little bit of both best aspects..

  32. With a 3-wheel versus 4-wheel setup, it's not actually obvious which will wear down faster. The wheels are usually much larger in 3WD – the perimeter of 80mm is only half that of the perimeter of 110mm wheels. So while each 3WD wheel is taking more bodyweight, there is much more wheel material to be worn down. I would bet a 3WD setup would last longer, all else being equal.

  33. One year ago I started inlineskating on smooth and clean concrete Hockeyrinks with a 3x90mm Hockeyskate with a 215mm 3x100mm Frame. This setup is very agile and reactive for Hockey. Last week I tryed skating around town on sidewalks and cyclepaths crossing streets a lot with curbsides for the first time with my hockeyskates. The surface was uneven, rough, bumpy with debris, cobblestones and some edges and less place for maneuvers. This was a bad experience for me.
    Would different skates give me a more suitable setup for skating around in the town?
    If so, I have to decide between a Rollerblade Fusion84 (4x84mm, 255mm frame) or a 3x110mm hardboot setup ( for example Next110 with a 143mm frame). Which setup is better for bad surfaces? Or is there different suitable setup?

  34. Кто скажет очем лопочет этот человече?Почему три больших ему не нравится?

  35. I don’t see any disadvantages, you are telling their differences but you are entitled to your opinion!

  36. Am in Ghana West Africa and I love skating. I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube.. And I always dream of living in London and learn to skate as well. Pls any help?

  37. I feel much more stable on three wheels and I got 125. Maybe it's because there's now space in between my wheels than in my four wheel set up, would that be the reason?

  38. my wide foot does not fit in the powerslide next 100 but the length is fine. Can I heat mold the hardshell to make it wider or should I replace the liner with compressed socks?

  39. A suggestion please to buy a skate either 3X or 4X. I have a long time without skating. But I want something that allows me to skate in the streets without problem.

    Una sugerencia por favor para comprarme unos skate ya sean 3X o 4X. Tengo mucho tiempo sin patinar. Pero quiero algo que me permita patinar en las calles sin problema

  40. Ive used my hondar holly since i learned how to skate, now i want to move to 3×125. I love to make long roads, i want to try next year the lo Vásquez un Chile, its a 130km road. Are 3×125 better than 4×80 to this kind of routes?

  41. Hey good info, I'm new to tri-skates I just bought powerslide Bronx SC 100… Wanted something cheap but good enough to roll around on rougher surfaces… They haven't arrived yet but I'm already kind of regretting not going for the more expensive 125 cruiser's (can't quite remember what they're called)… Are the Bronx 100's decent quality at least?

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