True Skate Review (Android)

True Skate Review (Android)

I posted my review of Touchgrind 2, and I
was flooded with comments from you guys about True Skate, and talking about how it’s so
much better. Well, I thought I would trust you guys and give it a try. But I got off to a pretty bad start with this
game. It’s only $1.99, which is great… But for that price, you get almost nothing. Everything
else is added on. The menus are confusing, probably because the design is so bad. Just
look at this game. White text on gray scribble was out of date 20 years ago. Let’s say you want to set a session marker.
That’s a pretty basic thing in a skateboarding game these days. Here’s how you do it. You
have to go a couple menus deep in the options, and scroll waaay down. Even below the HUD
opacity! They expect people will need to access that more often than the session marker?! Another weird thing is the spin mechanic.
You aren’t told how to do it, and it’s listed in the options as ‘spin cam’, which isn’t
very clear. Now, I’m afraid to hit any buttons in this game because it might cost me money
or require me to sign up for something. Like the slow motion button. Every time you hit
that, it tries to charge you a dollar. So I signed up, and did a few challenges.
Later, I came back and all of my progress was gone. I didn’t want to sign up through
Facebook, but I ended up having to do that just to make sure my progress was stored. The game feels good at least. After playing
Touchgrind, it was tough to get used to a single touch skateboarding game, but it works
and I got used to it in time. I had to switch it to goofy for it to make sense though. Touchgrind
also has a landscape mode for tablets, which was sorely missing here. So here’s how the game works. There are high
score challenges, but primarily you’ll just be copying a trick or line. You watch the
ghost skater do the trick, then duplicate it exactly. For this one, I had to ollie impossible out
of this ramp. After trying it dozens and dozens of times, I adjusted the sensitivity of the
swipe and eventually I started to land the trick, but it was saying it was only a 40
to 50% match. I did an impossible, right? Yeah, but I had to pop and land in the exact
correct spots, which makes it unreasonably difficult. Now, being set to goofy makes matching tricks
confusing. I have to match the direction of the trick, not the trick itself. Here’s an
example. I had to do a front shove late heelflip instead of a pop shove it late kickflip. Also,
I had to triple heelflip this ramp. In this case, I had to do a triple kickflip instead
of a heelflip. So, I did the trick a few times, but it wasn’t
registering. Even though I landed in the right spot and rolled through the end part, I had
to turn around and roll through it again. But that means that my accuracy was lower
and I got less points. Accuracy is pretty strange. Here, I have to
match this trick. It’s a backside lipslide, varial double heelflip back to lipslide. Look
at my match. I did a boardslide, varial heelflip out, then did a second boardslide, but that
was still good enough to count. Tricks like that made me think that the developers
were just messing around and decided to make a random trick into a challenge. Now I could
have done a trick worth the same amount of points really easily, but to do that exact
trick, rolling up at the same angle, popping in the exact same spot, timing it exactly
the same.. that makes it incredibly difficult. And I have to mention the insane grinds you
have to do. Look at this endless noseslide. He pushes once and just holds on to it for
an hour until he hits a wall. I tried it a hundred times and I almost never made it to
the first kink. Once, I bounced a little weird and did the whole slide. I thought it would
be worth at least a bronze… but I got a 0% match. Come on! Sometimes it counts the ollie, sometimes it
calls it a pop shove it… It’s impossible to do exactly what the challenge did. A lot of reviews say that the best way to
play the game is to ignore the missions and just free skate in realistic mode. So I bought
some more levels for an additional 5 bucks. Ignoring the missions is really your only
option anyway because all these levels I bought don’t even have any, not counting the high
score challenges. Look at the point totals you get for completing these! It’s nothing!
The cheapest stuff is about 10,000 points. 20 points aren’t going to get you very far! So after playing the game for about 2 weeks,
I finally saved up enough to make my own deck. My deck was looking horrible, which they do
to try to get you to pay for a new one. But some decks are 20,000 points! And there are
no missions left except the impossible ones. You earn points just doing good tricks, but
it’s very slow. There are also achievements, which are also
impossible. One is to do 10 kickflips in a row. That’s pretty simple. Here’s me completing
it… But it didn’t count. I actually did it several times, but it never worked. So the missions aren’t any good. The achievements
are broken, and the point system is unbalanced. So what did I get for $7. Basically, I got
a skateboard, some skateparks, and a physics engine. But without any structure, it’s just
a toy, really. It’s like a glorified Tech Deck. Now there’s nothing really wrong with
that, but I didn’t really get it at first. But now that I understand what’s going on
with the game, I tried to enjoy it more for what it is. I would just come up with tricks I wanted
to do, and spend time working on them until I landed them. Just like skateboarding. Or
fingerboarding. One more issue with the game is the course
selection. I bought the Street League set, which is pretty cool… But they’re all really
similar. Of course, for the actual contest, that makes sense. There are only a couple
different lines you can take, and each course has very similar obstacles. But I can’t even
tell them apart. I keep forgetting which levels I’ve played in already. Whenever the Tony Hawk series featured a real
life location, they would always add something to it – an outdoor area, a secret back room,
an attic – something that would make it more interesting for the video. But True Skate
makes no such effort. There are more skateparks available, but you have to pay for them. Maybe
I’ll try some in the future. But what game is better – True Skate or Touchgrind 2?
It all depends what you’re looking for. If you want a true video game experience: a game
that starts you with a tutorial, gives you increasingly difficult challenges, then rewards
you with unlockables, it’s got to be Touchgrind. But if all you want is a virtual skateboard
to play around with – you want as many levels and as many tricks as possible, then go for
True Skate. Now you don’t have to take my word for it. You can get them both pretty
cheaply. Touchgrind 2, the first level, completely free. True Skate, you gotta pay 2 bucks. So
for 2 dollars, you can play them both and decide for yourself. And if you’ve played
them both: which one did you like more? Let me know. And what about Skater? The new one?
I haven’t played it yet. Where does it fit in with everything? Thanks for watching.

