Vacation destinations by Astro Sign

Vacation destinations by Astro Sign

Hi guys, we’ll come back here with a mirror from a mirror and this is your video about Vacations per sign. Where are you going this year? I would love to know and I would love to know what star sign you are And also what your partner’s sign is as well, so please comment below where to go on vacation According to your astrology Astro sign does your partner have conflict with you about destinations to travel to? Sometimes you’ve got to blend in with your partner or pick between one sign and the other. Well, here’s an insight to assist you Where is a good fit for you as a single or as a couple or singles and couples together? If you’re in a couple you can balance it out between two signs and also asked me a question as well I’m going to answer the Q&A at the end for those who submitted questions earlier on Relating to this video. I couldn’t do a live stream because there is a thunderstorm of all things in Las Vegas today And I wasn’t sure about the internet connection. So I just thought I’d record it and we can catch up from here So I’ll be putting the timestamps in as well for your sign for your different signs and I’ll be going through the different signs. So here we go first sign is Aries Aries love places that are hot and dry usually or where there are a lot of activities and adventures from hiking sailing skiing Something that comes to mind for me around Aries is Sedona, Arizona Or if you prefer to go and chill on an island cuz you’ve had a really big year in Aries Sometimes I like to chill on Islands and chill at the seaside because I love nature They might want to go to an island that has a lot of activities and things to do Something like maybe Hawaii and I’ll go through the different activities as well Aries do well usually in the heat But they often prefer a dry heat like the desert in Australia or Leroux Some Aries have also a passion for history and/or uncharted territory So they like to sort of be adventurous and go somewhere totally different sort of like off the beaten track sailing is good for Aries camp can be good for Aries depending on if you want to be clamping glamping or camping a sailing adventure Around the coast of Turkey could be appealing Japan is ruled by Aries in its genetic chart and there are many adventures to be had in Japan from snow skiing to going and visit different cities to being right in the heart of Tokyo to go to beautiful gardens and Japanese temples and Just really immersing yourself in with a culture Okay. So now we have Taurus Taurus. I love relaxing somewhere with good food and good wine So torian’s love to be pampered. So they need to go somewhere where they’re going to feel comfortable. They’re going to be pampered They don’t feel that they’re going to get into trouble that nothing is a threat. They’re going to feel safe Okay turkey comes under Taurus in the genetic chart also Spain comes under Taurus in the genetic chart Shopping is a great pastime for Taurus. They love to shop and Pick for trinkets so somewhere where there’s a lot of shopping and things to buy things to collect Whether it’s something for them to use personally or gifts for loved ones Also somewhere where they would enjoy music and culture depending on their taste in music So some torian’s or tourists they like to go to a rock concert a musical event a jazz event They might want to go to Jazz Festival one of those festivals that go for days and days like In the camping out even some torian’s do like that as well So it depends on what your taste in music is also classical music as well Vienna is ruled by Libra, which is also a Venus ruled sign and the same planet that rules Taurus and it highlights music and the art and the arts I Also see tourists floating around Venice in a gondola and enjoying themselves in Italy with good food and good wine or in the Tuscan hills taking a cooking tour or cooking their own past or staying at some sort of villa where they they’re able to get cooking lessons or people that come in for Cooking lessons and things like that or going around Umbria and Tuscany and Sam all the different types of food around them Some tourists but not all would enjoy a cruise where they have everything at their fingertips They don’t have to think about a thing. They don’t have to do a thing. They just have to relax and be pampered and Enjoy the spa onboard So some tourists like like cruising because it’s easy. It’s nice and easy Next sign is Gemini Gemini needs variety and stimulation Somewhere electric with us a lot going on Gemini so Las Vegas, New York Tokyo for example a city that’s very vibrant that has a lot of electricity generally and hustle and bustle and many different stimulating things to see and do Italy is ruled by Gemini and its genetic chart. So because of its diversity with the different regions in Italy a train ride through the different regions of Italy might work for a Gemini or Renting a car and driving Yourself giving you the freedom to stop where you want and get lost and find your way back to the path Again is something that Gemini is love to do exploring? Exploring something and not having a set schedule not being sort of Inside a set schedule so not being conducted by something like a conducted tour Also Gemini’s like taking things off the bucket list and usually something like unusual destinations like Iceland and places that are at the road less traveled as long as there are lots of activities to keep them busy or educational tour guides to keep Gemini interested about learning something new Also, seeing interesting cultures and different