Urban Cowboy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Sissy Rides the Bull (1980) HD

Urban Cowboy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Sissy Rides the Bull (1980) HD

Will you look
up there? Bud,
you recognize her? Hey, sissy!
Get down from there! Bud, just watch, okay? She knows
what she’s doing. Now, remember, keep
your head in the well And don’t think about
nothing but the ride. Show ’em how
to do it, girl.Turn that girl
loose!Shit, bud, she rides
better than you do! I just wanted to show you
I could ride it. You lied to me. I didn’t lie. For christ’s sake, bud, I just wanted to ride
the goddamn bull!Okay, tattoo, let’s see
what you can do.Jessie, turn it up! You can’t ride
with your back! Shut up!You’re going to
hurt yourself!Be careful!Be careful
up there, bud!Shit.Hang on there, bud! All right!
Yeah! That was
a good ride, bud. Now ride it. I don’t want
to ride again. Ride it!Leave her alone,
bud.Back off, jessie.
Ride it! Okay. Come on, sissy! Come on, sissy.
Sissy’s mad.

34 thoughts on “Urban Cowboy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Sissy Rides the Bull (1980) HD

  1. I really loved Scott Glenn in this movie. It was probably the one role of a lifetime for this actor. I've never seen a scarier dude than Wes.
    I would have liked to see him again in as powerful a role. But I guess he didn't want to be typecast. Too bad. All his follow up parts were pretty dull.

  2. He's a cowboy on the edge, hunted by demons and rodeos of his past he walks on, head held high, and the American way.

  3. If I Had a beautiful woman like Sissy I would let her ride what she wants like a Mechanical Bull, my horse or my Truck yo.

  4. That's not how a woman should be treated that is crazy thank god for the good husbands

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