i just lost a screw i lost a screw the day i born… ♫ a couple years ago, i bought this beauty, so i could learn to skate because i’ve always wanted to learn tricks, jumps and all that s*** i don’t have the screws Hello! how are you? i bought the wheels, the trucks and all that stuff i assembled it and tryed to ride it but, i couldn’t do it to be honest because this wheels are too small for a beginner but i thought i could do it and bought them small but nope they where right, i should listen for me the board was so unstable so one day i just got bored of not been capable and i just left it so, we are going to renew it using this other beauty we are going to change it (what was the word?) PIMP IT with this beauty some friend broke he obviously payed for it some day we where skating and i was on this penny board so i’m gonna try to put this wheels this are better to roll on streets i’m gonna install them on this skate board so it will look like those long boards…street boards stuff it’s a skateboard with pennyboard wheels for riding the streets that’s gonna be a weird mix we’ll record it anyway and if we have ourself a video then so be it… let’s do it! this is NOT A TUTORIAL i’m just showing you the process, i don’t know if… we take off this wheels i guess so lets take this off… the good thing is it’s just the wheels so i don’t have to dismantle the whole truck is that some flowing english level or what? ♫ another screw… and that’s it we’re almost done… and, the last screw i just find out i still have one of this left ready! that’s it, well that’s how it looks like but your are nos watching this video to see the board but to watch me falling so, we are gonna try this outside it started raining the skateboard works great with beginner’s wheels some may say and i think that’s enough for today it was good that experiment worked really “deliciously” as always, thank you for been here for watching this please suscribe if you haven’t activate the notifications little bell and give a thumbs up if you liked this video and say anything you want in that comments box ’cause this is YOUR channel love you guys a lot behave yourselves have a great time indio… Out!

9 thoughts on “Un SKATE con ruedas de PENNYBOARD! 😱FUNCIONARÁ?

  1. Xeo parcero le hablo desde el Ecuador quisiera caer donde Juan a la montaña, pero quisiera saber si el man está en este momento 16 de octubre de 2019 allá ??? Muchas gracias mi Hermano.

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