Unfortunately wrong – SmartPaker Brandan and the Grazing Muzzle

Unfortunately wrong – SmartPaker Brandan and the Grazing Muzzle

BRANDAN: What the heck is this? Does this go under the
helmet or something? Nah, it’s too big to
put on a person’s head. SARAH: Is it? BRANDAN: Is It? Does it go under the helmet,
or is it part of the person’s head? The rider’s head? SARAH: Is it too big
to fit on the head? BRANDAN: I think so. Yeah, I mean, definitely. You just wanted me to
do that, didn’t you? Oh, OK, hold on. So it’s written this way,
so it’s got to be like that. I have no idea. Is this– is this for the horse? SARAH: It is for the horse. BRANDAN: It is for the horse. Do you wear this– while the horse is– while you’re riding the horse? SARAH: No. BRANDAN: Is it
supposed to like– I don’t want this
to sound weird. Do you leave this
on them and they can go to the bathroom
in it or something? Do you put a bag in there? SARAH: I was going
to say, I don’t think it would hold very much. It is not a diaper. It is not, in any way, a diaper. BRANDAN: Oh, I was
thinking you hold it under them or something,
you know what I mean? SARAH: Uh-huh. BRANDAN: I have no idea. I need a hint. SARAH: It goes on their head. BRANDAN: It goes on their head? Is it like a muzzle,
a muzzle for horses? SARAH: Yeah, and what
would you use it for? BRANDAN: Keep them from
neighing all over the place? That’s all I got. I don’t know. Or to keep them from crying? I don’t know. Well, what else would
they need a muzzle for? I don’t know. SARAH: [LAUGHING] Oh, my god. I’m dead. It’s called a grazing muzzle. And you use it to– so that they can still
breathe and drink water, but they can’t eat
a bunch of grass. BRANDAN: Oh. SARAH: And so why
wouldn’t you want a horse to eat a bunch of grass? BRANDAN: So they don’t
get all blocked up? [LAUGHS] SARAH: [LAUGHING] I
like that as a guess. BRANDAN: Is that wrong? Or is that right? SARAH: Oh, is that wrong? Or is that right? That’s wrong, unfortunately. Oh, my god. Whew! So some horses, it’s
because they’re too fat. And so they can’t
have– they can’t just keep snacking all day. BRANDAN: It’s a
weight loss thing. SARAH: And then
some horses, it’s because they have a
dietary restriction. Because grass has a
lot of sugar in it when it comes right
out of the ground. And so some horses
can’t have that much. BRANDAN: That’s not the
same as what I said. SARAH: It’s not the
same as what you said. Oh, my god. That was the best thing
that’s ever happened. Whew. BRANDAN: I didn’t know
what else to say it like. Because I know bears do
that to, like, hibernate, you know what I mean? So I was like, does that
happen to horses, too? [LAUGHS]

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  1. Is it weird that the name on Brandan' jacket, "Titleist" is my horse' name? XD Spelled the same way and everything! The Titleist!

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