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  1. Once again you've killed the review Aron! Its a shame that the developers were half-ass on this game tho, I believe they could have really taken the cake on this with a little more effort. Smh , but yea im looking forward to that "skater" review.

  2. i was one of the ones who suggested this game and when i did i was completely not thinking about the actual missions and objectives. i strictly use this game to "free skate" and try to get high scores on the leaderboards. you nailed it with the 'glorified tech deck' comment, that's exactly how i use it and i find it very entertaining. another great review, keep it up! i am also curious about Skater but haven't been able to get passed all of the negative comments about glitches in order to pay the $5.

  3. I totally agree that it is more of a sandbox style skateboard game that is all about the physics engine. I have spent almost all of my time just creating challenges for myself on the courses. That's pretty much all that I do in Skate 3 at this point as well. Great review man!

  4. I thought True Skate was terrible, it felt so difficult being forced to kick and then immediately try to flip a trick, whereas in Touch Grind you just stand on the board and go. It doesn't really seem necessary to have a "kick" mechanic in a game like this, it just makes it overly complicated

  5. All I can think of with these mobile games is, "What would that level play like in THUGPro?" Or just with controller support in, say, a Steam port or something. I just can't get into touch controls for most genres. But nice reviews regardless! It's nice to have an idea what these play like, in case I ever pull the trigger and try one out. (And have an improved device that won't melt from them!)

  6. All I can think of with these mobile games is, "What would that level play like in THUGPro?" Or just with controller support in, say, a Steam port or something. I just can't get into touch controls for most genres. But nice reviews regardless! It's nice to have an idea what these play like, in case I ever pull the trigger and try one out. (And have an improved device that won't melt from them!)

  7. hey aron what do you think about making a video on skateboard manufacturing and the misconception that one brand is bad and the other is good when a handful of company's are made by the same factory. there is always an on going fight about brands and who is the best it would be nice if someone would clear it all up

  8. you can hold the button in the middle of the top on your screen to set the session marker. AND the challenges are all made for regular and not goofy. so if you have to do 10kickflips you have to do 10heelflips. you didnt even read a shit about this game. AND if you suck like this, you truely cant earn points. this game is like real skating, you need a lot of practice.

