Twins on Ice – Episode 1 [GER] / [ENG – Subs] Twins Figure Skating

Twins on Ice – Episode 1 [GER] / [ENG – Subs] Twins Figure Skating

One week till the competition starts Hello, my name is Emilia, I am 8 years old, And I am a figure skater. I like it ‘couse… … the “Elements” are alot of fun! “Elements” are for example Pirouettes and jumps. Then there is… … doing stuff on one leg for example … standing on one leg, with the leg up, There is…. … with the leg way up, just midway or low. I started in the “kid-class”, and then, I got drafted into the “mini” squad. And now, I train with Anton and Olga. Now I am kinda nervous becouse this is my second contest, There could be something that could go wrong. But I got used to all the people that will be there. I’ve learned how to start from both sides from over there and from here. Its almost the same, BUT you could get confused because if the Jury is sitting there I have to start from here, but if the Jury sits on the otherside I have to start from there. And I am scared that I will forget something of my program, and that I will mix something up. I think… … that I almost have every day training. 5 times a week. Sometimes even six. Sometimes I have only one day off, sometimes two. You have to be able to memorize your program. ‘Couse if you can’t, the trainers will tell you that you cant be part of the contest. A spinner, I don’t mean the spinners that you can hold in your hand, A giant spinner! It’s a spinner where you can put your foot on it and you can train different pirouettes at home But it’s only one, you can’t use both feets. There you can train all kinds of different pirouettes. And on the ground itself you can train all the different jumps that there are. Like the 3 way jump, Flip Tulup And you can… … even more elements. The ones where you are on one foot “Waage” for example and… …and… … no idea how they are called. Hello, I am Letizia, I am 8 years old. And I am a figure skater. It is alot of fun! And its better than gymnastics. And I can do that much better And my mother told me that I am good at it and that I have a talent for it. I have the most fun when I do my program. And when I am learning something new. That is alot of fun aswell. I think I won’t do the last place. And I am really nervous about the contest. And a little bit scared. I am scared… … because I have to go onto the ice and look at the Jury. And often I forget something. And then I will lose some points and I don’t like that. I really like figure skating with my sister, together. – “I want to go onto the ice, you?” – “Yes, me too!” I like it when my mother explains me a pirouette, I sometimes do it wrong on purpose, so she loses it. And when my feet are frozen, I say it. I can’t do any pirouettes with frozen feet. Then my mom will keep my feets warm. And when they are warm I will have to go onto the ice again.

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  1. Какие девочки молодцы, труженицы, имея цель иди к ней, самоотверженные родители и бабушка которые любят и помогают идти вперед к победам!!!

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