people like in India, they could be just mesmerized with all the different You know visual stimuli that’s going on another thing for Gemini could be island hopping That could suit Gemini as every place is new and newness is the key to Gemini They love change so if they’re packing and moving and getting offered and use the new destination Island hopping that would that would work with geminis as there is a newness in every pore So island hopping somewhere around like the Greek islands or something like that would work Same with a European tour covering different cities that are new and different They might want to do an itinerary themselves. Some germanized will be social enough and go on a go on a guided tour That’s organized but others will want to do their own thing. So depends what sort of Gemini you are Ok, next sign is cancer Beautiful pants Aryans. They love to be near anything to do with water lakes the water rivers the sea but mainly the sea and also lakes United States and Canada are ruled by cancer in the genetic chart Tropical places with nice seafood swimming in the oceans snorkeling looking at tropical fish would really work Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef the Bahamas that Cayman Islands for example, New England in the u.s. So that’s Boston, Massachusetts Wrodar. Um, it’s at Rhode Island. I know I don’t think so might be, Rhode Island yeah up in the Northeast the northeast sector of the u.s. Is very Cancerian all the barns and the rolling hills and the beautiful scenery and they have Lobster and you can take trips out to the islands from there Martha’s Vineyard for example would be really nice for cancer Going back in time also to historical places where their DNA or family tree are from so Researching a lot of cancer is like to research their DNA to find out what their heritage is to go on to Their family tree and explore places where there might have originated where their family might have come from originally Visiting old friends and family members overseas also is something that can Syrians like to do to be in familiar company with people also to maybe take a close friend with them or to meet friends abroad or At a distance depending if you’re going interstate or overseas Many can Syrians like to go back to somewhere that feels like home or that is familiar or where they know people Well, even if it is the local barman or the hotel owner or somewhere where they feel familiar Other places for the crab anywhere on or near a lake like Lake Como Lago de Gotha in Italy is also beautiful lakes in Canada are gorgeous any nice lake or pond in the US and a pond in America is What I would say as an Australian a small lake So ponds are like like mini lakes and then you’ve got the big lakes as well in America One of my favorite tools ever and being a can cerium was actually through the Rocky Mountains in Canada And there are some beautiful lakes there that all different colored lakes gorgeous lakes So that’s a highlight beautiful lakes in Canada. And also in the US Okay, Leo Leo leo Leo’s prefer quality over quantity places that are exclusive prestigious or luxurious or all three five-star hotels five-star resorts Somewhere where they can shop as well. I have my moon in leo So whenever I travel I don’t like to get souvenirs. I like to get clothes or shoes Or bags or something to add to my wardrobe that you can’t find where I might normally be living So it adds some sort of texture to my wardrobe a lot of Leo’s like doing things like that they like to buy things to add to their wardrobe and Also buy things that they normally can’t buy at home or special prices that they might normally find in There and the place where they’re living African safaris ritzy resorts ritzy resorts in Hawaii for example would suit Leos nice hotels with sparse and beautiful day court and Surroundings the Versace hotels comes to mind for Leo. There’s one beautiful one in Dubai For example, I think Leo’s like quality over quantity. So even if they go for short periods of time Instead of really long vacations. They probably enjoy that more Singapore is a Leo as well as France in the genetic chart So shopping in Paris would Leo as well as staying in a fancy Chateau in Burgundy getting pampered in this in Southeast Asia or Mexico where the dollar goes further as well would certainly owes to So and Singapore’s beautiful. That’s very very nice. I’ve got some gorgeous hotels that we can really enjoy yourself Ok, next sign is Virgo Virgo loves nature and variety Virgos would love to go somewhere like the Galapagos Islands somewhere very different and educational where they can learn about different civilizations Machu Picchu Would fit or somewhere where they could climb a mountain or do a trick or a hike? New Zealand is called for that the South Island of New Zealand South Africa South America off the beaten track even if virgos have a lot of money they like to go to places where they don’t have to spend a lot so They can come across as being quite thrifty. They like to go on a budget they like to do their own thing They like to look up bus get local bus schedules and various schedules and sort of Travel like the locals do they don’t have any problem doing that? If they’re looking to relax then somewhere they can stay on a beach under an umbrella reading a good book Something to keep their mind going and something that they like reading usually usually a hobby that virgos like is reading so They might like to do that if you’d like to chill as a Virgo I would say go somewhere like the Dominican Republic very very cheap sit under You know at a resort under an umbrella and