Urban Trail ride…to the donut store!

Urban Trail ride…to the donut store!

Urban trail ride Chino Hills, California Palm trees…. Solar panels… Headed to the donut store! Tour guides! My trail rides don’t usually have crossing signals! Fresh donuts! She thinks wants a donut… “No, thank you” “YES, please!” “…strange texture…” Watch her left ear… Her ear signaled the car. 45mph…we better pick up the pace! “Do you see that?” Longhorns! Airplane… Donut store… Found a new friend! Friendly drivers! Respectful drivers. Morning ride… …home before the heat! What is she eating? More please! Shhh….don’t tell anyone… Thank you for the ride:)

12 thoughts on “Urban Trail ride…to the donut store!

  1. I saw the title of this video and thought… Riding to the donut shop. That's like living in Chino.

    Then half way through the video I read the description. LOL
    I hope you enjoyed your CA visit.

  2. I love that you still thank the horse for the ride after a lifetime of riding and so many accomplishments. You are the best Stacy ❤️

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