Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot Review

Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot Review

REBECCA: Hi, I’m Rebecca from Merchandising,
and today, I’m reviewing the Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot. The first thing I love about this boot is
the quality of the leather. It’s very soft and very grippy and there is
zero break-in time. It also has this stylish square toe and the
punch across the top, which makes for a very classic look. Because of the nature of the leather being
very stretchy and the stretch panel on the back of the boot, it creates a very versatile
fit that’s easy to fit on everyone. This boot has some traditional styling with
having a punch toe, but also is a little bit modern, because it’s incorporating the dress
square toe, which is becoming more popular. On the back side of the boot, we have the
spur rest here, as well as a nice ankle wrap, which is a nice touch and helps protect the
zipper when you’re riding. And you can see there’s a full length stretch panel that runs
the length of it, and at the top, because the softness of the leather can allow for
zippers like this move around in some brands of boots, underneath the snap here is a zipper
keeper that you can slide that through to hold the zipper up and locked in place, as
well as the snap at the top. These boots come pre-laced with a stretchy
elastic lace, but if you prefer a more traditional look or something that isn’t as stretchy,
they also come with a set of traditional laces you can use, as well. This product is perfect for anybody who prefers
to ride in a tall boot. To be honest, they really have the feeling of a half chap, so
I use them everyday for schooling, but they have a beautiful enough look to also use within
the show ring. To take care of these boots, I just use a
traditional leather cleaner to wipe them off and on occasion put a nice quality leather
polish, like a Passier, on there to condition it. I’m a size 7 regular and these fit me very
well. I’ve also found that because of the nature of the leather being stretchy and the
stretch panel in the back that they have a lot of versatility in sizing. I’ve seen several
different calf widths easily fit into these boots comfortably. I’m Rebecca, and the Tuff Rider Regal Field
Boot gives me a comfortable and stylish tall boot at a great price.

6 thoughts on “Tuff Rider Regal Field Boot Review

  1. Just to offer another perspective… The foot on these is very narrow, I have a normal foot width and these were very tight. Also the sole is very flimsy and thin and offers very little support. For the same amount of $ you can get Ariat's and they are MUCH better made.

  2. Question: my size is 8 I have tried size 8,5 but the boot was still very tight and uncomfortable around my calves. Is that normal?

  3. DO NOT BUY THESE. I have had these boots for a year now and I HATE THEM, within a month the tie on the zipper fell off and within 3 months IT CAME UNZIPPED WHILE I AM RIDING i am going to buy tredstep boots and these are going to the trash. i expected more from something Smartpak was selling. I wear a 7 slim and these were too wide from the get go

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