Trying street food in Korea and first ice-skating experience!!!

you guys right now we are going to do ice-skating I feel so freakin scared this is the code X like a real professional I’m a pro does it go Zika don’t go too far away I need you this is my first time to do I skinny I’m so oh you look at it that’s the best trick of the ice rink ever like look at him he’s just amazing oh look just look at the level of crane this is oh so gently no yeah that was a purpose let’s go Mary let’s go she talked at the same time so amazing Zico chain I’m gonna be late Patrick high five oh it hurts I feel like everybody hates me because I’m Russian yeah so good but still holding Mary’s idea what the hell this is but Zico said that it’s it’s candy candy sweet God put water in your mouth when putting your mouth Chris he likes was you said it was like you also tell that it’s can buy dry clothes Vanessa magic trick ladies and gentlemen what you’re about to see is a magical huh huh what are you doing whoa what what what what what it’s not it’s not it’s so cool yes the colossal I made I can make of Candy’s gonna try this one sorry shut up what is is it good not really good yeah it’s like that’s good how do you like it difference is it a woman there’s vomit oh lucky this is Tabasco sauce guys yeah it’s like very little Oh pickle pickle pickle pickle pickle no geez what’s well – there’s good there’s good very very yes we just decided to try out everything here because we are so damn rich right millionaires man do I look amazing hot so amazing amazing I’m a small hello guys welcome to an episode of sweet food in yeongdong we have a special guests baked cheese guys is extremely good like tradition you haven’t even tried it yeah you like it it was amazing Mary it’s gonna order in Korean now hey yogi Oh yogi Oh yogi are so proud of you oh yeah thank you thank you so much yeah guys we all right now you go yeah so secure has its kebab Kaiba Kaiba turkish kebab every time you eat it yeah you got you still have cheese like okay it never oh look at that it’s not tilted what flavor is it I’m sorry doc yogurt strawberries jacket ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the brand new Mary Verizon yeah this is foul College hip-hop style yes flag yes this actually men’s clothing but she can pull it off because she calls me donkey don’t she’s been doing this for like about an hour already like in this mirror like just that thing yeah hey guys we are awesome yes back now we need to attract music just because he can move okay I can do it I can just working guys working oh my god so II say so you

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