just read a book That would suit Virgo okay. Next sign is Libra Libra loves beautiful places and beautiful people arts and culture Vienna Austria is ruled by Libra London the and the UK is also brought by Libra in their genetic chart China is also ruled by Libra in the genetic chart liberals Love to be in places to be seen in so like places like San Tropez Monte Carlo st. Moritz Saint Barts if you’re a specific type of Libra You’re going to really relate to that you want to be seen and be with people who want to be seen so sort of plate places that are Exclusive that a high society the places where you can stand out and see beautiful people Also places where you consider in a nice cafe and watch the fashionable people go by like a beautiful cafe in Paris Milan Florence in Italy So that’s for libra Scorpio Ok, Scorpio often likes the desert hot and dry places Las Vegas, Arizona Santa Fe especially if you’re wanting to go somewhere that’s magical and esoteric I’ve heard from many friends of mine who are into the healing arts that Santa Fe has a very magical quality Scorpio rules exotic places like Morocco most of the Middle East Egypt South and Central America Colombia would suit that comes to mind because sexy sassy and also central a South American Latin America except for Brazil Dubai or the United Arab Emirates comes under Scorpio and This is all in the genetic charts Where there are hidden rules and mysterious ways of doing things and that sort of Pigsy interest of any scorpio Scorpio has lots of country choices under their sign like Malaysia and Indonesia as well parts of Southeast Asia especially parts of Southeast Asia that have a Muslim rule and barley would be a good choice for Scorpio because it’s not in the Muslim islands, but it is The Hindu island and very very exciting and different So if they’re wanting something exotic near the sea that’s tropical. I would say Bali is definitely a Scorpio So I would go to Bali if you’re wanting something like that as a Scorpio or anywhere else that I mentioned You’ve got a lot of choices Sagittarius ok Sagittarius for me Australia has a really sad vibe to it Sports and gambling are highlighted in Australia with a very laid-back lifestyle and culture America has Sagittarius rising. So anywhere in America that is exciting enough to appeal to the mind of any surge Activities like horse riding camps or anywhere that has something to do with animals or humanitarian pursuits or spirituality visiting orphanages going to India Mesut or to Thailand on a retreat or my Thai boxing camp or a Spiritual retreat in Thailand could also pick the interest of a Sagittarius or any sort of spiritual organization That’s organizing a group tua organizing a retreat Organizing some sort of stay somewhere Would suit the Sagittarians and other than that? They’re very outdoorsy and adventurous or anything outdoors an adventurous that you feel if you are a surge that you’re attracted to where has your sort of types of interests like if you’re into skiing then definitely somewhere you can ski Capricorn ok, Capricorn generally rules mountains anywhere So anywhere that has great mountains, Switzerland, New Zealand, Colorado, Utah Japan Peru Chile snow skiing or hiking a favorite pastimes of capricorns a lot of the time You can ski in the northern hemisphere in winter and the southern hemisphere in summer If you’re living in the northern hemisphere and hiked in the other season so you could go hiking vice-versa You could go north and southern hemisphere depending on what’s going on with the ski season or the hiking season into the mountains The bulkan countries in Eastern Europe are ruled by Capricorn in the genetic chart Serbia Greece Macedonia Hungary and Croatia for example might appeal Capricorn’s like to know they’re getting a good deal for their money or it can last longer their money stretches They like to go on a shoestring at times even if they have a lot of money. So Eastern Europe would work for that Some capricorns like to go to places with some prestige and status Like a nice ski resort something like that and other capricorns like to go to places that are very humble So you have to work out what type of Capricorn you are Africa is ruled by Saturn or Capricorn in the genetic chart. So Africa might appeal to some of you I know one friend of mine Who was living in Japan as an expat and also in? the Philippines and in Thailand and he’s recently discovered at Kenya and Uganda and he’s actually relocating there. He loves it and he’s very frugal so he even though he might have money he doesn’t like to spend a lot of money and in Africa he finds that it’s just amazing the the The how far your money can go So you might look like to get off the beaten track and not spend an arm and a leg so that’s for good for capricorns Okay Aquarius Aquarius, isn’t it? Australia is an Aquarius in the genetic chart. It has a friendly and fun-loving Population there is something for everyone in Australia from beaches to culture and the arts Aquarians may like to go to places where they can support a cause or do a spiritual retreat or group activity They might even want to go to a conference or they might want to go to some sort of group thing that they’re involved in They like to have their mind stimulated So maybe learning a foreign language or being able to practice a foreign language in a country of their choice? Would be a good vacation for them they also like to mix with the local people and love diversity or somewhere very different from where they would normally live and Work. Okay, so Somewhere different from where you would live for Aquarius You could