Upper body workout + Skate sesh with boo Johnson

Upper body workout + Skate sesh with boo Johnson

100 thoughts on “Upper body workout + Skate sesh with boo Johnson

  1. Awesome guy but he needs to work on his form, especially during pike push ups and keeping an eye on that posterior pelvic tilt during his pushing movements

  2. You know I feel like y’all are flexing on me I can barely hold a hand stand without almost dying

  3. I was just wandering, where can i get equipment like the bars for pushups and bar for pullups(not the door one) bcs i wanna start with getting better at my pullups but i dont have a park or anything like that

  4. Bro are confused or what ? Im no hater but i just think its weird how your tryna be masculine but putting on charms , rings, and painting your nails ?!?

  5. This channel has changed my life so much♥️ i watch all your youtube videos😍😍 here im currently working on psuedo planche

  6. excellent routine bro, I really liked the exercises you have in particular to strengthen in the handstand, and I want to ask you something bro every few days a week recommend doing it to increase the progressions of this and get the handstand, for true, go on like this and may God bless you.

  7. 11:38 Holy shit Chris it's an outro not a fucking championship you blew my mind XD

    Man's standing on the bar like it's no big deal

  8. Opimacze wojskowe buty majączobki I najlepiej dwa rozmiary wieksze. POZDRAWIAM SERDECZNIE MIŁEGO :)DZIONKA

  9. Doesn't really seem like you're good at activating your abdominal muscles in the shown exercises. That should be something you shoud emphasize for people trying it out 🙂

  10. 1 like = how many days should i go for workout

    PS – i started last month chris is my mentor 👍🏻 i already watch Chris videos last July 2018 and started then stop and this is my new beginning ! Lets Go!

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