  9. you made some good points here! I played the game for years and downloaded all the levels, and I still play it every day. I 100% agree with you, the missions are extremely dumb (apart from the score based ones) and the game isn't extremely clear on the controls. the only thing I do on this game is free skate. I know it is quiet costly for a mobile game to buy all the parks but for the time I spent on each on, I think I definitely got my money's worth 🙂

  10. You're right on some points but finishing all the missions is not "that" hard. I've completed all of them. And everyone can. In ios, popping and flipping is more comfortable btw. (played on iPhone 4s and LG G2)

  11. when I run out of that slow motion I just do a replay and it always puts it back to 10 haha. weird glitch I don't know. I play on iPhone.

  12. I want to see you review the Skater app (skaterapp dot com), it's like touch grind skate 2 but with proper body/board rotations and manuals instead of lip tricks.
    Great channel btw, keep up the good work!

  13. to get more points, you have to do grinds mixed in with tricks to get multipliers. The points wrack up pretty quick then

  14. You Should check out Skate Lines for Android, its free! It's my preferred sk8 game on phones (with no emulation.) and the sequel previews look really neat.

  15. So I've been playing true skate for over a year and there's a few things I've learned or had happen. I have found a handful of glitch spots where you fall through the map (on schoolyard you can get onto nearly every roof quite easily), I have nearly all tricks on lock down so I can throw them whenever I want to and land clean every time, and I have hit the maximum number of true credits (100,000) 6 or 7 times now(when you do tricks while you have 100K points you don't actually get anymore true credits so that's just a waste, therefore I usually decide to do a whole skateboard make over then, like change whatever I want and make it look nice). I really enjoy finding large transfers or other random tranny finds. I have over 1000 uploads on my integrated "Everplay" account (EnergeticTheory1966). I am also working on finding every gap on every map going by the gap book and completely he trick book 😀

  16. I've been playing this game for a little over three years now and never really payed any attention to all of the glaring flaws you pointed out lol. It's quite ridiculous with micro-transactions, most of the stages are bland, not to mention the "missions". All of these things make the game horrible, but in my opinion it has the best skateboarding mechanics and physics of any mobile skateboarding game. "a glorified tech deck" sums it up perfectly.

  17. 4:36 it counts the kickflips like in the missions where its a kickflip in regular so for goofy stance you have to do heelflips

  18. You have to try skater the app. From a real skater to another this is the only app worth buying skate wise on the store

  19. tried both
    simply couldn't get past the completely unbearable controls, compared to console games. then again any mobile game is crap compared to console ones so…

  20. a tip : its either free or cheap to use your own imported photo image on the bottom of your deck. these can be screen shots so u can use skate deck graphics if u want. i just put a hot chic's photo.

  21. the missions arent impossible and the reason you didnt get more missions is cause the sls maps dont have any the other parks do tho. ive completed every mission on every park

  22. I did a kickflip to feeble on true skate and it counted it as a boardslide

    Idek anymore

    Update: I LANDED a 540 quad flip and it counted it as a primo slide

    Fuck you True Axis

  23. The actual problem in credits is there isn't too much to spend on unless u wanna change board graphics and after 100 000 credits u get nothing. I have done only tutorial missons but tricks give so much u can never spend it lol
    If you buy this game don't buy SLS courses first, Tampa and some others are way better.

  24. True Skate is better in my opinion because I like the realism and street league parks and Skate Park Of Tampa Maps plus realistic locations plus customizable skateboards etc.

  25. I buy every park but the street league ones. They’re just not that interesting or creative imo. Overall it’s not a bad price to have a fingerboard on my phone.

  26. I downloaded this game back when it was free on my iPad, had such a great time for a free game. Everything you said was true, the only fun you can find in this game is free skating and playing a game of SKATE with your friends.

  27. You can't get 10 kickflips in a row cause that achievement is scored like regular. It thinks you do heelflips

  28. i just cracked the game and used lucky patcher to create a hacked apk file so i can get everything in the game for free.
    not worth spending 2 weeks on getting 10k TC only to buy a new board, then having to repair it after 30 minutes.
    so yeah, just crack the game and use lucky patcher to get everything.

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