also be drawn to somewhere that serves humanity like a charity Organization or somewhere that is of service like an ashram with a group collective consciousness Goa is very hidden astok and very Aquarian in my opinion So you might like to go to Goa? There’s also ashrams there as well. And I think Osho has some sort of I think he has a retreat there or ashram in Goa Okay Pisces Pisces or Neptunian countries as per their genetic chart are Holland Russia Thailand Brazil and Portugal all Small islands are ruled by Pisces like Fiji the Seychelles Maldives and the Caribbean islands So you might want to go to the islands. You’ve got a lot of countries to choose from that come under Pisces Pisces Also do well in the middle of the water, especially if they are in the sea Okay more more seas than lakes Okay, so somewhere in the sea that would include boating or traveling from place to place in a boat cruise or yacht Greek islands Cruising around the Greek islands would probably suit and would be very romantic for Pisces Pisces love romance They love having a nice seeing a beautiful sunset. They appreciate the simple things in life But also they appreciate the fine things in life as well Pisces have a lot to choose from in the way of countries that would resonate so you can take your pick. Yeah So I hope you enjoyed the review from scientist sign. I’m going to move now on to the Q & A Okay so the QA Daniel Daniel McClure, hi, amira great topic. I’m an Aquarius and my husband is a Virgo That’s a really unusual combo we often get into conflicts about Vacation because I always want to go and he doesn’t he likes to work. My son is is in Aquarius also, I think you say You’re an Aquarius your husband I think your moon sinus or your your Rising Sun is also in Aquarius I have a couple of questions a really good question Actually, is it a bad thing that I go on trips without him in the past? I would feel bad and cancel trips and Cancel trips, I really wanted to go on I’d rather go with him, but out of respect for his wishes and desires lately I’ve been planning on going on trips without him. Hoping that it doesn’t affect our relationship Also, I’m from the US and I want to go international. Can you suggest a vacation spot? Thank you for all that you do Thank you so much for your beautiful message. This is a really really good question Aquarian countries are Australian if you decide to go to Australia your husband might get jealous and want to come with you Berger’s love to work. So maybe shorter trips With him would be best in something that will keep him busy so he won’t be thinking about work and go on longer trips with your friends or with groups or However, you want to do it you might even want to do it solo being an Aquarius Virgos also love to have their downtime and alone time so it could even be as an excuse for him to have his own retreat you know in his own house do his work and have his own retreat virgos can be Quite they like to isolate some time so he could be might want to do that you might also want to go somewhere where he can have a base where he can do his own thing and you Can go off and do your own thing, but you know, he would have to be happy to do that So if you have a look at what I said about Virgo earlier like the Dominican Republic He might want to read or something like that But if you just wants to work, he might just want to stay in the u.s And work and you go on your longer trips outside the u.s Aquarius Aquarians would also love to go on retreats with groups or do some sort of trip with an organized group Like a group hike or cycle trip? or even one of those cruises The boat cruises down the river cruises in Europe they do river cruises and sometimes they get off and they cycle from place to place down the Down the river through from Amsterdam through Germany down the Rhine and that can be a lot of fun, too There are a lot of groups in the u.s. That organize Different trips. There is a great club called the Tampa Bay Ski Club Which I was a member of For quite some time and they also do summer Trips as well and you can join those and a lot of fun people there really nice, okay Next question is lv lv. Hi. I’m a cancer sun/moon in such tours rising. My partner was a Scorpio I’m curious to know what places would be good for vacation Okay anywhere near or on the water, New England, Bahamas? Caribbean Scorpio can also be drawn to places like Morocco Egypt Middle East and Latin America So you’ll have to work out between you sort of where you both like to go but cancer and Scorpio are really very compatible So they would normally work out something together that suits both of them and they usually are on the same page So I feel like you could both work that out nicely together Okay, bossy mags hi mags I’m a Libra, of course And I don’t really have a partner my ex was a sage and the only decent place he took me to was Rocky Point Mexico in February before to California a few times with him as well for single Lib runs would say go somewhere where you can meet people Something social and not isolated. For example Club Med Ibiza an all-inclusive resort catering to singles a singles cruise Also something like a club that organizes, you know all sorts of people to join there could be a club in your area or some other area in America singles club where they host singles singles trips or special interest trips, so if you like doing something specific you can go on a on a trip and and join a small group or something like that a Place where people are having fun and parties suit Libre as well So something uplifting and something that you you’re having fun and enjoying