Vacation destinations by Astro Sign

Vacation destinations by Astro Sign

13 thoughts on “Vacation destinations by Astro Sign

  1. Thank you, Amira! Very true what you say about the preferences of Cancer and Sag people. Or at least in my case it's true 😊

  2. Libra Sun ♎/Aquarius moon ♒: what's so funny is that I've been pricing vacay packages this past week for Australia! 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯Right on the money Amira!

  3. I am a Libra (cusp with Scorpio) … St. Tropez would be a dream vacation for me – St. Bart etc. sunny and exclusive (sadly I can't afford those types of places) … my scorpio side- absolutely love hot and sunny places … been to las vegas and arizona … I have also always wanted to visit Morocco and I have been living in the Middle East for many years! Looks like this video reflects my Scorpio side, I have been to all the places you mentioned for Scorpio! ha ha ha

  4. Amira, you're right about Aries people liking hot places. I love islands and beaches. My mother, my aunt, my sisters, and I plan to go on a cruise next year!

  5. We are wanting to go on vacation within the next few mths. He Capi / Me: Scorpio….he wants to go out of country…where would be the place for us…1st trip together, get to know eachother trip!!
    Where. ????

  6. Hi Amira! Thank you for your recommendations. I smiled when you indicated that many destinations would appeal to Pisces, as my travel dream list grows longer every year. As I listened to your recommendations for other signs I thought, "I want to go there, too!" Per your suggestion, mountainous islands have moved to the top of my list. 😊

  7. Wow Amira… you were so eerily accurate with everything when you touched on Gemini ♊️😳! I am all about the bucket list too 💯

  8. ♋️ I live in the US but I go to Niagara Falls in Canada 2 to 3 times a year. And I love anywhere tropical 🌴 my family are originally from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  9. Pisces Sun…I have a love affair with Russia, and have been thinking of visiting, w an eye to move, to Portugal. Also doing a Chi building week in Thailand. hmmm

  10. This Pisces is checking the Greek islands and the coast of Turkey (Alanya in particular) to settle down for a few years. I really wanted to live in Guilin by the Li River in China or in Thailand but I have young children so that is out of the question for now. I am bringing my youngest with me though. You are so right about Pisces. Thank you. x

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