True Vs. Orbital Flat 360 On Skis

A true flat 360 means that your feet go perfectly around the side of you. As if you were just sitting down mid-air and doing a 360. The more wobble or spin you have in any trick, the more patient and chill you have to be on take off to keep it from over-rotating. Before working on getting true flat, make sure you’re flat 360 is absolutely on the in-between axis. This means your flat 3 is not a back flip or a side flip with a grab that makes it a look off axis but actually an axis that plays between both of them. It’s time to pull off the skis and make the take-off more orbital or less flippy. So the trick to making this state orbital is taking off the shoulders almost exactly upright like a straight spin then pick up your feet so that you’re in a piked position all the way through the trick. Do some continuous seat drops where you keep your body in the seat opposition on the tramp in the air and on the landing. Next use your hands on the tramp to add some 90s into your seat bounces both ways. Keep your feet up high while you rotate it’s common to let them fall down. Next try to get full 180s going. Do them back and forth rotating both ways remembering to use your hands to push off. From there, let’s start on your feet again. Do a seat drop where you land at 90 degrees facing sideways. Next try and do the same thing but to 180. It’s not unusual to do a 180 seat drop having your legs together and low below you. Remember we want them high up for as much of the rotation as you can do. For practice try the same thing to 270. To ensure that you’re still on a flat spin axis, allow yourself to travel slightly backwards. I’ve seen many people start to get forward on takeoff accident, creating a bit more of a bio axis. Those progressions will give you the feeling of what an orbital flat 3 should feel like in the air, which is much less flippy but still a slight backward takeoff. Using the Tramp Skis are sweet for this one because you have somewhere higher than your feet to grab onto. Because this axis has more spin to it, you may over spin your first ones to 450 or even 540. Be more patient on takeoff to hold it back and keep your shoulders on the spin axis. Remember to bring your feet up during the rotation, not your chest down. This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Bounce. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction. Helping You Ski Better.

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