yourself Romantic liberals in couples would love places like Paris and Vienna so if you do get into a relationship, I would say go to Paris Vienna or something romantic like Venice In Italy. Okay Marianne, here we go, Marianne, Marianne Linna, which which Sorry, if I pronounced it incorrectly. I’m a Gemini son Libra rising and my partner is a libera son Aquarius rising. That’s a really nice air combination you both got there We always agree of on vacations and enjoy the same things Yes, Gemini’s love to take things off the bucket list and liberals are happy if their partner is happy They are also happy doing something new and exciting. So I think the Gemini’s will come up with your ideas the Liberals will agree on them and then off you go together and the liberal will be happy if you’re happy as a Gemini and you do what you want to do? Okay, Belinda Williams. Hi Belinda. I have a Pisces son a Pisces moon. I have Capricorn ascendant I would love to hear your suggestion for a vacation Okay blender, depends on what you like if you like skiing then I would say go on a skiing vacation Anywhere that has islands would work for you because you’ve got a lot of Pisces there Would also work like Hawaii also in Hawaii, there’s islands with mountains. The Capricorn is mountains And Pisces is islands. So islands with mountains would work even Greek islands would work because a lot of them have hills or mountains quite big some of them are volcanoes even A mix of of water and mountains would work for you. So have a look for places that have water and mountains Okay Jeanette purple. Hi, Jeanette, Sagittarius and Leo combo between you and your partner some were adventurous but also with a bit of luxury would suit this combination an African safari an Island like Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean where you can drive around and see different things That’s not too restrictive or too small Paris France or Singapore would also suit this couple the Leo will be more picky than this edge and this edge will just go Go would like to go on an adventure just about anywhere. So the Leo might end up picking or be more picky So you might just have to narrow it down for the Leo and say, okay Where do you want to go out of these three places? I’ll pick and choose and this edge will be eager to go Anyway, they’re pretty laid-back and easygoing So that’s my combo for you to Ares school. I’m an Aries rising Okay Aries and an Ares girl Aries rising Okay Vacation for a fire Sun will have gone you’ll see in the top section We’ll go. I’ve been over to the different the different Aries Aries Situations for you somewhere that there’s a lot of activities and adventures My first feeling would be Jamaica where you can find other islands that you are offering something unique that fits your hobbies and interests I think you asked me where are that’s right the best vacation the Caribbean for a fire sign. Okay, so I think but I haven’t been to Jamaica but a lot of people really like it or Other islands that are offering something unique that fits your hobbies and interests I would go through the activities at each island has maybe Atlantis even Atlantis has a has a resort there On one of the islands I would see which islands you really like I really like the Cayman Islands and the main island in the Cayman Islands. You can actually drive around it. There’s a few Points you can stop of it. It’s not very big though. You can do it all in a day and You can go out and swim with the stingrays as well There’s blowholes where you’ll see water coming out of things the rocks There’s lots of different things to see around the island But if you’re if you’re in Aries, you might want to go you might you might get restless or bored You know, you might want to do something. That’s a little bit more exciting maybe Costa Rica we can go ziplining and That type of thing that has a little bit more activities rain forests that type of thing I think that would work for you Lynn Jones Hi amira, I’m Sun Capricorn moon Libra Aquarius rising Mercury and Venus in Aquarius Lynne I think Australia would be interesting for you and for all the Aquarians other than that somewhere in Europe that you are drawn to or a Mix of many countries in Europe where you can go around and see a lot then decide What are your favorites to go back to or to go more in depth with? Small group tours would also work for you. We can meet other people chat with other people and You might like sweets alone because you are a Capricorn son, you know, you might like to go into the mountains there you might also like going You Know you’ve got a nice variety there If I was you I’d have a look at the three different element the three different signs that I’ve mentioned So I would look at Capricorn Libra and Aquarius and maybe you can mix the different Options there up because I think for you, I think you’d be pretty flexible and you probably like quite a few different things so thank you so much everybody for liking and subscribing to my channel and Sharing this video with your friends and please join me also on my other new channel travel with a mirror I’ve been in the I was in the travel business for over ten years and I’ve traveled all over the world I haven’t been everywhere But I’ve been to many places and I do want to show you some more travel videos And interesting points about being an expat on my other channel travel with a mirror so, please join me there and support that channel as well and If you have any questions Please comment below in the and look in the show more section if you’d like to get in touch with me. Take care ciao for now

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  1. Thank you, Amira! Very true what you say about the preferences of Cancer and Sag people. Or at least in my case it's true 😊

  2. Libra Sun ♎/Aquarius moon ♒: what's so funny is that I've been pricing vacay packages this past week for Australia! 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯Right on the money Amira!

  3. I am a Libra (cusp with Scorpio) … St. Tropez would be a dream vacation for me – St. Bart etc. sunny and exclusive (sadly I can't afford those types of places) … my scorpio side- absolutely love hot and sunny places … been to las vegas and arizona … I have also always wanted to visit Morocco and I have been living in the Middle East for many years! Looks like this video reflects my Scorpio side, I have been to all the places you mentioned for Scorpio! ha ha ha

  4. Amira, you're right about Aries people liking hot places. I love islands and beaches. My mother, my aunt, my sisters, and I plan to go on a cruise next year!

  5. We are wanting to go on vacation within the next few mths. He Capi / Me: Scorpio….he wants to go out of country…where would be the place for us…1st trip together, get to know eachother trip!!
    Where. ????

  6. Hi Amira! Thank you for your recommendations. I smiled when you indicated that many destinations would appeal to Pisces, as my travel dream list grows longer every year. As I listened to your recommendations for other signs I thought, "I want to go there, too!" Per your suggestion, mountainous islands have moved to the top of my list. 😊

  7. Wow Amira… you were so eerily accurate with everything when you touched on Gemini ♊️😳! I am all about the bucket list too 💯

  8. ♋️ I live in the US but I go to Niagara Falls in Canada 2 to 3 times a year. And I love anywhere tropical 🌴 my family are originally from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  9. Pisces Sun…I have a love affair with Russia, and have been thinking of visiting, w an eye to move, to Portugal. Also doing a Chi building week in Thailand. hmmm

  10. This Pisces is checking the Greek islands and the coast of Turkey (Alanya in particular) to settle down for a few years. I really wanted to live in Guilin by the Li River in China or in Thailand but I have young children so that is out of the question for now. I am bringing my youngest with me though. You are so right about Pisces. Thank you. x

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